Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer of Hell

And yes that could apply to the Trump Dynasty but it also comes after our Il Douchebag-in-Chief to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord.  For those of the Evangelical set who love to say God is punishing those who withdraw from the "right" thing (vague and usually about something that is an intrinsic fault of the individual and nothing extrinsic what.so.ever) I find that a coincidence.  Gee God doesn't want us to protect and preserve our planet?

We are at a dangerous road here not just in America but across the planet and we have a leader intent on suppressing information and denying facts. Oh yeah, I forgot fake news, fake science, alternative facts. 

In my old hometown of Seattle they have been fighting smoke from Canada.  If they are not trying to cross the border those Canadians they trying to kill us via air toxicity from the burning woods just across the Washington State border.  And in turn excessive heat that has run along the Pacific Northwest and including excessive heat in the Southwest causing air delays and health warnings as a result.  In turn this means massive use of air conditioning which affects the body's ability to handle heat  and in turn affects the environment which occurs from the use of electricity and the waste that results from the units. 

Then we have the Tornadoes in the Midwest with massive damage and in turn floods that follow such high winds.   And that goes for the flash floods in Texas and in New Orleans  that has not seen this much water damage since Katrina.  And yes and it can happen anywhere and we mean you New York New York.

Then lastly the sinkholes of Florida.  Well it will be the first State to likely be the most affected by Global Warming and in turn that means bye bye Mar-a-Lago.  

The last few weeks here in Nashville we had heat warnings and are now cooling down to below normal temps and rain warnings almost daily.  And I am not complaining as the heat index had us over 100 for almost 13 days and I recall my first Summer here last year and this one I can handle. 

Funny coming from a place of rain as normal to a place where rain is abnormal is an oddity that I suspect has more to do with the lack of infrastructure and the composition of terrain and how they never thought of waste water as two kinds as that would be thinking and stuff!! And this is the place that gave America a revolution with regards to water and power in the Tennessee Valley Authority.  Well different times, different President and all that.

Welcome to the Summer of Hell. The Devil is doing this clearly as God doesn't punish Americans for electing Donald Trump.

It’s Not Your Imagination.
Summers Are Getting Hotter.

JULY 28, 2017

Extraordinarily hot summers — the kind that were virtually unheard-of in the 1950s — have become commonplace.

This year’s scorching summer events, like heat waves rolling through southern Europe and temperatures nearing 130 degrees Fahrenheit in Pakistan, are part of this broader trend.

The chart above, based on data from James Hansen, a retired NASA climate scientist and professor at Columbia University, shows how summer temperatures have shifted toward more extreme heat over the past several decades.

To create the bell curves, Dr. Hansen and two colleagues compared actual summer temperatures for each decade since the 1980s to a fixed baseline average. During the base period, 1951 to 1980, about a third of local summer temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere were in what they called a “near average” or normal range. A third were considered cold; a third were hot.

Since then, summer temperatures have shifted drastically, the researchers found. Between 2005 and 2015, two-thirds of values were in the hot category, and nearly 15 percent were in a new category: extremely hot.

Practically, that means most summers are now either hot or extremely hot compared with the mid-20th century.

The big increase in summer temperatures under the dark red category of extreme heat is “right in line” with what scientists expect to see as the climate warms over all, said Todd Sanford, director of research at Climate Central, a nonprofit science and news organization.

For each time period above, the distribution of summer temperatures forms what is known as a bell curve because most measurements fall near the average, forming the bump – or bell – in the middle. More extreme temperatures, which happen less frequently, fall in the wings, with heat waves on the right and cold-snaps on the left.

As the curve’s average – the top of the peak – shifts rightward over time, more temperatures in more places end up in the hot and extremely hot categories and fewer end up in the cold category.

Dr. Hansen’s curves also flatten out, which some have suggested is an indication of greater temperature variability. But other climate scientists, including Zeke Hausfather, an energy systems analyst at the University of California, Berkeley, have pointed out that this effect is mainly a reflection that some parts of the world are warming faster than others. There is no evidence that temperatures are becoming more variable in most parts of the world after warming has been accounted for.

Dr. Hansen’s data “really highlight that changes in the average, while they may seem modest, have big implications for the extremes. And that’s what’s going to affect society and ecosystems,” Dr. Sanford said. The findings reveal what has happened so far, and also provide “a glimpse to what’s in our future.”

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