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I'm not one to gossip as the saying goes then the individual launches in gossip which is unfounded rumors, slights or innuendos be they salacious in manner or in legal terms, here say,  about one's character.   But then there is this story about Mayor Megan Barry and the Bodyguard that just seems to be the "it" story of  "it" City.  I prefer a more appropriate name - Whoville - from the Dr. Suess book.

For the record this is "it" city if you are from Podunk town in Shmuckville where the jobs are dried up and if you want work where not being well educated and trained then move here.  There are two classifications for jobs here - medical and hospitality - and even in the former versus the latter the wages are still notoriously low if you review Glassdoor.

The real power here in Whoville is our Chamber of Commerce and they believe that with all these people arriving there is no need to raise wages/benefits as they need to work anyway and in turn that has kept wages notoriously low here.  And then it proverbially bit them on the ass.  With the current issues surrounding immigration, the biggest driver in certain occupations - Construction -  has lead to a drop in available cheap labor.  They too are the largest workers in the back of the house in Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants.  When they leave the wage pool source dries and wages must rise or businesses close.  We have now seen several restaurants close in Nashville, some quite old and some less so but it is affecting how industries in the latter hire.  As for labor in general the skilled set of workers swimming in the pool can demand higher wage as a result.  Competition is not quite Olympic yet but the reality is that it slows down an economy built on the backs of sweat equity.

Most turn to retail in this era for work and in turn that too is taking a hit and it is hitting even big box employees.  Go to a mall and see the empty shops and in turn even the anchor stores are currently running on fumes.  It is not good.  And then we have real estate.  Even here there is a decline in profits for the flippers who live on HGTV and I assume the bigger builders are also rethinking their long term plans as there are plenty of Apartments and many of them so overpriced many units sit empty or are used for short term occupancy that the City is trying to eliminate as the growing and now also peaked Hotel aka Hospitality industry are firing those alarms as well.  It is like the bread without the butter here and the competing industries that fueled the fire of the it city are now getting soaked.

When you see this happening it sends a message or a flag that times are a changing and the winds are blowing, in what direction I am unsure but I have had a bad feeling for quite some time.  The current weather problems are shades of 2010 and in turn the issue of flooding is back on the table and now Nashville is trying to quickly come up with a plan that should have been done years ago.  Like transit which given the Mayor's indiscretion means that bus ticket may be one for out of town.

So Nashville is busy getting Davis Cup semi finals, trying to build a stadium for Major League Soccer and in turn draw convention after convention to sustain the "it" but when workers are being pushed out by design or unintentionally via the costs of housing and transport you will have problems.  And with an election for both Governor and Senator on the table in a State that is fighting red mad I am not sure we have any clue where anything is going when it comes to leadership.  Most of the candidates from the party of the GOP, which G stands for God, are running ad after ad trumping (pun intended) their direct line to God and of course their commitment, sadly not to a mental institution but to Church and family. I feel surrounded by Mike Pence looking as dour as he did during the Olympics and I am Kim Jong Uhn's sister.

And now when the singular "liberal" Mayor and first woman Mayor in the "It" City starts banging her bodyguard this is another sign things are not going well.  Much like I questioned the obsessive burial procedure for Billy Graham as if he was a head of state, I am utterly perplexed by the Mayor and her need to have a Bodyguard  24/7.  Well if you are banging said bodyguard that makes sense but now as I look at the details he seems like a great "f" buddy who drives you to all kinds of cool stuff so you can drink and see all the great shows and get in through the secret back door and then if you feel like it you drop drawers and hit it.  And again these are people over 50 so I ask myself what did you fail to do in your youth that allows for this at the present but then again this is God's country. Never mind that explains it.    What is more distressing that in this case is the "F" buddy is getting free stuff which includes a piece of ass is now sending me a bill.  Sorry I did not get the goodies so why the Bodyguard is protecting the Mayor and banging her (I guess he wore protection, I hope!) and he is billing for overtime  it seems more like Prostitution than protection.  Well this is the Bible belt and it is better to spank you with.

I have never heard of a Mayor with that extensive a protection needs (there was her bofo and 2 other deputies who worked part time and their schedule was set by the bofo who seems to love overtime. This dude takes double dipping to new heights, we were all getting fucked here) and I do question all of it regardless. Was she threatened? Is it because she is a Woman?  Is it because she is a Democrat? Seriously start asking your Mayor what their security detail is and why is it?   I understand professional public events but the traveling out of state, traveling out of country, going to Yoga?  This is utterly absurd just that alone but then the audacity to bill the city for going to a Super Bowl chili cook off at the Mayor's home and charging the City overtime is up there with youhavegottatobefucking kidding me.  It would be like inviting your Physician or Attorney to a cocktail party, not asking one single professional question and they still bill you for coming! Hey thanks for the drink and here is my bill.  BTW that actually happened to me on one of my home remodel projects (yes I flipped but I actually lived in them to save costs and in turn a better tax break, thanks capital gains) and an Architect I hired to draw the plans I gave him (which to submit permits and having an Architect again may cost more but you use them once like an Accountant and in turn permits are approved quicker and inspections are better handled those shows on HGTV mislead people like crazy) showed up on a down day.

**Down days can be those days planned or not (I tried to always plan mine)when you are between subs and projects either due to scheduling, some change or an issue that delays the schedule.  And I always had them intentionally planned they did not always fall in line but the idea was one  to enable a built in cushion between varying crews as a way to ensure no overlap or rush to push one project through in order to get to the next.  It also enabled me to make changes, review budgets, etc.  Plus when you live there you need a break.  When I said we are on a down day and not back until next week I invited him for coffee and let him look through the project and showed him where I was with finishes, etc.  I did not ask his opinion or consult with him. His work was done, plans were drawn, we made the changes onsite ourselves, submitted them and were on track with what we needed to do  The next week I got a bill for the 30 minutes  he was there  and I sent him a pound of coffee as payment. We never spoke again and I hired drafters after that point on, cheaper and same results.

But this woman has the man chauffeuring her and her family to shows, to dinner, to drinks to whatever is going on her personal life.  And perhaps there is concern at a large public venue but the Ryman has security in place and they are there to protect all of us and again as we have seen repeatedly that a maniac regardless of the protections in place they will do what the need to do.  And even Voodoo Ronald Regan who was surrounded by armed trained individuals and the same for the schools and most of them had SRO on staff, so again life is a crapshoot and some of it is just pure luck.  But honestly does this woman need this level of security EVER?

I have been on the fence with the Mayor as her sole issue was transit. The plan is over the top and utterly under serving the adjacent communities where the commute is hellacious and in turn it neglected true cross town service, satellite hubs, crosswalks and sidewalks.  But hey when you are "it" you run til caught.  Looks like someone was caught with their pants down.

And here is the Mayor of a city with schools that define Shitholes.  They are horrific. I can manage half a day and a full day only if it is one of the few schools of privilege or for classes that are not mainstream - such as Voc Tech, Computers, Foreign Language, ELL, Art.   I even have stopped doing SPED for no more than half days.

I came home and read a blog of a now former Nashville Teacher and his farewell to the schools entry.  The link is here and while it is lengthy this stood out as I have been quite vocal about how I had no intention of engaging in any rescue scenario with regards to a mass shooting or any other act of violence, and when I read his experience I was horrifie.  What the hell were they thinking? And again it only confirms that this city wants "it" and by it they want a incident of mass violence.   This year the training consisted of them listening to Columbine 911 calls and the Teachers post interviews after the incident.  There is one thing Nashville does best and that his ham fisting everything.

The rest of his complaints are similar to those of many Teachers across the country as it takes five years to really get a good sense of who you are as a Teacher and if given support that could easily be reduced and in turn enable an individual to find their voice and confidence in ways that only aids in student success that much sooner.  As you realize that is the time frame on average you are with the same cohort, K-5, 6-8 or 9-12.  Getting up and running in 3 years would be ideal but again ideals are just that.

And my friend who is just moved into another student teaching position needs to read this man's blog.  I tried to explain to him this is not the district in which to begin one's professional life it will do nothing to lend to professional growth it may do the opposite.  He is utterly clueless and simply wants to live in Nashville I am not sure he cares about Teaching as much as living here. What.ever. Again I tried but my communications with people here have made me again question myself, my ability to communicate and my own self worth. There are times I feel I am perpetually in a Tornado.

And as I follow the Mayor's sordid tale and why she felt compelled to announce her affair when no one knew or cared made me wonder what shit was coming down the pike.  Deny Deny Deny as we have learned and in turn throw down the guilt card as her son only died a few months ago and say that hell hath no fury than a man scorned, or I fucked him over grief.  But this was a head scratcher.

But I have always found it odd that a woman so in touch with youth why the Mayor chose to not deal with schools proves that this is a toxic apple which no one wants to touch.  The former Mayor (now running for Governor) pushed for charters and they are imploding all over the place but again the schools are so damaged no one really knows how to fix them.  So don't I guess.    In all honesty there would have to be a serious change and the costs and efforts for this it city is just not possible.  But if you read that former Teacher's post he speaks of the efforts that Teachers could provide any future Politician should they be willing.  But no the Legislature has now passed through two bills to move forward on arming and training Teachers.  Yes I need to get out of here asap!

 I think the Mayor needs to jump off this bus as this ride is coming to an end.  But wow what a hell of a ride.  Her career is over and frankly even I would like her to resign.  It is not as juicy as the Missouri Governor's Fifty Shades of Gray but he needs to be freed as well.   If we are asking Legislators to step away from their jobs over allegations without even due process then I can respect the fact that in Missouri at least he was indicted by the Attorney General via a Grand Jury and as for Barry she will if more of this comes to light and it is not looking good.  Either way she is out.  I just hope that this was worth it.  Something tells me I could dig up a male hooker for way less.

Living in Nashville is like living in Whoville, only Dr. Seuss would have to arm up the Grinch.

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