Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bye Bye Bye

This past week once again brings sheer horror and deep laughs when reading about the current state of Government and the daily dish that is akin to food served in Nashville Public Schools - slop.

First up was the egregious Judicial appointments that have been since altered after the release of their hearings where basic legal terminology and duties by many of the nominees demonstrated a sheer lack of ignorance, experience and knowledge even about the most basic duties of a Attorney at law.  I loved my favorite inquiry:  "Have you ever taken a deposition by yourself?" Response: "I don't think so."  Hmm.. that is a yes/no answer but hey I get confused sometimes too.  But even I have been disposed and can tell you the process and what a motion is.   I wonder if Trump is interested as  I am available.  I have been through two civil cases, one I filed pro se (meaning I was my own Attorney) and the other I settled in my favor acting as my Attorney's clerk and of course a Criminal trial and appeal and which I lost both in the hands of equally idiotic Attorney's - Kevin Trombold and Ted Vosk. Hey maybe they are available.  Couldn't do worse or could you?

Racing through Judicial appointments and especially by those utterly unqualified for the job means the deck is stacked as many challenges to law and to business are through these lower level courts and that in turn means fewer will make it to the Appellate courts that often lead to major decisions that can affect policy.    I am sure they will have no problem finding even less qualified but at least better prepared candidates in the near future.  There is a big gig opening with the Kozinski resignation this week.  Bye Bye Bye!

Then we have the strange mixed messages of Trump, much like double fisted water, he cannot get his message straight when speaking to and about the intelligence community and America's security policy.  All while Putin thanks American intelligence for preventing a terrorist plot in the mother country.  Noka Noka Noka!

And all this while passing the most massively fucked up  tax policy changes in history! It is a bigly win for the rich and the super rich.  Bob Corker once again proves that people from Tennessee are both stupid and liars by holding out a no vote, then changing it when an amendment was added that protects his business investments all while claiming he knew nothing about it and had not read it.  Yes this explains our literacy rates here clearly.  Perhaps the Nashville Chamber of Commerce would like to grade that one!  Bye bye bye!

And of course in the never ending plan to decimate Government by appointing openly hostile individuals to lead said departments or massively under qualified individuals to do whatever they are doing by not doing anything, the slow slide of budget cuts and under funding will make any changes to the said Tax policy nought as the IRS cannot enforce nor support said changes.  Bye bye bye!

The mixed messages, the bizarre appointments of individuals who have no business being in the said positions, the lack of funding, filling job vacancies are all part of some bizarre master plan that is about the Deep State.  This idea of exposing Government and of course its overreach which is the standard mantra by those actually in the Government that are part of said overreach.  Bye Omarosa we won't miss you cause you will never go away! 

Paul Ryan the "intellect" in the GOP along with the "mastermind" Mitch McConnell have shown since the Trump election that there is not a lot of thought or minds used in daily decision making. The sheer hypocrisy and duplicity has been exposed like the curtain of OZ and in turn if that was Trump's plan it might be the only one working.  Hello, its me your looking for!

And on bleaker notes. The situation in Puerto Rico is bleak with more deaths and more bills coming and more bad news on the horizon.  We have all moved on sadly the residents have not.   But again we have short memories and shorter attention spans to match so I suspect unless another catastrophe happens little will change.  When all the famous Chef's, Housewives and Broadway star leaves there is just there there.  Bye Bye Bye!

I cannot one wait for this horrific year to end and I too plan on double fisting drinks when I leave for New Orleans on Christmas Eve.  I plan on covering all the bases by attending Christian services, Cajun Bonfires and of course some Voodoo to clean the spirit that other spirits may not do but at least make me not think for awhile.  It will be just like being a member of the Trump Administration.  Bye bye bye! 

Trevor Noah, Reflecting on the ‘Paradox’ of Trump, Bids Goodbye to 2017

Trevor Noah said of the Trump administration, “It’s the most terrifying thing, and it’s the funniest thing at the same time.” Credit Comedy Central

When the Scariest Thing Is Also the Funniest

Trevor Noah on Monday looked back at a trying 2017 in an hourlong year-end edition of “The Daily Show.” He said that to him, President Trump presented “a paradox.”

“Every day I wake up terrified at the notion that he’s president of the most powerful nation in the world, but I must admit, every day I also wake up knowing he’s going to make me laugh,” Mr. Noah said.
“It’s the most terrifying thing, and it’s the funniest thing at the same time. You know what it’s like? It feels like there’s a giant asteroid headed towards the Earth, but it’s shaped like a penis. Like I think I’m gonna die, but I know I’m gonna laugh.” — TREVOR NOAH
Mr. Noah discussed Mr. Trump’s decision in May to fire James Comey, the former director of the F.B.I. Mr. Noah said that although the move was extraordinary, he agreed with it.
“If you can fire somebody who’s investigating you, you should fire them. What people should be angry at is the fact that you can fire someone who is investigating you. That’s the crazy [expletive] out there. All right? But if you can fire them, fire them. If I could fire a policeman that was coming after me — are you kidding me? — I’d be at a D.U.I. checkpoint, and the cop would come up to my window like, ‘Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?’ I’d be like, ‘To getchyour ass fffired.’” — TREVOR NOAH

‘Everybody’ Hates the F.B.I.

President Trump offered a broad condemnation of the F.B.I. when speaking to reporters on Friday. “When you look at what’s gone on with the F.B.I. and with the Justice Department, people are very, very angry — everybody, not me, but everybody.”

On “Late Night,” Seth Meyers was not impressed with Mr. Trump’s argument.
“I love how Trump drags ‘everybody’ into his opinions. ‘Everybody’s talking about how bad the F.B.I. is’: He’s like a teenager trying to bully someone. ‘Everybody’s talking about how much they hate you, we were all just talking about it.’” — SETH MEYERS

The Punchiest Punchlines (Pentagon Edition)

“It was revealed that the Pentagon had a top-secret program to investigate U.F.O.s and aliens — which is why Trump announced plans to build a dome over the Earth and make E.T. pay for it.” — JIMMY FALLON
“There was an 11-hour power outage at the airport in Atlanta yesterday, and people were stranded on the tarmac for six hours. Don’t worry, though, flight attendants came through every hour with a thimble-sized cup of room-temperature water.” — JIMMY FALLON
“Donald Trump Jr. shared a picture on Instagram this weekend of him and Senator Ted Cruz holding a cookie with President Obama’s face on it. Still not as disturbing as a body with Ted Cruz’s face on it.” — SETH MEYERS

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