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Government is too powerful

How many of you have heard that statement?  When I heard it recently I asked for specifics or an example of how the Government has encroached on one's personal rights or entitlements.   I was not given any actual legitimate expected response such as - the NSA, the ability of Police and Law enforcement to access phone and computers, warantless searches,  civil asset forfeiture, voting rights and suppression - none what an educated and informed individual and largely liberal individual would refer. No, I got the whole taking tax monies to fund welfare allow immigrants in.  In other words racist shit.

This goes back to of course all things in America that are a point of reference - the Civil War.  It has never ended and never will.  The other is Religion and this country may have been founded on the idea of separation of Church and State but that is a twain that has never been divided.  And today the anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials is an irony that cannot be overlooked.

And then we have FDR and the rise of the Democratic party during both an economic depression and also a war.   How anyone liberal could do such a thing has been an issue that the Republicans cannot fathom in the same way Democrats cannot fathom Lincoln was in charge during the Civil War in apparently the same incredulity when Trump just found out that Lincoln was, yes, a Republican.Yes and he was against Slavery! What?  And a Christian!  What?

Other Government programs such as the gray area of Social Security, Medicare but not Medicaid, and the Military are encroachments into massively run governmental programs.   Those are, of course not debatable,dependant upon one's age,  but largely seen as programs  called "entitlements" which again are  Government run programs that have extensive tentacles into the community and have been rife with corruption and exploitation by the private sector. But hey who cares as long as I got mine, right?  Being in the Military enables one to be ostensibly on the Government payroll for life but that is in Service to the Country the way Teaching is not however.  Guns I guess are the distinction. Public Library's, Transit, Schools are of course not thought of as Government entities but they are but they are local not national and that distinguishes the debate.  All politics are local. Well until they aren't such as when the Supreme Court or Congress interferes with said local politics. Brown vs the Board of Education anyone?   In other words racist shit. 

I am reading The People Are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore, A Story of American Rage, by Jared Yates Sexton. I saw his book at the Southern Festival of Books, picked up a copy and attended his talk on the last day of the festival and the book is about Trump but not solely about Trump.  But all things lead to Trump and the rage that inspired his own campaign strategy that is one step removed from The Southern Strategy and a throw back to commie baiting of the 50s from Trump's buddy Ray Cohn  Trump surrounds himself with paranoid sycophants who profess loyalty but what they have is a sick co-dependence that you see in dysfunctional families.  Think of all the times workplaces call themselves like a family and you think why the fuck would you work with your family, work is where you get away from them.  But for some replicating that dynamic is essential for survival and coping.  Thanks I pass.  Oh wait I work in Education the most dysfunctional of them all. But that is why I do it  as it is easy to see the duplicates and dynamics of a family structure - aka Patriarchal - and in turn either ignore or work around them. I have managed to do as such until I moved here to Nashville and then the disease was too ingrained to ignore.  A disease filled to the brim with Christianity and racism, and there you see the two co-joined like twins Ben Carson cannot separate. 

But because I moved here I have a clearer understanding of the dynamics of what is happening right now across the country and the rage that permeates the landscape.  Race is a factor but money is the true issue.  There was little concern about equality and equity when white people had decent paying jobs and all the bells and whistles that accompany it.  As long as white people had the better house, car and school, all the equality you wanted was fine as long as it was not forced upon them. Then it was and for awhile the white people managed to circumvent it and then 2008 happened and suddenly white people found themselves like the people of color that lived on the other side of town. The ability to self segregate while pretending to embrace diversity and equality also parallels the election of the first black President, Barack Obama.  Even his name made those afraid even more so. Black people are fine if they are sports stars, singers or those in professions where weird names and politics have no place.  Funny they always had but you can pick and choose if you give a damn, a fist or a knee when it is your team winning.

Americans have always had an ability to turn a blind eye or live in hypocrisy or how else could you explain a slave owner in every distasteful sense of the word, Thomas Jefferson, writing: All Men are created equal. Well the word men right there was flag.

Then we have women and the issues of sexuality and that again is rearing an ugly head. When Gays were flamboyant hairdressers it was great, then AIDS came and they were dangerous.  Or we had the demands that Caityln Bruce use the ladies room when you loved him as an Olympian. It was all too much when your wages were stagnant, your house under repossession and your son hooked on Heroin.  Funny you did not see a problem when crack was the drug of choice then it meant round them up and put them in jail; however, the opioid crisis means that now we need to understand addiction.

And lastly jobs.  The belief that NAFTA, free trade, the global economy was taking jobs. That wanting clean air, clean water were a problem that explains why one is not working  is all part of the Government extending its reach.  Sure poor people, people largely of color they don't work hard enough to earn clean air and water as if the same pipes and sky are somehow different due to the color of your skin or where you live.  Government is not a problem until it is.

Government runs the Police and the Military and they are revered and war crimes or police malfeasance threatens the values that the status quo hold dear.  And yet the Government is too powerful.   Ah contradictions or oxymoron's.  I lead with morons as that is largely the issue and morons are notorious for contradicting themselves.  I should know I live in the South.

All things began and ended with the Civil War. And that war is longer than Afghanistan but shhh don't tell anyone.

Federal Government Is More Powerful Than State Government

John B. Judis is a senior editor of The New Republic and the author of the forthcoming "Genesis: Truman, American Jews and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict."

July 16, 2013
The New York Times
Any dispute about which is more powerful -- the federal government or the states -- was settled in 1789 when the Constitution granted the federal government the right to collect taxes, regulate interstate commerce, raise an army and adjudicate legal disputes between states. It’s not called the “Supreme Court” for nothing.
In 1789 the Constitution granted the federal government the right to collect taxes and raise an army. Since then its authority has trumped state politics.
States, or alliances of states, have attempted to nullify federal power, but the federal government has eventually prevailed, although in the case of Southern slavery, it took a four-year war for the federal government to do so. Beyond that, states have served as pockets of resistance or innovation, attempting to weaken federal laws, or to advance new legislation that the federal government is not yet ready to consider.

On the left, states during the Progressive Era introduced economic legislation that the New Deal later adopted for the nation. That led Louis Brandeis to dub them “laboratories of democracy.” Recently, states have pioneered universal health insurance and climate change regulation. On the right, Republican governors are currently attempting to reduce the scope of the Affordable Care Act and to impose restrictions on abortion that undermine the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.

The question about these efforts, like those from the left during the Progressive Era efforts, is whether they can be expanded nationally. That will depend on whether the opponents of the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade, or older New Deal reforms can elect a president and a majority in Congress that shares their point of view. Otherwise, like the state attempts to defy Brown v. Board of Education, these efforts will become the subject of still another “lost cause.”


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