Thursday, October 26, 2017

Me the What the Fuckever

Another day another story of another white man in a position of power assaulting and tormenting women in pursuit of sex.

So at this point Bill Cosby is pretty much going "See I told you black men are prosecuted unfairly" then he promptly got together with OJ to ask children the damnest things.

But the point is clear.  Of all the men who have committed crimes Bill Cosby is awaiting trial and OJ is on parole for a crime of robbery, not murder of which he was acquitted and in turn informed said Parole Board that he had led a largely conflict free life.  Ah revisionist history is the tale of almost all Convicts when they are famous.  Anthony Weiner will soon find this out.

So I wanted to inventory the men who have found themselves being accused and/or apologizing and/or losing their jobs since women decided to come forward and share their story of abuse and harassment.  Some were raped and some did comply with the sexual demands after being fed booze, being bullied or feeling simply coerced into sex to get or keep work.  That is one job no one should do.

First up the King of Perverts:  Harvey Weinstein at last count we have 40.  Right now he is rehab and I am sure that the AA policy that you contact all those you have hurt will hit triple digits and he will need a spread sheet. Pun intended

Next up the Pick up Artist:  James Toback we have 200.  This is the man who used FedEx copy centers as his personal single bar.  I can barely get help there but hey!

Fuck it.. CNN did a tally its here.  But honestly the George H.W. Bush story is sad and not about Bush but about that woman who simply did not slap the elderly sick man's hand away and move on. I hardly think her story is anywhere near the level of Toback/Weinstein/

But there are some that CNN overlooked.

We have Casey Affleck who has one more that the big brother - 2

We have two more from the Art and Literary World

Knight Landesman (no he was not on Game of Thrones) publisher of Artforum magazine - 9 women.

Leon Wieseltier, a prominent editor at The New Republic for three decades who was preparing to unveil a new magazine next week, apologized on Tuesday for “offenses against some of my colleagues in the past” after several women accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate advances.

Bill O'Reilly - well he is just walking harassment.  But we know there were at least 4 settlements at Fox when he was there.

So what or who will be the new target of allegations of harming women. Oh wait what about men you ask. Well yes we have one, Kevin Sorbo.  Who the fuck is Kevin Sorbo you ask? Well let me tell you I didn't recall him either and then I did.

Mr. Sorbo was someone in the 80s. And claims he was harassed by the dead designer, Gianni Versace.   So accusing a dead man who cannot explain this is up there with the hysteria over Poppy Bush.  But hey he was telling another fuckwit who has no career, Adam Corolla, so that may explain that.    But if anything it should driver viewers to American Horror Story the Versace Murder coming to Fox soon!

And this story about Col. Christopher de los Santos who killed himself after accusations destroyed his career has led to his heirs to sue UC Davis.  Okay then

But there are other Universities with similar stories. Funny they don't get front page coverage but they exist.

There is this one out of Rochester, New York.  Or this one from San Jose State Or this one from Boston University.   How about Columbia University, classier.  And yes even the heartland of Ohio

I could Google this shit all day and what does it prove? Well that men in positions of power and/or authority love to fuck people or fuck them over or try to fuck them. It is all about fucking whatever, whoever, whenever.  I get it. I really do.

So do people care? No unless they do then they care.  But nothing will change and this is the new scandal du jour.  Ladies get those pussy hats and hit the streets or not.  Whatever.

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