Friday, January 26, 2018

Church State

I have said that Tennessee is not a Democracy as we have the lowest voting turnout in the nation.  That can be attributed to our bizarre voting laws but in turn it also reflects a population utterly disengaged in civic responsibility.  WWJD?

Much is made of the religious right and their ability to mobilize and go from the pews to the ballot boxes, what was often called from the souls to the polls.  The current appointment of crazy Sam Brownback to the position of Religion Czar confirms that despite Trump's own fluid faith, his right hand, Mike Pence, is doing whatever he can to pursue an agenda that is right with Christ.   Praise Jesus!

Trump this week spoke via video to the life screamers, then Pence went to Israel to again remind the Jews that they are right with Christ despite killing him but hey we want to make up for our sitting out the mass genocide of Jews there in World War II so this should do it.  Peace no, a State for Palestine nope but a new embassy yes!   WWJD?

Meanwhile at the rich gig meetup in Davos Trump sort of kind of apologized for a tweeting a fake video that was fake unlike news that he tried to fire Muller to cease that Russian investigation that drives what little left of his mind crazy. Try prayer that is what the right claim cures illness.  That is why they don't believe in health care as it is personal moral failing why you are sick.  Praise Jesus!

As I have said it is law here that a Therapist can decline to see anyone seeking mental health counseling if they are LGBQT, unless it is for conversion therapy then game on!  Conversion therapy is of late an issue as more states are examining their laws that enable those to professed mental health services and churches to set up a Gay Camp to pray away the Gay.  Praise Jesus!

Again we have a candidate for Governor, Mae Beavers, (that is just one of many stories about the Beav) who can I just say leave it to Beaver when it comes to crazy shit about God and stuff.  She did not attend the Governor's debate about Education but I think I can answer her questions and that is all education should be non-secular and very very Christian as that will solve all the violence and issues here in Tennessee.  Praise Jesus!

But this gig is open right now along with the drug appointee for varying reasons.. one hating Muslim the other having a credibility problem.  Maybe Mae can get one of those as she has strong opinions about both.    Praise Jesus!

This morning one of our local news that I am sure is Christian based as many personal interest stories are heavily themed with Christian undertones.   When I pulled up the site I threw up my morning coffee.  Her business is basically maid service re branded as of course personal concierge but whatever. But this is not news this is an advertisement for a business that I would say that much of this message is subliminal here but nope. However the nice thing is that she makes it quite clear that her business is in fact founded in Christ and she even wants her employees to be equally vested:

Job Description: 

*We are currently seeking to hire Personal Assistants that live in the Green Hills, Sylvan Park, Woodbine or East Nashville area.

inJOY Personal Assistants work independently for up to 5 different clients on a weekly basis. Our Personal Assistants are expected to show up on time to their client's home, navigate new spaces and work efficiently to complete the client's to-do list. Personal Assistants are responsible for preparing meals, running errands, doing the laundry and dishes, tidying and organizing spaces for optimal functionality and small odd jobs like wrapping presents. We understand what makes a home run smoothly and have humble hearts to serve others in this capacity. This position is excellent for mothers with school aged children and women looking for part-time work.

Team Dynamic:
We are a team of Christian women who value diversity and desire to do all things well for His glory. We believe in pursuing our God-given dreams and understand that each stop along the way, has value and importance. We celebrate our differences and aim to share our talents while learning from one another. 

  • Excel at multitasking
  • Can walk into a space and intuitively see what needs to be done to make it more functional
  • Are confident in the kitchen and have a wide range of recipe knowledge
  • Feel knowledgable about proper laundry etiquette
  • Are flexible and enjoy change
  • Are kind, personable, compassionate and an excellent listener
  • Understand how to take the initiative with little direction, but can also take direction well
  • Honor timeliness and reliability 
  • Have a reliable car
  • Do not smoke
  • Have a personal relationship with Christ

Yes I have a personal relationship with a man who is dead and may or may not be real or at least the stories about him as he may be a fictitious character sort of like Harry Potter but different.  Bu as they did not have published writing in those days nor a common language how were these miracles recorded for history?  But more importantly - What do they pay here? Oh wait I might be a Buddhist so will that rule me out. I have a Jewish friend or a Muslim friend can they work for you?  WWJD?

If cake bakers, florists, photographers and the like simply put this shit on the front door of their business or on their website I know who not to hire.  The same goes if a business says they support the NAACP or the ACLU, Greenpeace or Animal Rights then I am a customer for life.  Same diff. Praise Jesus!

Religion rules here, the Churches here buy long form advertising here and during the Sunday Morning news shows they run them as if they are some type of informative message that is part of the newscast.  No, it is utterly fake news!  Praise Jesus!

Then another story that claimed the shooting in Kentucky was due to violent videos, movies and music that leads young people down the wrong path.  Okay then not the guns nor the easy access to them at all?  Heard that before and the reality is that most shooting are in rural areas, not urban and are largely white children who pursue this course of action to resolve conflicts or assuage anger. WWJD?

Trump of course rarely comments on these shooting as they don't fit his message that it is brown people from bad shithole countries that cause violence.  If you recall the last terrorist act was a man in a van no gun needed.  Most of the terrorist acts often don't use guns they don't need to.

The tragedy of what I have learned since I moved to Nashville is that we have a massive problem with deliberate ignorance and a compulsion to see all failures as personal.  We use god and guns to absolve our anger and we believe that if you are rich you are smarter, better and more deserved than anyone else.  The concept of self absorption is something I see here on a daily basis in the schools and the children are just mirrors to the adults in their lives.  Again, yesterday a little girl stared at me in a classroom where I was the co-teacher so as I sat there and tried to engage just to not be bored, she spent the time rolling her eyes at the boy next to her, stared at me while covering her mouth and loudly talking about me.  I put a stop to that by asking her if that is what she needed to do to feel good about herself and in turn could I do that to her since she seemed to think it was okay, I could do it too, no?  She looked aghast as if she could not believe I actually was that stupid and then apologized.  And you think Trump is mentally ill? No he is just stupid and an asshole. What do you think his children are?  Hypocrites that much I do know.

What would Jesus do?  Hell if I know.  

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