Monday, October 9, 2017

Crime as Politics

I am exhausted of late reading and hearing about the shooting in Las Vegas, the hysteria over Rex Tillerson and did he call Trump a Moron or a FUCKING moron?  And lastly the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations.

I live in a State that I willingly moved to knowing it would be "different" but just to the level of difference I was clearly unprepared for and it was only made worse with the election of the FUCKING moron Trump.

Let's start with the pussy grabbing admission by Trump. That was and is a crime. Did he actually do it? Hard to know as he could have been theorizing about doing it, wanting to do it or actually did it.  It does not change the fact, however, that he openly discussed assaulting women. And while many members of the Grand Old Party ran to the microphone decrying this they did nothing about it.

Then we have the gun issue.  The GOP is the largest political benefactor of the NRA and that cannot be denied.  Mass shooting after mass shooting, shooting members of Congress, beloved Voodoo Presidents and yet nothing is ever done about guns or gun control. There are bandages and this new bullshit about bump stocks is one concession but I watched Wayne LaPierre on Face the Nation where he spewed his standard histrionics about mental health and good guys with guns not citing any facts that support said arguments where this is true.  Other than Cops which is the milita part of the 2nd Amendment technically,  as they are agents of the state and they are in a job to "protect and serve," so having guns is a part of that.  And no mention how they have used said guns to kill innocent citizens without regard or reason and few have ever been convicted criminally, so take to arms is that no the idea to protect one from said militia?  Oh wait the Black Panthers tried that well that worked out or not.  Guns are the problem but to our Government it is who is carrying the gun and the color of said hand that matters, the gun not so much.

Then we have Harvey Weinstein and his decades of sexual assaults and abuse that defy any sense of perspective.  Oh wait, Catholic Church, CHECK!  Bill Cosby, CHECK!

But what I found amusing that victimization and of course finger pointing is now the rage with this new/most recent/current allegation regarding a man and his dick we have dueling arguments surrounding Weinstein's support of Democratic/Liberal politics and Russ Douthat's column in the The New York Times yesterday and that with Jennifer Weiner's column on the history of right wing rapes, sexual assaults and other indiscretions.  And those were not the only ones, from the sanctimonious to the irate the op-ed pages were filled with demands and accusations from all sides of the table.  

When we are getting down to a chalkboard to check off which party and which member of said party has committed more sins/crimes/lies that involve women, children and men who were all victims of this individuals predatory bullshit nature.  I am unclear what is the point and what one is willing to accomplish in the name of the party.

And it continues with the two new cheerleaders of honest media and bi-partisanship, Mika and Joe of Morning Joe discussing the Weinstein debacle and Mika returning her book advance.  Funny those two pimped Harvey and Trump more than any of the Pimps on the HBO show The Deuce.  I note that when it comes to media, ignorance is a convenience until it is not.  And that hypocrisy is a part of politics. Is it discussed that from the right of the spectrum, such as the Kochs with their historical ties to Nazi's; yes the boys were raised by a former Nazi nanny? Or what in this case the Clinton's with their ties to Weinstein, serial harasser and how is that relevant to their agenda in a larger picture? Add Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin.   Is that relationship too parallel to the Clinton's or in fact is that why it was what it was.  Should we say that had Ms. Clinton became President,  Huma cannot work for her?    When do we draw a line about working or dealing with individuals and get so up into their asses that we know when they take a shit.   Or is that the point why they do work with Politicians, to hide their own history and personal issues?  These individuals spend millions of dollars supporting their political agenda or beliefs and they do so in part to hide facts, obscure truths and deny logical reasoning or they do so for the greater good and/or yes to support an agenda aligned with their own political beliefs. Go figure!  True their personal histories and lives are of no interest nor should be if one chooses to donate to a political party or individual or work with them because then how could Women, Minorities and other marginalized people do so with or for anyone unless those individuals are exact mirrors of themselves?  Its is one thing to work with them another to know of them and all that it comes with it.  How much do we really want to know?   Good luck with that.  And Politicians don't care as long as the check clears.  

So let's put this in perspective, Douthat ran amok that liberal politicians took money from Harvey Weinstein but does not express similar outrage when the GOP take millions from Gun lobbyists that have by body count alone done more damage than Weinstein could ever do.   So we now should just literally count the victims and see who wins!

My god we have lost our collective marbles and we are unable to simply see people as people and not members of a political tribe that deserve our attention or derision in some sort of guilt by association. And if there is any tribe mentality that is politics.  It is like being in a getaway car, you may only be the passenger but you are still guilty as an accomplice.  Or are we?  I am not sure anymore when it comes to politics as a voice of reason is missing regardless of party and those who I may think are you may think not and that is why we have the hive/tribe politics of late.  We have no room for dissension, debate and in turn compromise.

We have seen this with regards to the Hurricanes and how Trump responded to Texas and Florida good member of the Red nation versus Puerto Rico with a strong vocal woman as Mayor of San Juan calling him out from a place that while is an American territory is full of brown people to the utter obliviousness towards Virgin Island another territory full of brown people.  But there appears to be no vocal visible presence to demand the attention of the President to at least throw them some paper towels!

I have also commented about the Country Music scene and their response to the varying disasters that have struck, from hurricanes to mass shootings, you see the bias and in turn the attention levied to those that are deemed significant.  And that goes with the Football arguments that have resorted to further political stunts that do what exactly?  Don't agree, don't do it? Do agree? Support it and then let the games begin.  It is just the type of games that I am also unclear of.

I support anyone's right to protest and in turn disagree. I do so that the idea behind it has logic and reasoning and with clear purpose and intent to draw attention and teach others another perspective.  We have no ability to do that unless a check is attached.  Why do you think so many settlements are offered when someone speaks out as the last thing we need is anyone to learn anything and in turn improve a situation.  America where Lawyers are the only winners in the equation and politics is a crime in and of itself by allowing it to continue unabated.  But the check cleared!

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