Friday, December 15, 2017

They Crazy Here

I have frequently compared Trump and his White House to the South.  There is arrogance, confusion, denial, lies and brags far from humble. Add to this the classicism which clouds the racism and of course the sheer lack of intellect.

Living in Nashville has been an education, not one I would pay for nor actually list on my curriculum vitae as I am not sure how to describe it.   Degree: B.S. as in bullshit.  Course of study: Lying while talking.  Paranoia.  Bullying.  Attention Seeking and Anger Un-management.

When I arrived the population stats were that 85 people a day were moving to Nashville.  This last week I heard the number 100, 80 and now 70.  As the line marker is in pencil here it makes it easier to change this to suit the individual quoting the number.   Actual statisticians and demographers who would know this say it is a fluctuating number that is based on several components but is not a fixed one.   And in turn this is why neighboring communities are attempting to do a local census to determine population in which to plan for the communities needs for both taxes and in turn infrastructure - roads, schools, utilities.  You know the stuff that Governments do in response to populations - well other than gerrymandering.

These two issues are the Siamese Twins that Ben Carson would love to dis join.  The lack of funding for the U.S. Census will contribute to ensuring that population numbers will not be accurate and in turn enable Congress to continue their slow slide to chaos by cutting every Government program which ironically means their jobs.  The House is based on representation and if the population declines their positions go with it.  But wait! They save it by gerrymandering or redistricting to ensure their job security!  And this is a skill set that Republicans have mastered.  So Democracy, the two party system may be gone without any further Russian interference!  Dosvadanya!

The issue is that most outlying suburban or rural areas are declining in populations and in turn is the contributory factor in the migration into central core areas in which Nashville falls.

Most jobs are in the Davidson County region and when population stats are quoted that encompasses the entire area within Nashville including even smaller towns that are simply adjacent by crossing a County line.  They love their Counties here!  And this was the reasoning behind the recent Amazon bid while coming up with a Transit plan that literally stops without incorporating any of the transportation needs outside of Nashville, the true problem in the commuting issue.  And the reasoning behind why Nashville is developing every square foot of land to get people to move out and away from said areas such as Murfreesboro or Spring Hill and into Nashville proper!  Viola back to the 100 people a day are moving here!  Sure from an hour commute time away to no commute time thanks to transit.  And pay more for it all.  It's hide the penny under the walnut!  Look kids watch my hands.

And we have our own Governor, he of truck stop money - family built, he not be smart enough to be self made as they tout here - believes that the current shitty GOP tax bill will benefit Tennessee as low and behold it punishes oddly, coincidentally, ironically, blue states and benefits red ones.  Gee that gerrymandering is sort of cool isn't it?   Yes Amazon welcome. Or your welcome! Please come here as we will do whatever it takes including no taxes for ever! 

Then we have the real ugly truth of Nashville, it's public schools, the fucked up system across the state that has finally had State Legislator's becoming involved to ask questions and wonder what the hell is going on.  The obsession with testing, the idea of school choice is largely ground zero here and it explains the schools here as they are worth nothing.

And as we enter the Holidays I went to a school that is not on my normal list.  I had cancelled a gig for a school where I was familiar as I wanted to go shopping to Opry Mills and like Donelson.  It is a shame their schools are not something of which to be proud. As sadly they fall under the purview of Nashville Public Schools and in turn they reflect the dumps they are.  The local high school just down the road had 14 kids arrested this week for a car theft ring which is a step down from earlier this year when the FBI raided the school for counterfeit money laundering.  The school is just slightly smaller than the mall and way less interesting.

This class was for a a Special Ed cell. And by cell I mean cell. It was an interior room the size of a cell, no windows, nothing of warmth or an environment that led itself to at least one conducive to learning  and respect of the special need kids that were shuttled in and out throughout the day.   One boy who is there the entire day is a Dylan Klebold (of Columbine)  level of Sociopath.  His drawings and personality changes were so severe it was like be trapped with Sybil during each transition only in body of a 13 year old boy.  I have never seen this in many years and the closest was young girl in Seattle many years ago who I think now is less severe or dangerous as this child.   It was distressing if not upsetting to witness.

The last day of school (today) was so horrific I could not believe what was happening.  The regular Teacher I suspect does nothing but house them and the neighboring Teachers seemed oblivious as to what went on in the room but they knew the kids were troubled.  They had no idea that there was zero to no learning transpiring and the day was spent surfing the net and doing little else but going to the gym.   I got that much out of the kids as I watched the future serial killer cry, rage, suck his thumb, abuse people, act rational, play like a 10 year old and draw violent dangerous pictures one after another.    The day was until 12 and at 10:30 we were take the kids for a take out box lunch that to say was junk could not describe what the bag possessed.  It was some type of cheese covered broccoli and a slice of bread.  It was garbage which my kids, all three of them tossed. They were to eat in the room with me.  The irony was that the school had carts with ice cream, toppings, and popcorn wheeled around and yet they avoided our room. We got nothing other than the rolls I had purchased myself earlier on my way to school.  I went to the room next door and asked the ice cream eating Teacher if he could mind the room while I went to the toilet.   I had not one minute to myself, to eat, to go the bathroom to take a break away from them for over three hours.  I wanted to become a serial killer myself after this.

I finally took them outside and we walked the field in a cold day.  I was running out of options, I wanted to leave so  when we came back to the classroom I opened my purse declared my cell phone stolen and demanded to leave to see if I left it at the places I went en route to school that day. There was about a half an hour left and I knew the phone was at home but I just wanted out.  I came home and found the phone and spent the day doing errands wishing I had never set foot in that school and then I realized they are all some variations of this.  A Teacher right at the top of the day there whom I had met decided right at 9 am to walk out. I am not sure she quit but she was gone.  This is the state of the schools here and it is everywhere in this shit hole state.  So please tell me why anyone would move here? Taxes are you fucking kidding me?

The reality is that Tennessee is one step above Alabama and that is because we don't have a child molester running for office.  But the belief that Government is the problem and that Jesus is the way to go, to pray and to avoid reality is the mantra of the South is very much the reality here.  We have no true Democrats to offer change and a potential to show that being Liberal is not something to fear.  I have never seen anything like this in my life and to see these children today and the slop they were served, forced to sit in classrooms all day watching movies and doing nothing but feel trapped and be trapped.  This is Tennessee, they be crazy here.

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