Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rabbit Hole Politics

I have read and listened to Cornel West for years.  I felt he imploded in the Obama years as Obama was very much a technocrat and not the progressive liberal we wanted to believe.  I did not support him in the initial campaign in 2008 as I had no idea who he was.  I was in Hilary's camp and like all things when she returned in 2016 I was a Sanders girl.  Race had nothing to do with my feelings about Barack as frankly there were many things I felt lacked.  His foreign diplomacy is truly turning heads now as it left the gap that psycho fuck is now trying to fill.

Then there was "Obamacare" and deportations, his Education Secretary, his inability from the beginning to work with Congress (a two way street but it was truly bad from day one) and Joe Biden who I believe was odd, then many Cabinet and staff positions that were nowhere near the level of whack a doo as Trump but very much in line again with the concept of Neoliberalism.

If you do not understand the concept of Neoliberalism, this article from The Guardian does a great job explaining what it means for the modern Democratic Party.  A party that is as enjoined, dated and into self preservation mode as the Republicans. 

Do I think Obama would have been more progressive, more liberal and an activist had he had a Congress of more open minded left wingers epitomized by Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders?  I have no idea but something about his persona says to me no.  But hindsight is 20 20 and in this case I would take him any day versus the current freaks at 1800 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But when I read this essay by Cornel West I did laugh.  Mr. West is a frequent guest on Bill Maher's show on HBO, a show that need to find some fresh voices and minds from all sides to dish the dirt.  My personal favorite is Killer Mike who I had never heard of and actually enjoy listening to and this Chance the Rapper is another voice that lends well to the debate over education.  There are many minds and individuals other than the rolodex of yore, just the concept of rolodex should make one think old and dated, to speak and offer a voice with a fresh perspective.

Mr. West reminds me of Jill Stein who for a brief moment in 2012 enabled a fresh debate on the Obama Presidency and then one just jumped down a hole and another chose to share a meal and a cocktail of Russian Vodka to align with and then it all led to Trump, the Wicked Queen waiting at the base of the Rabbit Hole.

There is dog whistle politics, the concept of race baiting. There is the race card politics throwing that down to accuse enemies or slights as embedded in racism.  There is the morality police and the religious right who eschew anyone not of the tribe as an enemy and in turn the larger cohort left in the middle confused and looking for a voice, a person who will stand up and be heard.  I never understood the elevation of Ta-Nehisi Coats but he came out with an essay and later a book and a concept at a time when the post election period of Obama led many White people to believe we were in a period of color blindness and on the cusp of racial equality.  Well at least that was one of many inequalities at the time we dealt with and guess what it began and ended with Obama's Presidency.

Coates made the audacious and inflammatory demand for reparations that in turn opened another door into the heinous history of human labor and its immense affects on the costs, financially, psychologically, socially, and legally with regards of those of African Caribbean  descent placed into slavery and in turn exploited and marginalized thereafter.  

I am not sure there could ever be any sufficient reparation for what slavery did to those placed into chains, abused and taken from their homes and placed into those home of others to be further abused, killed and harmed for generations.   I am the generation of Roots and that truly brought the concept into the mantra of popular culture and changed the discussion in ways that for many the Civil Rights movement did not for those too young or too distant from the roots of the movement.  I do believe that the focus of that movement was largely confined to the South and in turn we believed it was a regional issue founded in the Civil War and this was there time to accept responsibility and move forward to change and grow.  Well we know that did not happen and in turn the rest of the country had and still has its own issues with regards to race and how it too affected their own communities.  And this truly came to light as we have learned with Black Lives Matter and the intense spotlight on mass incarceration and deaths at the hands of police in largely non-violent situations.

And we are now at the Trump years.  And that was the point, the light was too bright, too powerful and it blinded people.  When you can't see your other senses heightened and in turn is shows exactly what was truly happening down in the rabbit hole all these last eight years and it was one angry tea party.  Remember them?  Well they never really were anything but angry white old people but they have family and friends and like the Terminator they are back.  Down to stupid hats and yelling out bullshit. But this time they are called Nativists, the Alt-Right and are normal, shop at Target and like Chinese food but not Chinese people.  Ah the normalization of the nutfuck has arrived.

And the new hashtag movement of the moment is #MeToo which will align itself with #ArabSpring, #BLM, #OWS and the others that run through the list of injustices and rages of those marginalized in society.  And that spotlight is intense and it leads to fights and feuds as no one leads said groups and anyone who asserts dominance is quickly cut down and the infighting begins. Whatever we need to learn from the Civil Rights movement is how MLK managed to resolve competing groups and assert a focused agenda?  Oh wait we do know.

Well what do know that anything with "neo" as a prefix is not a good sign.  There is already fighting and baiting among women who are angry that the new feminism is not addressing the sexual harassment of women of color is not sufficiently addressed.  We have fighting among women that largely those in the service industry have been ignored and int turn who have enabled all of this and what will come of any of it.

So this  celebrity smack downs like the one Mr. West wrote about Mr. Coates, who I doubt will bother to respond.  If anything Coates is man who has no interest in anything other than his frame of reference and I suspect Mr. West is not part of that.   And that is the course of business here. We are inundated with one story after another on a daily basis. These stories now take the front pages that once was dominated with stories of police shootings, of gun violence, of terrorism, of whatever topic is the narrative of the day.  After a while a eye for an eye everyone goes blind and its all over but the shouting but if you shout too loud you could go deaf.  Can't hear when you are deaf.

Pass the tea my dear as I am done.  I am jumping down a hole as even I can't take it anymore. 

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