Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mother and Child

This is the woman who is the giver of birth to the maniac who drove his vehicle into a crowd in Charlottesville on Saturday killing Heather Heyer. Yesterday she was concerned and confused about her son. Today this is the same son that abused and threatened her to call 911 on two separate occasions. Funny how when the family is white on a safety check this one did not end up with someone dead. Well that certainly would have changed not one but two outcomes.

This is Heather Heyer's  Mother who herself appears to live in a Manufactured Home so no White Privilege there.

These two Mothers lives intersected as did their Children on Saturday and yet despite the similarities in income and race they are disparately different people under the umbrella of America.

You wonder why today such issues exist and why today in this time the supposed era of color blindness that led to the election and re-election of a man of color, he himself bi-racial and a child of one whom came from another country, where he met a woman in of all places the heart of America and in turn had a child who would become the ultimate goal for any Parent of any American child - President of the United States.

I am the product of said union.  My Grandfather on my Paternal Side came to America and married a woman who had a child and in turn My Mother came to this country and married that same child and had a child.   I am one of many similar unions and the product of many off springs that better or for worse are all part of the American Dream.

I grew up in a home that was during the 60's and 70's where both turmoil and upheaval marked the society and the change that resulted and yet the work was never done but it seemed possible and it seemed so tangible and real and then it wasn't.   I remember when the 80s came and the crash and burn that changed the landscape which had been crashing and burning but in a positive light for the last decade and now it was dark.  I don't recall anyone being blamed or anyone pointing fingers but gradually the drug wars began, it was at first just say no. Then it was AIDS and the issue of a disease that killed primarily Gays and Drug Addicts.  But it was a White child, named Ryan White of all things that made AIDS a disease of everyone and then it mattered.  All the Acting Up aside it took a white boy to die to make this disease relevant.

Then the 90s and blow jobs and lies and not lies and the Contract with America and the growth of the prison industry, the varying acronyms and expressions  - NAFTA, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Defense of Marriage Act and it all seemed to implode the same day two buildings and four planes crashed on a day in September that led to Freedom of Information Act that did nothing about making information free but instead changed that dial tone to the party line.  And somewhere along that journey we all started to have Stranger Danger and if we saw something say something and now we were all Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor who was never Bewitched but bothered and bewildered she was.

The Baby  Boomers began to die and in turn be blamed and with that came Gen X and in turn they gave way to the Millennials who were to be as addicted to their phones in the same way they were progressive, elite, privileged and above all of that which defined and divided us.  They were the now and we were the past.  Funny of late I am not sure I recall any of my Generation doing more than actually fighting in wars and taking to streets to bring positive change.  My Mother and her Peers marched to attain equal rights, civil rights, gay rights.  They had opposition and saw many get gunned down, beaten down and still they rose.

I ask you whoever you are what you are? Not who - what?   It seems for all that we have attained what we have become is something that I thought we fought for and in turn stop from ever happening again.   I am rarely wrong but this time I am quite sure I am right that we are fucked.

Since my relocation to Nashville, what is about city's that have "ville" at the end?  Yikes they are anything that said suffix connotes and as a result an "l" should be eliminated and thereby making it more appropriate. And I laughed when I read an absurd letter from the Superintendent of Schools who has lived here for a year, in the same year I arrived, sent a letter on how to discuss the issues with students. For a black man living in Nashville in the South he was clearly out of touch. And the irony is that few if any Students would bring this up and if so this is just another attempt to pretend you care. They don't or they would educate these children better. And that to me is the ultimate in oppression.

To think that the current generation is more "woke" or whatever term is au courant is absurd. Recent data shows otherwise. And in turn we have as much social, racial and more important economic isolation that furthers the concepts of "they" "them" and "those". It are those pronouns that elected the current Supremacist in Chief.

I watch the local news and it is crime stopper news and that is firmly down racial lines. They cover crimes in other cities and states to fuel paranoia and in turn suspicion on outsiders. And depending on whose outside your inside with that runs the gamut of Whites hating Blacks/Mexican/Gays/etc to Blacks hating Whites/Gays/Mexicans/Whoever. The idea is to divide and in turn segregate. By enabling people to remain in social and economic isolation it enables a better control of the 99%. For our numbers alone are larger but manipulating people to fear the "other" you enable them to do it themselves. Saves time and money. And it is always about money.

Then we have the idea that somehow we can transcend racism. We can? How? Never.Going.To.Happen. There is racism and division within even sub-groups that define on skin tone or family name, and this can include the idea that we can put any individual into a single classification put a hyphen after that and call them American, then you need to meet some "African" and "Asian" and "Hispanic" Americans. And the LGBT community has many issues that often are about race and in turn gender identity.

As "they" say - It's complicated.

Two Mothers that will never meet. Each have a story about their child and is anyone less important?

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