Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Eulogy for an Idiot

I said yesterday, "This is already becoming a long week and it is only Tuesday!" then I promptly drowned my sorrows in a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the beverage choice of white women this time of year.  (Well Martha Stewart called it basic and she is the Queen of White Women but then again Monarchy's are overrated)

Since moving to Nashville I have spent the better part of the last 18 months resigned that this is one fucked up place and then as I watched the world and the rest of America implode I did find it comfort to realize I am not alone but the world is a lonely place right now.   As I write this it is 2 A.M.  and another sleepless night listening to the radio discuss the day's events as viewed through the prism of those not American and they find it our Country pretty much fucked as that caption says it all.  We are a reflection of the Chief Asshole in Charge.  And sadly the thought of Impeaching him and having Mike Pence as President is cold comfort in a world of climate change.

I am amazed at the stupidity of those around me and that too is a factor that puts me in sheer exhaustion when dealing with children as I have hard time distinguishing them from those in a position of power.  As is from them, the ones in charge of influencing and changing lives, I can see what the children are to become and it is bleak and frankly terrifying.

I was in a High School yesterday and got there early even before anyone in the office showed up. When someone did I signed in and went to one office and peaked in no one there, then went to another which was the wrong office but managed to get the rosters and hear a lecture on how to run a classroom which was fine and then in turn went to a third office to get let in said room.   This all took about 20 minutes or longer so had I actually arrived at my call time I would have been late.  Well surprise I came home after being in the building all day to a message on my office phone asking where I was.  Try down the hall.  I had a parade of people in and out of the room all morning including kids as the Teacher was taking his 2nd period on a Field Trip.  So when I go there there was no lesson plans, nothing; So I waited in the class with the hope someone would track me down to let me know what was happening because at 7 am the start of the day I had nothing not even kids.  Which was great as I used the time to go to the bathroom, tidy the room and just wait.  Finally he arrived and we talked figured out a plan and he went to confirm transport, chaperones etc.  Kids came with permission slips and I took them, used the attendance roster to reconcile the slips and give slips to kids to basically forge a parents name (but hey they were Seniors so I had zero problem with that) and get it back to me before they left and I would keep/watch those staying behind and sub for the other classes that were not going. 

At any time if they needed me to cover a class the thing to do was call the classroom and if I did not answer that either, since I had clearly not returned the phone call to my home (or cell which if I was actually working would be turned off) was to page me over the intercom or send someone into the room to see if I was alive.  NONE of that happened.  Well Teachers did but they were not looking for me but they saw me there so again did they look on the sign in sheet when I checked in? No.  What it was was that I did not come to them and be sent on the run around through the building to cover for those gigs unfilled.   Hey here is a plan rather than have people run a building the size of a mall, put a sign on the door and direct kids to those classrooms where the Teachers or Subs are and have them go to them.  The kids should be the ones moving not the Adults as it is impossible to move through these places easily.  Just lock the door and sign on it directing kids where to go.  Fuck the tardy's and just record anyone absent who gets lost in the transition.   At one school they direct all the kids to the Theater and the Teachers just go there to cover them for a study period.  Again just send them to the unused classrooms each period it is easier.  But no.

I cancelled all my future gigs at that school and will wait a few weeks before returning as they have the memory of sieves and this will be pushed aside as another day another crisis solved.  They love crisis here it is there directive as this city wants desperately to have some type of mass shooting or event that can prove how good they are as people, first responders as victims.  Christianity or Victimhood I cannot tell the difference.

So by the time I navigated Nashville traffic (I have a car rental)  and made it home later so I missed the evening news.  I did not miss the local news as the local crime/traffic/weather report is boring as shit but I did hear that Nashville's shootings are up 300 this year to 900  from 600 hundred last year.  These include fatalities to damage by guns to property and people.  Yes it is safe here if you mean safe from sanity yes.

But I checked online news and saw Jeff Flake retiring.  This follows our  Senator Corker who has now rescinded his support for Trump which did not surprise me as Southerners are liars and now that he is out he can say what is the truth without recourse.  Yes Corker just figured out that Trump is a fucking idiot!   Told you they are slow here.   Marsha Blackburn is still a Trump lover so don't worry he still carries most of the Old Hickory State.  Populism, yea yea!

Donald Trump is our truly first Southern President the same way Clinton was our first Black President.  I used to love that one.   Funny Jimmy Carter a true deep Southerner was a lousy President but an amazing ex President in the same way Corker is now a lame Duck Senator who can pretty much talk smack and do nothing about it however.   No moves to Impeach or even help those amass a case to stop Trump, nope.  Flake writes a book, goes on a book tour has a high profile fundraiser starring Condolezza Rice only last week to suddenly come out and go, never mind!  Flake is living up to that name.

Which then brings me to another Southerner, John Besh.  If you don't watch Top Chef or care about this you would not know him.  But trust me he was the shit.  Now he is a fucking idiot.  Another predator and business owner who enabled and allowed a culture of harassment and abuse to dominate his business.  He had partners and employees who turned a blind eye or a grabby hand to partake of the abuse of women.   Love that he was an Ex Marine and saved NOLA post Katrina, built an empire but now is stepping down to find God and Family. Should have thought about that when he started fucking the staff.

Just like Harvey had his enablers including his brother, Bob, who it appears now also had a problem that enabled this to go on for years.  They need the short crotch zipper that keeps the penis in the pants as Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm discovered.  Funny Leon taught him the technique on how to get that sucker out (yes pun intended) easier.   This is one lesson few in Hollywood need, clearly!

During my pumpkin latte I had a chance to talk to one of the sweetest Barista's there and she shared with me some history.  She has lost close to 100 pounds and is reconciling her anger about why she put on the weight.  Well her Stepfather began raping her at 13.  He is out of her family's life for the last three years and she wanted to rid him off her skin so she has been working on this alone and she looks great.  She has never told her Mother nor had a discussion with her younger sisters about this abuse and her own emotional fragility but she needs to.   I get it, #MeToo and all that.  So as we cried and laughed and tried to understand the hysteria that is now suddenly about a situation that women have been facing for decades it becomes impossible to swim upstream now for all the shit floating down.  I am sick of it.  I am truly sick of the stories.  I grew up in a time where the phrase/term "Sexual Harassment" did not even exist.  The concept yes, the legal concept no until Anita Hill.  Ah Joe Biden look to his role on that one.

I love that in Nashville where there is a huge Country Music industry and I am sure awash with similar stories the best our local rag, The Tennessean,  found was some D list actress that was raped by a stranger in 1989.  I almost shit myself with #WHOCARES.   The story was again so Southern that I had a hard time believing it.  She was 19 getting gas at a Station when a Man asked her for jumper cables and she had them! Then she gets in her car to take him to his car where along the way he threatens her with a knife and she drives him and her to an alley two blocks from her home where he rapes her.  Takes her checkbook and threatens her and she runs into the street to get help. Then she finds out he has gone to her workplace to find her and the Cops have no fingerprints to find him off the car but her checkbook is suddenly found and they get them off that. And it appears he has a record and they find him and the case goes to trial where he threatens to kill her and then is sentenced for 300 years (aka life).   She of course has always had Jesus as good victims/martyrs do and gets on with her life for 20 years until the stories about Hollywood start and they  PTSD her and she recounts this for the Tennessean.  Really this is the best you can do here? 

Read all what I just wrote and find the holes there that would make a great cheese sauce prepared by John Besh!   Seriously I am never eating out after reading those stories it makes Kitchen Confidential seem blase in comparison.  But those hands have touched your food!  Secret Sauce anyone?  The irony that Anthony Bourdain was calling this asshole out on Twitter was not lost on me. He has a history of his own that while well documented doesn't make it any less sinister.

Every day is another story about another Fucking Idiot who in a sense of power, entitlement or just boredom the need to sexually abuse and harass women.  James Toback who looks like a Weinstein only if possible uglier, used to lurk in FedEx's to find his prey.  Okay I am there quite a bit and I am still trying to figure out how that would work.  "Hey nice copy there and are you single?"  I clearly need to step up my game. Right now his numbers are making Bill Cosby go, "Wow I could have done it without slipping them a mickey?" 

This weekend we have a White Racist rally in a town just 60 miles south of Nashville and I say Halloween is a great time for this kind of thing because after bashing heads just head up to Broadway and hit some honky tonks. Nothing says racial supremacy more than bad beer and country music!

I am surrounded by stupid and we are importing more and Nashville seems so proud of their bullshit stats that I still cannot substantiate that 100 people a day are moving here.  Does that include the Students at the Colleges who are here for four years and other transients that may be here for Military or other job related transfers?  Seriously who is moving here? If they were educated professionals then we would see less violence, have more discussions that are based in sound logic and facts and in turn decent sane people elected into office?  Do you honestly believe they will find an educated, informed logical individual to replace Corker? No. Have you met Mae Beavers? She defines FUCKING IDIOT. 

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