Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cold Truths

I have felt uneasy the last few days and took in the amazing movie, The Darkest Hour, which I cannot recommend enough as a companion piece to the movie Dunkirk, they are a hell of a double feature. I needed to remind myself of the power of strong leaders who are not always the most likeable but they are often the most focused and both movies illustrate that men in the most challenges of situations rise when they turn to those that surround them for support.

This week the inanity of our own leaders continues and frankly I cannot talk about politics anymore as it does nothing. I watched for about 10 minutes the farce of our Governor debate on the subject of Education last night and I laughed as there was not one individual up there who I felt remotely had an ounce of dignity nor inspiration in which to lead. But I live in Tennessee and this state is fucked up beyond belief. I often think of Dunkirk living here and wait to be rescued. Today I read in the Nashville Scene an article about our endless debates on mass transit and read this in the conclusion:

The reason it’s going to be very hard to ever have an honest and productive discussion about public transportation with opponents is that, at heart, this is a social issue. It’s about making all of Nashville available to everyone.

And that, historically, has not been a shared goal of all Nashvillians. It still isn’t.

But we occasionally stumble upon the right thing and do it. This may be one of those times.

Now I am often a strong critic on what it is like living here but this is from one who has history and a member of the tribe. Cold comfort is the reality when you know in your heart others think the same way you do but they are so afraid and vested in not allowing the truth to rule their beliefs, they chose their truths and facts. Ah yes and we can thank social media which enables one to wrap themselves in said truths.  And people here are neither kind nor hospitable in the least.   This is Nashville, its vile.

Now was it always that way? Likely but today the reality is that most of us live in total isolation.  We are afraid of others and fear those who may make us think, change our minds or question our truths.   Today a former Facebook executive released a report about the role Social Media and Search Engines in dispersing said "facts" to a hungry audience of idiots who need validation for said beliefs. And to think we are worried about opioid addiction.

Then we have Davos the home of delusional rich fucks pretending to do shit and give a shit. They are rolling out the welcome mat for Donald Trump who never attended and was never invited but all things change when you are the liar in chief.

And lastly I read the most horrific article in the International Times about a "men only" society fund raiser in Britain and the molesting, harassing and bizarre antics of the rich and established that certainly destroyed my images of Britannia  after crying during Dunkirk and Darkest Hour and seeing men at their finest.

Which led me onto the next story about the currently unemployed Celebrity Chef's after the revelations of their debauchery that went beyond the kitchen.  I am not setting foot in any of these establishments as I can pretty much eat anywhere and I am not that big on spending money in places that have that much rage in a place they prepare food, as food is a part of one's soul and it nourishes and sustains you.  Think about that for a moment.

Then more stories about a former Seattle Theater Director now in New York at the acclaimed Long Wharf and his sexual depravity followed by one on Garrison Keillor and the truth behind his exodus from NPR and Prairie Home Companion.  All so repugnant and disturbing that once again you don't know anyone until you do. 

 And then again even then. This story about the Congressman and his payout to the staffer he referred to as his "soul mate" and says she "invited it"  makes one wonder what the fuck is going on in Capital Hill?  Seriously what the fuck is going on there, ever?

And lastly the sentencing of Dr. Larry Nassar.  It appears now there will be investigations about his work at Michigan State,  which denies knowledge  of any of this while he was under his employ, came about after over 150 young women testified at his sentencing hearing.  Testimony's that were done with full support by the Judge, who failed to recuse her bias to ensure all voices were heard.   This is another Sandusky where University officials turn a blind eye to an expensive prestigious program and enabled a pedophile to act upon his deepest psychosis.

I cannot do this anymore but what "this" is I am unsure.  Read papers? Care?  I spent the day not caring and I was relieved. I spend way too many days doing as such and that lends itself to this state of unsettling that seems to rule me.  The depth of winter and the state of the world are cold places in which to seek warmth so I may have a better understanding why one delves into the media of the social versus the one of the reality, it seems warmer.  Lies always do. Truth is a cold place.


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