Friday, January 12, 2018

Dumping Ground

It has already been well established that there are dividing lines in the #MeToo #TimesUp movement.  In France they have already said "Pas plus" to the idea that there is a problem with sexual harassment and abuse and that it could in turn affect romance.

Yes the foundations of all solid relationships start with a man who invites you to his hotel room and then asks you to massage/masturbate/have sex or watch having a shower.  I see it long lasting like the Queen and Prince Phillip only without crowns.

One excited man is Berlusconi of the infamous Bunga Bunga parties and I say  Grazie as I have on my bucket list going to said shindigs as there is nothing hotter than a bunch of aging lotharios and Putin (a class in and of itself) drooling over women young enough to be their granddaughters.  How do I get on the list?

The division is not just continental it is domestic with women of color demanding an exception to the movement and a distinction.  Split, divide and conquer and the reality is that no one's pain is greater or worse than another, it is all pain, just different, you know like everyone else.

I am sorry but I am not going to spend a great deal of time running a spreadsheet on who is raped/abused more then in turn set a hierarchy chart of who gets more air time, money, attention.  No rape is better rape are you fucking kidding me?

Gender parity and equality means overall equality. So when women are paid less than men that needs to change across the spectrum of race.  If a white man makes 1.00/hr, a black man 75 cents/hr and in turn a white woman makes 80 cents an hour and a black woman 70 cents all of that across the board needs change.  Gee and what about Latin American people, Muslim, Native American, Asian and so on.  This of course includes those of the LGBQT community.  Does it matter to divide that too by color?  We need to focus on the whole pie here and not just the piece on your plate at this point.

And this is across the world not just America.  How about women dying as they are ostracized and isolated from their community during menstruation.   Or young girls taking a page from Wonder Woman to save themselves from abuse.

A woman returning home from work raped on a train.    Or that Ikea my favorite company thinks women should pee on an ad in order to get a discount on a crib. Really?

I look across the country and I see women still marginalized and exploited. They don't have famous friends or connections or anyone who gives a shit about them.

What about this woman who was threatened for exposing an affair with the Governor of Missouri who was clearly into 50 Shades of Gray only adding blackmail to the factor.  And yet all of this happened before he was elected and should have no affect on his current position right? Well ask former Senator Al Franken about that?  Again let's start having due process with the court of justice versus the public opinion make the ultimate decision.  

And we have the female workers at Ford who despite having filed lawsuits in the workplace found little changed.  Gosh makes you wonder about that bailout now doesn't it?

What about the Teacher arrested for speaking about the Superintendents raise at a School Board meeting?  Again note that the South which has been at the bottom of the ladder for Education literally takes prisoners versus those who have the audacity to ask questions.  And as I live in the South I could not help note the race dynamic when the arrest occurred and the story behind the reasoning. Again since moving to the South I realize how complex this issue is and no it will never be resolved unless we level the economic playing field than I suspect some of this may resolve itself.  I have said repeatedly its the money stupid and the color of green that truly segregates in this part of the country.

Time's Up, you have a lot of legal cases right there pick one or all of the above.

Women are marginalized when it comes to medical care and housing, we pay more and in more ways than with money.

Let's look at this story that BBC did with regards to abuse in housing when it comes to women by the landlords, county officials and others who are responsible in providing housing.  Gee a British news agency covers this better than an American one but it doesn't have Reese Witherspoon talking about it.

Which brings me to the Medical Industrial Complex of which I am intimately familiar and have little to nothing good to say.

First was this story from Florida during the holidays about a 94 year old woman arrested after being evicted from her Senior Housing facility.

Or this story from Baltimore about a woman being dumped on the sidewalk and thankfully a man was there at the time to document the entire ordeal.

This was not the first nor last nor isolated in history.  This is from 2007 and is the story of Carol Ann Reyes.

Or this from Las Vegas

Or this from Sacramento

 Or you just bussed somewhere else... anywhere but here!

And this goes back to a study from 1991, so nope this is not new in the least.

And there is my story from 2012 and what Harborview Medical Center did to me.  I am not over it six years later.  I had to sue them on my own.  I appealed it on my own and I lost but I sat with their Attorney at the time (who like all my Attorneys end up leaving their fine gigs a coincidence not lost on me) admitted they altered the diagnostic documents to reflect a less serious injury in order to release me in full blown Amnesia sustained from Traumatic Brain Injury.  Yes there are legal documents to support my allegations and little objections by their Attorney to any of them.  I lost on legal technicalities alone.  If you think any Lawyer would help me, think again.  Personal Injury Attorneys are in this for money and money alone, justice not so much.

So do I expect any lasting significant change from the Time's Up Me Too movements. Nope.  I can point to the ones that in the last five years have come and gone.  Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter,  Pussy Hats (which should be engaged but note not a word with regard to that) and now this.  What.ever.  America is a dumping ground it is the shithole that Trump spoke of, he just referred to the wrong countries when he did so.

No one's pain is better stronger more painful. It is all painful.  Let's find the commonalities and build on those to resolve the differences that exist. 

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