Friday, December 8, 2017

Wrong Again!

Time made a massive mistake naming Trump Person of the Year for 2016.  It should have been the Angry White Man.  The white man began his anger years ago and  was best illustrated by Glenn Beck, had Beck declared his candidacy he would have won.  In 2008 that was truly year of the AWM## because an intellectual black man was elected President.  And revenge is a dish best served by a crazy white man.

And now we have a Donald Trump a brain addled "billionaire" largely financed through sketchy banks handling sketchy money by sketchy Oligarchs and other criminals  was a great second choice.  He is even more  addled, more angry, more paranoid and additionally a loner,  the perfect example of what Glenn Beck used to portray on his nightly talk show on radio and Fox. Remember him? I do and he seems light years ago but he never went away that type never do.  Obama had that right, they find comfort in their religion and guns and then once they are done praying they come out shooting.

I would review all the shootings of 2016 as that was the final straw in the camels back that broke and none better personifies the angry white man then the Las Vegas Shooting.  It cannot be lost that it occurred coincidentally or ironically at a Country Music Festival, in the shadow of the strip that defines risk and in turn rage.  Ever see a loser lose it in a Casino?  And again this all happening from a luxury suite a comp often given to high dollar players. Ah the house rules, the house wins!  Well he sure showed you - not!

The Angry White Male has taken to guns, to his fists, to cars,  to kill/harm anyone who stands in their way of that raging cesspool of  anger. They pretend, the posture, they pose. They post online in social media or not, they bully and they act upon it by finding ways in which to take out that raging aggression on a society that they feels harmed them.   Terrorism is not just for Muslim extremists anymore.

I can't even distinguish anymore what is right or wrong.  Really if I can't do you think these men can.  The current #MeToo climate has brought down a wrath of anger and confusion by both genders.  The excuse making, finger pointing and insult serving is turning into a daily event.  Margaret Atwood better write a sequel to the Handmaid's Tale, the Handmaids Revenge.

I can find in my 58 years an inventory that includes sexual exploitation, jealousy, rape, abuse, verbal assault, harassment, lost jobs, personal insults, rumor mongering and all the rest.  I don't want to do this anymore as I have no one to direct my anger to.  I have no need to get a gun, to take to the streets with sticks and stones and break some bones, I have no desire to accuse someone in misdirection to just get some satisfaction or release.  I would love someone to hear me and to listen and to show sympathy, some compassion, some empathy.  I am no one.  I had not used that term in a long time and to realize that #MeToo is #WellyoubutthisisaboutMEMEME is what it has become. It will go the way of #OWS, #BlackLivesMatter and #ArabSpring.  I remember when Twitter took credit for that.. WHOOPS, wrong again!

I sound pessimistic, I sound bitter. Yes heard that before whatever you need to say and think is your right.  I respect that and that ends there.  I don't care.  How many swords must get thrown to have another throw themselves upon until we satiate our rage?   Women you have been fucked and fucked over for years.  So has everyone even the Angry White Man.  They are not gone, they will not change, they will just be angrier.  Careful about the angry white man you know what they are capable of doing.  I see it in our White House.  Be afraid, be very afraid. How I would so like to be wrong, but this is as first so I cannot say again.

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