Saturday, October 28, 2017

Southern Man

I have said that Donald Trump is the first Southern President.  Again we have had others but this is the new South and he is representative of this "new" South - white, angry, stupid.

We have had the last few days Senators calling out the Il Douchebag in Chief for being an idiot.  We can debate if he is a fucking idiot but we can agree he is definitely an idiot.  And what I love is that it is a Senator from Tennessee, Corker, doing most of the shouting. While another, Graham, suddenly besties with this idiot.  This defines the South, the lying and the liar and all of them dancing to their own tune of self preservation.  The South shall rise again!

One of the many accusations and that in fact is a fact is the push for Nativism and subsequent isolation of America from the rest of the world.   The deal maker has a deal for anyone not white, not rich and not stupid - FUCK OFF.

When I moved to Nashville I had hope and no preconceived notions other than I knew it would be "different" but I had no idea how different that would be.  From the over 50% of residents being Evangelical to the level of poverty that borders every corner in the City-Town I was in for a rude awakening. And by rude I mean the people they are incredibly rude when they don't wash their phoniness in Sweet Tea.  I have quit even being polite unless I simply feel like it.

Again I mark most of my experiences through my job in the schools and the reality of what I experience and feel there is bleak and the few days I do come out with hope I realize they are few and farther in between with each day.

The other day I was at an elementary school and the gig once again was not the one I signed up for but in a way it all worked out in a very backhanded way, much like compliments her in the South.  The Teacher has been "out" for many days off and on throughout the year, (which began in August btw) however, this was warranted as she had been head butted by a student the day before and took a day off to recover. The other Teachers were already disgusted and angry about this particular Teacher, the school, the district and their jobs and this of course trickles down to the Students who in turn pick up on this and may explain why one of them felt compelled to physically assault her.  He was not her Student but one whom was in some encounter or situation that enabled this to occur, again truth and facts are often obfuscated here.  But I found the kids delightful and one young student was so in charge and confident I could not believe she was a third grader.   This is a school of largely Immigrant families and their language issues are one thing and the poverty another.   But they were truly children I believed in and anyone who feels different needs to open their hearts and minds.  They were being fitted for coats that day as part of the PTSA and a local charity drive as many schools here have pantry's and clothing closets to serve the families in need and they were so cute I felt as if I stepped into another city.  What would make their assimilation into our communities is fairly simple - English.  What they don't have are ways to elevate families by offering them English classes as well, job placement and housing assistance. Gee ya think that would help in stabilizing a situation of a family at risk regardless of their "status." 

Schools have more secondary workers from Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists  and others whose job is to assist the schools to enable their students to succeed, yet there is no way they can serve that many students with that many needs.  It is a caseload of impossible as it is not just the child they are working with it should be the family.  Any efforts to improve a Child should be in partnership with the family and without it is all for nought.  So all of my feelings about my new adopted city is colored from this and it is something that I cannot ignore despite my desire to do so.

After school in this incredibly diverse neighborhood I went to Plaza Marachi and had a Cafe Cubano and picked up amazing Greek food all under one roof. I had a great conversation with a Nashville native and while we did not agree on much politically we were in the same place about the growth of Nashville and how stupidly planned it is.  Little makes sense and it reflects the chaos and catch up that has been neglected for decades.   The transportation plan is one and when I am agreeing with a critic of it that says something as I am very pro transit but it resembles Seattle's down to the creation of a tunnel under the city that I am shocked that they thought this was what Nashville needed. No it needs Sidewalks, Crosswalks, Bike Lanes and better traffic light management, enforcement of driving laws and in turn education of those to what public transport can be and should be to serve not just Davidson County but the ones adjacent that commute in and out on a daily basis.

During my discussion the Gentleman said that I would end up staying here as few he has met has ever had a bad thing to stay about the city and the area.  I did not correct, amend or offer any contradiction as I did not want to end what had been one of my few positive interactions with a stranger that I have had since moving here, so I kept my mouth shut.  I am determined to be out of here in the next 18 months.  That puts me at the three year mark and I can make just that without losing my mind.

So when I watched the daily crime/weather/traffic report they had a story about Nashville symbols being iconic in the world.  OMG this is almost sad the constant chest thumping and bragging that dominates the bullshit 100 people a day moving here.  Again that is impossible but hey math is not a strong suit here.

So I actually pulled up a blog by a local moron and she truly defines moron. I have read idiocy and this was my favorite among many posts about how great Nashville is in compared to the rest of the world. And this defines the Nashville way with regards to public transport.

As I mentioned above, my sister lives in Manhattan.  I absolutely love it there, everything about it, other than the fact everywhere you go is literally a production. It took her an hour and a half by car yesterday to travel .7 miles , POINT SEVEN MILES!! You've gotta be kidding me!  I know the Nashville traffic is bad, but at least we all mostly have cars that we can drive to get around, and hey, if not, there's always Uber!
I had to get to the airport one time while visiting her and was forced to ride the Subway alone.  I'm gonna let you guys know right off the bat, that didn't end so well.  It ended in tears.  If you have never ridden on a subway before, I feel like it's something everyone needs to experience at least once in your lifetime.  Just make sure when you do you have about 2 extra hours to spare.  Maybe it's just my horrible sense of direction that got me in the position of being terrified of them, but either way there's no turning back.  I would spend 20x the price to never have to ride one again.  We are so lucky that if we need to run to the store to get something, we can get in out cars & do that!  We don't have to pay $1000 a month for a parking spot.  I'm so thankful I don't live somewhere where getting around is that much of an ordeal. 

Or this insight on California

In other news,  I was flying out to California about a month ago for work, deep in thought, as I watched all the scenery we passed from above.  To be completely honest the boring, non colorful scenery pretty much sucked.  I thought to myself how strange it was to me that there was NO grass for as far as my eye could see..  I had never thought about something as simple as caring about grass, but it was the lack of that made me realize that I loved having it.  Then, I began to think of all the things I would really miss, if I ever moved away from the amazing city of Nashville! I have been spending a lot of time lately with several of my friends who have moved away from here and they all definitely agree with this list that will remind you just how amazing Nashville and surrounding areas are!

By the way she also said this:

I'm allergic to it (Grass), it  makes me itch, but I gotta say I would be sad without it.  I can't imagine living in a place that didn't have grass, trees and plants everywhere.  I love walking through the grass on a hot summer day.  I even love the smell of freshly cut grass.  I would take green earth over the dirt and a desert, any old day.  I love gardens and fresh produce, and seeing cows and horses graze.  When my sweet little niece comes to visit from New York I always take her to see the horses at the end of my parents street.  She is amazed by it because she doesn't get to see that back home in Manhattan.

There are so many things wrong with this, the arrogance, the idiocy, the need to contradict herself without any details or facts to support said beliefs.  Sound familiar?

Today we are having a White Supramacist rally in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville and the towns are having prayer vigils by standing in the city square to pray the evil away.  But here in the buckle of the belt of Jesus this is the solution to the problem - Prayer.  Fuck that Jesus. Tell that to the innocent people sitting in a Church,  a Mosque or a Synagogue that have been victims of shootings or bombings for being of color or of another faith.

I am exhausted dealing with the query about what Church I belong as I belong to the faith of Humanism and my faith has been challenged of late.  But the concept of Southernism is something that I truly see in our White House, by the supposed Ivy League, smart, deal maker, confabulates, exaggerator, racist who calls himself President as I surely don't.  

In all my years I have been in opposition to many as I am a contrarian by nature.  But that said I am also a well read and well informed one.  I make my decisions based on my values as a humanist I do not need a pulpit to provide them; however, I have found many a Church sermon in my day spiritual enlightening but not anything necessary to change my mind or values.  Bad things happen to good people and despite it all my Parents instilled in me a sense of self and place in this world.  I cannot say they did so directly or in fact indirectly by having an open door philosophy in our home which enabled me to meet many kinds of people and in turn learn about them and their values.  And through that I absorbed many perspectives that had I not I might be like the moron in the posts I quoted.

I have never read or experienced quite the bizarre nativism that exists in the South. They live, breathe and die the South.  Trump exudes that same sense of entitlement and arrogance that truly makes him the first Southern President in the 21st Century.  Bill Clinton was less of a bubba.  And Jimmy Carter not even a contender.

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