Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hurricane Charlie

Yesterday I thought this cannot possibly get more salacious and disgusting.  First up the first victim of Roy Moore was interviewed on the Today show. Credible, believable and utterly contradicted the Moore-on's statement that he "Got the Mother's permission first" For what exactly?   Throwing down blankets in his home for a seduction of a 14 year old?  How does that go exactly?  

"May I escort your young daughter to my home where we will disrobe, not completely, but where I will introduce her to my manhood and I will touch her lady parts until she is fully ready to take my engorged penis and place it into any one of her lady parts willing to accept it as a member"  

I just threw up my coffee typing that.   I keep thinking of Anthony Weiner and at least it was all over the internet.. well not all of it but no one actually touched it but him. Sad that is now what I have as a level of comparison, well the bar is low there.

Then and I as read the synopsis in The Washington Post (which has been the best $99 bucks I ever spent) I trolled the comment section and read where a man confessed I believe to rape, then promptly excused himself by blaming women and their dress, proselytizing on morality  politics and of course still admitting to doing so without remorse. 

eric swenson

One has to feel sorry for Ms. Corfman and every other female in the world. This is not a Roy Moore story, it is a story of every man. Am I also guilty, of course. Our society is based on sex. Women seek male attention from a very early age, and as such, try to be "sexy." Why do women desire to be described as hot, sexy, etc. ? Why does every single "actress" have photos depicting themselves in seductive poses? Is is harassment when a woman dresses immodestly and flirts with any powerful man she comes into contact with? Do women use their bodies and looks to gain recognition and jobs? Why do most woman on TV news programs look like a Playboy Playmates? Did this harassment start in 2017? The Hollywood casting couch stereotype has existed from day one. So, does society understand that this overwhelming sexualization of everything triggers men's baser biological instincts? I am not condoning any man's crude actions, merely asking the questions. Every woman, every person, should be treated with dignity and respect, but the finger needs to pointed at the media for lowering our perceptions of what is ok. Do teenage girls go looking for older males to have relations with? Is Roy Moore guilty of trying to have sex with a teenager? Of course he did. Question: did Ms. Corfman tell him she was 14? Why did the Washington Post focus on only Roy Moore? Did the Washington Post beat the bushes looking for the sexual indiscretions of the younger Barrack Obama, or of every other Senate and House male? If they did, I imagine they would be able to find women who were sexually used by almost all of those men at some time in their lives. Al Franken? Should we be surprised that an ex-actor used his position to try and have sex with women? He is guilty, I am guilty, and all men are guilty, but so is society as a whole that have jettisoned morality and character for decades now. In the 1990's while President Clinton was repeatedly committing adultery he was given a pass by the media.

After throwing up that read I then read about Glenn Thrush one of my favorite writers at The New York Times and his history of getting women drunk and then fucking all over them.  Literally.   He is apparently now in rehab for which - drinking, sex or both?  Which of course will only fuel the histrionics about the media as Mr. Thrush was a take no prisoner writer when it came to Politics and to either candidate but his takes on Trump were read-worthy.

So then the debate on which other media icon  or at least one whom I respected would fall prey.  Well that did not take long as we had Charlie Rose up next.  I love CBS This Morning, never watched Charlie Rose show and never felt compelled to nor even when he was on 60 Minutes, there was something off about him.  I think pretentious was what came to mind not predator yet both are P words, and then I found another P word and  got pissed off.  The funny thing was I found myself getting angry at the women at some point as these were women who from what I could tell were educated and articulate or why pursue a job in journalism.   But what I found odd is that the seemed unaware that invitations to live in a man's home, access to cash, his car and be with him ostensibly 24/7 for a six figure salary was in fact not actually normal in most personal assistant gigs?  But again I know little of this industry and what is expected.  Fucking I would assume would be clearly spelled out or at least inferred like Hefner's bunny wives.   And while I believe the women, at one point what job is worth this?   If you have that pedigree that got you the gig you should be able to find one elsewhere without said perks or whatever those were.   If you are telling family, loved ones and cohorts at some point why did not someone say either "quit" or "call a Lawyer/Police"   This is in the 90s, post Anita Hill, Cell phone carrying, post Bill Clinton not having sex with that woman times.  This is  not Mad Men. 

What is more distressing is that a cavalcade of applicants who would love the gig, some of them Black, Hispanic, Older entering a new career, Plus sizes,  Gay, Male seem to be non-existent.   There seems to be a lack of diversity which again any of those who worked with Rose could have urged him to dabble in a new palette to offset what clearly was a problem. At some point someone would have to reasonably justify any of this going on for years and years without repercussion?  It took this long? 

And that is when I realized Whoopi Goldberg was right on Watch What Happens Live where she said it will stop when Women become educated and informed as to what to do to stop this.  I am finally starting to agree.  I tried to remember my 20's some 30 years ago and it was truly a reformative time yet one of utter ignorance with regards to this issue.  Today I cannot say the same.  I have spent the last few months trying to see my place in the world and why bad things happen to any people and I have no more answers than I did when my own miasma of pain began in 2012.   No one believed me then, no one would now despite all of these stories that have come out.  And why? Because of the very questions I have raised.

Now we can say Hollywood might be the exception to the rule and that Weinstein, et al could run amok unabated because the system is set up that way.  It does not make it any less horrid but one gets the impression that it is pretty much a barter system where sex is one of the many instruments and tools one uses to barter.  It has always traded in that and it will not stop until it does. Good luck with that.

As for Politics, again strange bedfellows but this group defines hypocrisy and bullshit when it comes to sex on a stick.   I love the Ohio State Legislator who uses Craigslist for more than selling used shit and instead  for having sex with boys .  All while running for office with statements  that were high on family values and low on homosexual ones. 

Then the restaurant trade high on men, drinking and reliant upon non documented workers who can be exploited in more ways than one.  Escoffier this!

Journalism and/or the media.    It is entertainment, higher or lower brow from the Times to the Post it was the first to devise eyes to page or what we know now as click bait and again the stories and history of great journalism has always been about trade for information and in turn pressure cooking environments lead to lots of ways to stress release. From drugs to sex they are all ways one uses and abuses.

The Tech sector. Nerd revenge.  The end. 

Education.  Young, intellectual power is very seductive and with an endless parade of eager young minds, the idea of exploring adulthood and all that it entails can make campuses a place for experimentation and introduction into all what the big bad world is.    I missed out on that and on that I am relieved.   As for public education K-12 well I have written on that as well.   It is just that low wages and even more horrific surroundings makes one libido lacking.

Sports.  Macho, testosterone, brain damage, three things that don't do well in everyday living.

Military.  See above.

Okay so we are down to the Medical Industrial Complex - you think Grey's Anatomy is made up?

Legal profession?  Well other than politics I think they are even too fucked up to bother plus they would worry that they would sue each other.

Religion. See Catholic Church.  Murder, sex and the Young Pope oh wait that was fiction or was it?

So what large comprehensive professional fields are left?  Fashion/Retail? One day you are in one day you are out!  Trucking? Well they are alone.  Airlines?  Oh lord I think Coffee Tea or Me seems provincial now.  Insurance. Well doubtful but they could come up with the data there and then write policies to protect for liability.  And there are many jobs and businesses that probably all at some point or another have had someone exploit, use, manipulate or do harm to their co-worker.  That is the reality of the world.  It is just that when you are not famous or your boss isn't no one gives a flying fuck.

I have no reason to disbelieve anyone with their claims but at some point you have to ask yourself what is truly distressing and wrong and illegal and just poor taste, stupid but not ultimately harmful.  Case in the point the woman who said Al Franken's hand was on her ass.  Again step away and demand him to remove it.  Your husband is there this is in a public place or get over it.  Or someone tells an offensive joke, don't laugh, don't report it just sit there and let your face do the talking.  If it happens again then say something. Christ people there are signs all over SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING is this not the same?

If someone offers you something too good to be true, if you are working at home and one of the residents over the age of 3 is walking around nude, don't be rude or abusive just ask them to put clothes on.  If someone is massaging you without your request, stop it and say "I am not a touchy feely person."  Inquiries about your sex life, say nothing.  Why people and more importantly women are so afraid to just say to no this shit then we are not going to ever expect change.  Men are not going to you so you must. And yes you may lose your job and in turn that is again where the legal issues are of import.  But again no one wants to believe anything bad will ever happen to you and you are special like everyone else.  No one should walk into any encounter, social or professional, and think I need an exit strategy.  And guess what, we do.

And it does make me look at Women differently. From Hillary Clinton to the women who worked for and with all the others who knew.  They can deny full culpability and knowledge of the more salacious details but when one is the focus of an Impeachment I am not sure you can plead ignorance and the horrid campaign that eviscerated Monika Lewinsky to the women of Weinstein, with Rose McGowan suddenly now fighting felony drug charges, you cannot deny that behind many of this are Women.   So my own queries and my own concerns are not without true validation that in fact even those in a position to change this and do something don't.

The Guardian did a profile of other women in the "industry" and job losses, losses of self esteem and other kickbacks led them to leave the professional field to which they aspired.  That only further validates this idea that men are in control and that women seem utterly helpless in which to circumvent, change or live through it.  What message is that?  Eleanor Roosevelt said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." 

After what happened to me and I said repeatedly, "Why would I lie?" People continued to believe that I was lying.. Again Jennifer Miller (former City of Seattle Attorney), Kevin Trombold and Ted Vosk, (the last two who I paid) did not believe me and  made sure that no one believed me, I can assure you that no one ever will regardless.  Right now is a sea tide but that tide will pull back eventually and then the shit it brought it will be left at the shore until the next tide.   Hurricanes track in a lot of waste.

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