Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Week that Was

I took Veterans Day off on Friday.  Not going into a Nashville Public School is like going into a war zone so I was relieved to have time to just putter around my house. I actually did not watch the news, even listen to music, I just had silence while I did my household chores.  When I finally rejoined the day I went to have coffee and my favorite Barista Parlor and saw my favorite Baristas.  Then I sat down opened my New York Times and the front page was one disaster after another.  Of course the Louie C.K. allegations were just that at that point.  I had already heard plenty and it had been a blind item on the late Gawker that it was no secret unless you were blind and did not have to see Louie C.K dick. But event that did not spare you, apparently just being a disembodied voice on the other end of the phone line was sufficient for the dick to pull his out and have at it.

What I found of course repugnant was that the first two women to regale their horror story were silenced by his manager, not in a Weinstein way with the Masad coming after you, just the impression that work might dry up like your vagina in few years if you keep up with this kind of talk.  The manager, Dave Becky, claims no but whatever he has huge client roster to keep.  The Guardian discusses the first time the famous and now infamous were asked about C.K.  I hope Anziz Ansari, Amy Poehler think about that.  Of course Jon Stewart was a strong supporter of this douche and it explains why Steven Colbert made a light passing remark about it on his show as it is produced by Jon Stewart, a man whose own past is not something to be easily dismissed.  He too fucked a lot of women when he first hit the circuit and made it on to MTV but I hope that for his sake it was all of age and consensual.   I recall those early days as I was dating a comic who went on to write for some legendary shows and he shared stories that included those about Bill Maher who liked to have a professional woman perform fellatio before each taping of Politically Incorrect back on the ABC days.  I believe even Spy Magazine had the story and well given their take on The Donald they were prescient no doubt.   But I have no qualms with Stewart or Maher fucking their pants off as long as they were with women of age, compensated or at least respected and not coerced into it.  But let's get real I doubt it.  Obligations, booze, drugs and fame blur the lines of consent.

The irony was by the time I finished my latte and paper Louis C.K admitted it was true! I almost ran back for my calming Pumpkin Latte as that was the first time I ever thought he was interesting. Funny how I never thought he was funny, never understood his humor despite the media telling me he is a genius. But comedy is that personal, you love someone or don't.  Dane Cook, Carrot Top or Gallagher come to mind.

Which brings me to the women Louis C.K. endorse and produce said shows.  Tig Notaro has been vocal and her show stands on its own merits but the other silent voice is Pamela Adlon.  If you don't know her you know her voice as she is Bobby on King of the Hill.  She has a show on the F/X channel that has removed all of his shows on their roster but Ms. Adlon's show, Better Things remains on the schedule.   On its merits alone it is a horrific show of abuse and neglect.  From the daughters to the mother and the grandmother I have never seen anything like this with regards to the negativity and hostility exhibited towards women from women.  At least that makes it unique.   If you have not watched this angry show don't.  The last episode showed a daughter who is clearly facing sexual identity issues which the show never addresses, verbally tormenting and abusing her mother and in turn the mother pours a pitcher of water down the back of her daughter when she finally takes up courage to talk to a boy.  I found the last part odd, the boy, the water was standard in this garbage show.  

***ETA** since I posted this I opened up the NYT and found that Ms. Adlon had penned an essay about Tampons and her own precarious nature with regards to this and feminine hygiene and its connection to her own Mother and in turn her daughters.  It only validated what I have thought that she believes her Mother was abusive and unkind, this pattern is replicated with her own daughters and in turn she excuses as it eccentricity and comedy that she has somehow transcended this as a adult. I see.  My mother was not American did not believe in shaving legs or plucking eyebrows or in Tampons either, this is generational and very European. Times have changed, the end.  Get over it. If this is the most damage a Parent can do then Ms. Adlon had it easy, it appears from my watching Better Things her daughters do not.

Tig Notaro accused C.K. of producing these strong lead women shows to show he was a Feminist, again men cannot be feminist unless they change gender (I'll get to that in a minute) so no.  But I agree that is partially true.  From reading his insane apology it is clear that he has been doing this for years.   What is odd is that for all these men they never seem to have a friend or some type of interventions that begins "Hey Harvey/Louie/Kevin/Brent/insert any man's name here, you are being talked about and maybe need to stop doing it, you are not getting any younger and they are, you are committing a crime, maybe lay off the booze, get a hooker, I can hook you up with a community that fulfills fantasy's and in turn look even in Russia you can get hooked up, so hey what about it?"

Then you have done your part, you don't out them, gossip or slam down questions when asked. Then in turn ask for privacy while you process what apparently everyone in your community knew about but you? Really?  As Rosie O'Donnell said on Watch What Happens Live she said she knew about Kevin Spacey and young boys and clearly eluded to on Family Guy (Seth McFarland, the keeper of secrets) but she said she never thought it was underage and not consensual.  And in turn it is not her place to out him (and in Kevin's situation again not a secret about the gay) but to support victims. Well no it is not your place to "out" him but it is your place to confront them and ask about that and listen to them to make your own conclusions.  And in turn use those to decide if you will work with them or in turn if asked by friends or colleagues to share with them what you have done and know as your truth. But that latter part doesn't happen in the world of money, power, politics and entertainment.

As for Roy Moore. Really nothing about that crazy nut surprises me.  My favorite excuses or explanations have however been FASCINATING.   Okay, in Alabama age of consent is 16. So one nutter said had the girl been 16 vs 14 that would have been okay and that is why he left their underwear on and stopped it before it went to far.  Really so two years makes all the difference in maturity?  And leaving your underwear on?   Then we have the Mothers of these girls who were 17/18 who encouraged their daughters to date a 32 year old man.  Poverty much or just the South? Is there a difference?   Or my personal favorite was the whole Virgin Mary and Joseph analogy.  What part about Virgin is missing there?

So far we have for justifications: I was raised in the 70s, I am Catholic, I have a problem, the Women wanted it, I am Gay, I am rich/successful/a raging pervert, it was legal and I was rich/powerful/famous/high/drunk/desperate and a raging predator!

Things this week I am done with: Stephen Colbert.  Pamela Adlon.  Kevin Spacey.  Jon Stewart. Aziz Ansari and Amy Poehler. Sorry but you need to say something.    And most of the comics on this Jon Stewart HBO upcoming telethon.  God who wants to watch that?   And Keith Urban. Well like comedy music is a personal thing.  But I live in Nashville and people love him. And I wrote about Vanilla Bean my new pending Country rap duo and perhaps Keith fills that role too.  Honestly this song is the most disturbing thing I have heard since this shit began.   I love the title - Female - are you fucking kidding me that too is another rip off of rap and common black vernacular.

This is one female who need to take time to process.  My mother used to say, "Don't go to jail doing the world a favor."    So just listen and enjoy or throw up.  I chose the latter.


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