Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Grand White Rooms

I have been adamant that many of the allegations of horror regarding  the dozens of men accused of varying levels of sexual harassment, assault and rape be tried in a pubic forum.  The Nassar trial was non-existent as  Nassar pled guilty to the charges of sexual assault of only six gymnasts as in the original charges and complaint filed with the court.

What we saw was in fact over 160 individuals, mainly his victims,  make what are called impact statements at his sentencing hearing regarding his character, their own experience as they related to said charges.  The idea that of course Nassar went unabated with his deranged concepts of medical  treatments which normal people call rape and molestation for over 20 some years, going back to the late 90's pretty much says that there were more, many more.   Nassar still has charges pending and in turn a trial if he elects to do so for the child pornography possession under federal law;  Which,  I like to point out was found by accident by a Michigan State University Police Officer acting on a warrant to search his home and found it in the trash thanks to a delayed pick up.  Lucky or just dump luck?  (yes it is spelled correctly)

But it was during that process that the public could hear testimony and witnesses from the accused to the investigators (the Cop that apologized) and enable us to make our own reasonable judgements about guilt or innocence as any Jury would do if there was a trial.  Nassar had the right to have Council and his Attorney is bound to defend and/or advise Nassar throughout the proceedings.  She is doing her job as the law demands and I respect that, her client no, but his right to counsel yes.

All of this is a part of our Democracy and our Constitution.  And if anything of late that has come from the Black Lives Matter movement is that this right has been denied for many and particularly those of color with often justice decided by the Officer sworn to protect.  If we have learned anything from that movement and now Nassar that in fact law enforcement does little to nothing when it comes to dealing with white males in positions of power.  They failed for decades to investigate Nassar and in turn educated and well informed individuals demanded a code of silence from those who were harmed by Nassar.  The same goes throughout our Criminal Justice system when innocent people are forced to plea bargain charges for crimes they did not commit, for failure to provide council and appropriately trained and funded council to mount a defense regardless of one's innocence or guilt. The system is rigged says the President as he sits in the White House with many Lawyers on staff and he too goes unrepentant and unimpeded from his daily routine of watching Fox News and eating McDonald's.  If he was black and his name ended with a vowel I wonder if that individual would have such a privilege?

And we have the same with those accused of terrorism. We want  to show to the world the rights of the United States and the privileges of Democracy then do so in open public court.  Again what are we hiding and why are we hiding it?  This story about another unqualified Lawyer representing an indigent client is not new but the story of it is very different.  This is Cuba  on the other side of the fence. 

Then today Ryan Seacrest, the annoying Boy Band reject, has come out to say that the allegations against  him were false, an independent investigation finding them false.  Okay so who was this person and why did she make said allegations? Will she face criminal charges or face a civil lawsuit?  Who was interviewed and what were their roles and knowledge about the situation?  Public forums provide said information and in turn enable individuals to be sworn to tell the truth and that of course the truth is out there Scully.  And again we know from our recent foray into the criminal justice system that truth is an allusion that few see and again are privileged and entitled to.  But when this chick made said allegation only to later deny it she fuels the fire of the male hurt feelers that enable them to go, "See I told you, women are lying whores!"  Yes and would you like fries and a coke to accompany that remark?

The motto or mantra below the masthead of The Washington Post is Democracy Dies in Darkness.  Funny that one coming from the owner of Amazon the least transparent of businesses so is that an oxymoron or irony?   But the pretentious point is clear - without free press and information we are a darker place.  So all individuals have the right the due process and it is due. 

And frankly we would all be glued to the Weinstein trial as we were with OJ back in the day.  All the celebrity lawyers  and victims and of course the angry fat fuck asshole denying it all.  God what if he was found innocent?  Do we tear up Beverly Hills in protest?   Ah but he will never be charged.   And that again is the privilege of being white and male in America.  You end up sitting in grand rooms in a grand white house.  All that whiteness makes one snow blind. 

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