Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Bodyguard

Okay, I loved that Whitney Houston movie but we all know the true story and how it ended. Seriously here in Nashville the never ending saga of Mayor Megan Barry and her bodyguard is becoming  akin to a daytime drama.

The stories behind this affair now becoming parallel of said movie.  But I am also becoming more and more disgusted with each passing revelation.   What I want to know is what is the deal with the Police saying she needed security 24/7 when they never did this before? Sexism maybe? And in turn what is all the nonsense to have him take her to events where security is more than ample? That Secret Service, local Police, FBI and others not enough for the Mayor of Nashville? And is this woman deluded enough to believe she needs this level of protection? You have!

Again in Seattle where the former Mayor Murray had been a State Legislator then the first openly Gay Mayor of the City of Seattle who at some point knew he was disliked and not even for the later allegations of child molestation, the man had detractors for a myriad of reasons. I never saw a Cop in his company and I saw him everywhere. True not official duties but again it appears that Mayor Barry had her "F" Buddy accompany her to the Publix. Dear God what insanity is this. This is real issue why does anyone think a Mayor needs a constant security presence. I hate to say this but the DNC had more than enough cops and security the President was there, the former President there and many other officials. Did they too have a Security cop accompany them and scope out the joint beforehand? Seriously that is overkill. And we know that in reality if a maniac was planning to do mass destruction a local Cop from Nashville will likely be seriously harmed as well so who is saving and from whom? Is Nashville on some ISIS kill list?

I want her to resign. I have no doubt the backroom deal makers are meeting the creepy Standard private room right now planning this so it is only a matter of time. But regardless if she stays or goes I really think they need to re-examine their security policy and if private security can be obtained for a reasonable cost through a local provider when she travels so that travel and other expense, as well as overtime as that was the biggest expense are eliminated and this should save taxpayers a few bucks. This is one piece of ass that is expensive, you think he would be more attractive! I really hope he is good in the sack! God at this point Trump's hush money for the Hooker is less.

Man this is city is batshit crazy.

Megan Barry campaign paid bodyguard's DNC expenses out of 'caution' because of event's political nature

Dave Boucher, USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee Published 12:38 p.m. CT Feb. 8, 20
Mayor Megan Barry used more than $1,200 in campaign funds to pay travel expenses at the 2016 Democratic National Convention for the police officer bodyguard with whom she was having an affair.

In a statement Thursday morning, Barry spokesman Sean Braisted said the mayor used campaign funds “out of an abundance of caution” because it was a political event, even though since the affair became public, her administration has repeatedly said the mayor needed constant city-funded security.

Barry's campaign gave $1,269.02 in August 2016 to Sgt. Rob Forrest, the head of her security whose retirement became final the same day she disclosed the affair. In addition to Forrest, city staffer Patrick Hamilton also attended the convention in Philadelphia, and he was paid $453.96  in campaign funds.

"Sgt. Forrest drove up before the mayor arrived in order to do the normal advance work of security detail. They, along with Patrick Hamilton, stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in separate rooms which were held as part of a room block for Democratic mayors from large cities," Braisted said in an email.

"The travel expenses for all three were billed to the campaign, not Metro, out of an abundance of caution due to the political nature of event."

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Barry attended the convention from July 24 through July 29, according to travel records. Baisted did not say when Forrest traveled to the convention.

Police records show Forrest received $1,017.70 in overtime pay from July 21 through July 24 and  $310.15 in overtime pay on July 30.

Braisted said Forrest's reimbursement paid for lodging, meals, gas, and parking expenses.
In an interview with The Tennessean last week, Barry said the affair with Forrest began in Spring 2016 and police advised she needed security when she traveled.

“When I came into office, (Police Chief Steve Anderson) said that you are always the mayor and you should be secured appropriately," Barry said.

On Thursday, Braisted cited the same rationale to explain why Forrest needed to travel to the DNC.
"As Chief Anderson has said, the mayor is the mayor wherever she is and should have security with her at all times. Large, high profile conventions such as this are a potential security threat and protective detail was appropriate," Braisted said.

The police department did not immediately respond to questions about whether Forrest received reimbursement for any expenses from the city during his time at the DNC. An attorney for Forrest said he and his client would not comment.

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The convention attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Philadelphia area, including more than 5,000 delegates and high-profile Democratic leaders from around the country.

The event, attended by then-President Barack Obama and other major current or former leaders, garnered an extensive level of security.

The city of Philadelphia received $43.1 million from the U.S. Department of Justice for security at the convention, according to media reports. That included $8.03 million for payroll and overtime costs for local police and other emergency personnel and $5.12 million to reimburse other law enforcement agencies that helped with security, according to a report by WCAU, the NBC television affiliate in Philadelphia.

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The mayor traveled with Forrest to another partisan political event, the NewDEAL Ideas Summit in San Francisco on Memorial Day weekend 2017.

NewDEAL is a progressive organization founded by longtime Democratic leaders, including former Maryland governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley. Potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ is an honorary leader of the group.

Barry's campaign did not pay Forrest for attending that event. The city paid Forrest  $510.95 in airfare and $906.27 for his hotel.

"The DNC was a political party event. The NewDEAL summit was a progressive policy event," Braisted said.

Records also show Barry traveled frequently without security in the first months of her administration.

In her first nine months in office, Barry took nine out-of-town business trips, according to travel records. On six trips she went by herself or with other city employees who were not police officers.

On three trips during that time period she traveled with other city employees and security, twice with Forrest. The first travel with only Barry and Forrest was a Chattanooga trip from June 30 to July 1, 2016.

On Thursday, Braisted said police advised Barry have security "at all times."

On Monday, Braisted said the police department recommended “that Mayor Barry have police detail on all official business trips, increases in terrorist attacks and mass shootings both domestic and international, and because we had an opportunity to learn what worked best in terms of logistics for travel," Braisted said.

There are no reports of any investigations into security threats against a Nashville mayor in at least 19 years, police say.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a newly created city council committee and the city council's ethics committee are looking in to whether Barry committed official misconduct or misspent public funds on travel and expenses for Forrest. Barry has said she will cooperate with each investigation.

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