Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hot for Teacher

While I find assaults and abuse by Students toward Teachers are on the rise, suspensions are on the decline.  I wonder if that is a parallel?  Here in Nashville the Chamber of Commerce gave their annual report card with regards to the schools here.  After I stopped laughing I could not believe they had the audacity to do as such with not one single Educator or Administrator on the board and the credentials seemed to be simply a graduate of said Nashville School and/or be a parent of a current child enrolled in one of these dumps they call schools.

I saw the largely white audience prepare for the presentation at our Central Library. I went to the Art Exhibit next door on Uncle Tom's Cabin. Fascinating.  However,  I chose not to attend as I had to work out, drink coffee and read The New York Times.  In other words stuff.  But I read the report and busted out laughing.  Data in and data out is the norm and I suspect none of them with or without children in Nashville's public schools (actually all schools within in Davidson County right there a problem) have ever set foot in any of the problem schools that have excessive violence, arrests or other issues that exist within.  I also think they have never seen or even tasted the slop they serve that led one school to stage a walkout with that as one of their demands.  But no that is not an issue.  If you are bored out of your skull the 68 page report is here.

Then I came home and cheerfully read about a Teacher in Oregon who was called by God to teach and apparently fuck a student. Sodomy is that legal and in the Bible?  She should move here and join the club we have five Title IX suits pending, the other two one tied to the Biblical Jesus Academy of Brentwood was thrown out of court on Friday so hey rape away, Jesus approved.

Teacher in Oregon accused of having sexual relationship with underage student

By Lindsey Bever The Washington Post December 19 2017

A 29-year-old teacher in Oregon is accused of numerous sex crimes after authorities said she had carried on a sexual relationship with an underage student.

Andrea Nicole Baber, who taught literature, writing and speech at Logos Christian Academy in Springfield, started a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student in 2016, officials with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities said in a statement that Baber also gave the teenager marijuana.

Baber was taken into custody last week on numerous charges, including third-degree rape, third-degree sodomy, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor and first-degree online sexual corruption of a minor. She was also charged with unlawful delivery of marijuana to a person under 18 years of age, authorities said.

She has since been released, according to online jail records. It was unclear Tuesday whether she has an attorney in the case.

Baber, from Cottage Grove in western Oregon, worked in the English department at Logos Christian Academy, a nondenominational Christian school.

The sheriff’s office said that Baber no longer works at the school. Logos Christian Academy officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Baber’s biography page, which has been removed from the school’s website, said she has “always felt called to work with youth and is very excited that God opened the door for her to be part of the Logos team.”

Authorities said the allegations came to light after the victim’s parents received an anonymous email that included sexually explicit photos showing Baber and the minor together in bed. The father reported the situation to police on Dec. 12, the Register-Guard newspaper reported, citing a probable cause affidavit.

The teenager told authorities that he and the teacher had started flirting at school last year and that their relationship evolved, according to the newspaper.

He told authorities that he and Baber had been having sex about once or twice a week at her home.

According to court documents, authorities learned during the investigation that Baber’s husband had reported the situation to child protective services.

The Register-Guard reported, citing the arrest warrant affidavit, that the husband had discovered Baber with the boy and had seen partially nude photos that his wife had texted to the teen.

Sheriff’s officials said that investigators obtained a search warrant Friday and found “additional evidence” at Baber’s home while no one was there. When Baber returned home, authorities said, she reported a burglary.

Baber was taken into custody later in the day. Booking records show that she is due in court on March 12.

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