Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sub Down

 I found this interesting given the week I had in the Nashville Public Sewer System they call schools.

My first day this week was an art class in a Magnet school the supposed select group.  The class was for an afternoon of Art and in turn I met the Teacher who was exiting upon my arrival.  I walked in to a class in chaos but it was only the beginning. Tossing crayons, smashing pencils, breaking shit and throwing it was the plan for the day.  She told me this class does this and may get worse but four girls clean it up and that if they do a good job she was buying them Pizza the next day as a reward.  I watched as the class lifted and tossed a kid like a dwarf, smash crayons, toss shit and basically run amok for the last 20 minutes of class. Then as the bell rang the class exited like a mad dash for lunch, bringing in the Administrator saying that they are not to run out like that.   The door was open during this wilding and irony that the class was across the hall from the Admin office.  At no time did they come in despite the noise they had to hear and did nothing from what it appears is a constant problem. I threw the girls out as they were active in throwing stuff and frankly rewarding them for cleaning up after causing this is a bizarre form of reinforcement that I did not get.

The next day was at another Middle School where I tried to help the kids work and in turn high five a kid for a good job and he nearly broke my wrist but thankfully I have strong wrists due to Yoga but it was so severe that the girl next to him said, "Wow you tried to hurt her are you okay Miss?"

And the last two days were with the sociopath and his cohorts that I was so distressed I claimed my cell phone was stolen just to get the hell out of there.  I was not a 100% sure but I just felt that I had not brought it and in turn my wallet was in tact so I just was relieved to get out of there even 30 mins early after the shitbag treatment those kids and I got that last day before break.  I could not believe that Teachers came in eating Ice Cream in front of us and did not offer nor ask why we had not been included after that slop the kids had been served for lunch.  But then again why as that would require them to care and in Nashville no one cares about anything.  Resignation is a state of life and mind here.

I was talking to my neighbors about my job and how much I have to reconcile hating myself and trying to stay safe in such unsafe schools with children so damaged and troubled I am afraid for my safety every time I walk in.  The first thing I said to my neighbor was that asking kids to do any work, to at least attempt it or try to be just reasonable is akin to fighting words.  The best and only thing you can do is keep your head down and say nothing.  I quit writing my name on the board and only do it in extreme cases but I prefer not for security reasons.  And this is how it is in Nashville.

But apparently I am not alone as the story below illustrates what it is like to be a Sub. This Teacher was a retired professional with over two decades in the same difference and then suddenly he is not a good Teacher. Why?  He led a kid to hit him.  I get that fear and it was why in cell block 150 as I called it this week I kept opening the door. The inane and insane ramblings of the sociopath included bizarre race ramblings, screaming he was locked in and trapped, and other strange comments that could imply I harmed him.  I wanted the door open so anyone could see anything at any time.  I do not trust the children here nor like them at all.  I used to recall all the kids in Seattle who I was utterly charmed and impressed by.  I don't think I have met more than a handful and that doesn't say much as they are an utter blur.

And it is why I don't ask kids names when they are acting up as it is confrontational.  It is dangerous and an invitation to be harmed.  Just trying to be supportive could have led me to have a broken wrist but thankfully I was able to deflect the slapping hard flying hand with only a burn to my palm. Yes this is Nashville Middle Schoolers, often mentally ill, violent, dangerous, abusive.  And yes largely minority.  And it is not just here as the story below illustrates it is everywhere but St. Paul seems to rival Nashville for violent dangerous students.

Teacher told not to return after assault by student
Noe Hernandez

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Jack McCulley taught in the Battle Creek Public Schools for 22 years. He continued to work as a substitute after he retired in 2008.

But after a Battle Creek Central High School student punched him out in October, he doesn't want to go back. And the district doesn't want him to either.

"I'm not going to return to Battle Creek Public Schools, ever," said McCulley. "I'll never enter one of their buildings again."

McCulley, 60, says that on Oct. 4 a freshman hit him in the jaw with an upper cut, punched him in the back of the head twice and landed one more hard blow to his head during an after-class altercation.

The principal, he said, then asked him to leave the building, and his employer, EduStaff, suspended him indefinitely from substitute teaching, pending an investigation.

He now wonders if he'll get a chance to teach again.

According to Calhoun County Probate Court administrator Kris Getting, the male student pleaded guilty on Nov. 29 to assault and battery, a charge equal to a misdemeanor in an adult court.

The Battle Creek Enquirer is not identifying the student because he is a minor.

He was placed on probation for six months. It is not known whether he was suspended, returned to Battle Creek Central or transferred to another school.

"At Battle Creek Public Schools, the safety and security of students and staff is our first priority," BCPS Superintendent Kim Carter said in an email. "An investigation regarding this issue revealed mutual conflicts.

"Due to this information, BCPS determined that it was in the best interest for the substitute and BCPS that he not be assigned to Battle Creek Public Schools," she added.

Jodi Center, EduStaff's director of human resources, could not be reached for comment Friday.

McCulley taught U.S. history, geography and government for nine years at the former W.K. Kellogg Middle School and 12 years at Northwestern Middle School. He spent a year helping Battle Creek Central students with English and social studies before retiring in 2008.

He was on a long-term assignment when the incident occurred after a fifth-hour class.

McCulley says the student who assaulted him spent most of his class time texting or watching videos on his cellphone, didn't listen when McCulley asked him to put the phone away, cursed at him, turned on the faucets in the science room and threatened to assault him.

McCulley estimates that he kicked the student out of his classroom at least 15 times over a period of a little more than three weeks.

BCPS later told his employer that he incited the altercation with his sarcasm, said McCulley, who still suffers from headaches and has hired an attorney.

"He would curse at me, I would say, 'Thank you very much, there you go again being profane and obnoxious,' or, "Thank you very little,'" McCulley said. "They figured the sarcasm to them incited him, which I don't buy."

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