Thursday, February 22, 2018

Moron Roundup

First in the queue here is this moron Congressperson from New York State, Representative Claudia Tenney.   Can I just say it is a relief to know that someone from outside the South is this big of an idiot.  Its up to you New York, New York to get rid of that twat.

Then we have the Arkansas Judge who apparently under his robes wore nothing, the better to fuck with. Literally, Times up for this asshole!  I hope can find the gratification he sought exploiting those young men with some new men  in the slammer and finds out what it is liked to get royally screwed.

Marco Rubio. Someone got schooled by a teenager.  More please.

Cheat sheet. This is where Trump possessed a line of talking points with my personal favorite note: I hear you.  Yes I am sure you do.  Do you hear me now? Go fuck yourself.

School Superintendent threatens to suspend students who walk out for a gun rally. Hmm that is what happened to the shooter in Parkland just saying. That said here in the richest county in the world or wherever according to Tennesseans, who surprisingly are the lowest educated cohort in the Nation, therefore questioning said math skills, is on bond right now for assaulting a Student.  Maybe the gig will be available soon.  Sounds Looney! (pun intended)

Gun toting Teachers. Good idea as kids steal cell phones from Teachers, food, money and other stuff cannot wait til Janie gets a gun. And Cops seem to be able to shoot people periodically okay frequently under the belief that they feared for the life, despite the fact that the individual had no gun, had a toy gun, had a cell phone, a rolled up newspaper, was talking to themselves, having a cigarette, looked at them sideways, ran away, walked away, was old, was young, was black, was white, was male, was female, failed to turn in their homework. Wait.. wrong scenario or right one? Hmm on second thought does anyone know the number of Wayne LaPierre?  Well maybe just Principals then. That would be one hell of a staff meeting.

Oh wait retraction the normal state of affairs in Trumpland.. no Teachers no guns. Okay then. Shit I had my Etsy gal knitting me a holster!  Oh wait maybe not.  I can't keep up on the daily piss stream, whoops I mean tweet stream.

And to round up the day's moron alert it would not be right of me to exclude the South. Ah home of the Gators or whatever sports teams they are obsessed here as a surrogate for education and information.  This is a Teacher who was like the Judge busy doing his job just not the one he was hired for.  He should double date with Roy Moore.  They could go for ice cream as I am sure the girls would have to be home early, curfew and all.

Ending on a high note as always.. ah the South shall rise again. Threat or promise? You decide.

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