Sunday, July 9, 2017

Alone Again

As I work on recovering, from which I am not sure - the dental implants or the horrific experience I had at Vanderbilt responsible for my increasing anger and anxiety that resulted from the treatment in process versus the product.

Funny the process is as important as the outcome and the reality is that it is more telling as evidenced by the Trump appearance at the G20 this last week. It is clear he thinks he is an Actor and he is playing President, the actual duties. responsibilities and of course inferences that accompany this position are no more evident than in this photo.

I felt that way this Friday at Vanderbilt, ignored, maligned, patronized and utterly alone. It is one way to feel this in absence in the privacy of one's own home but it is another to be on public display. We have a problem in America and that represents it in ways that words cannot.

So as I catch up on the news I try to reconcile my own physical pain with that which surrounds me. I have chosen to isolate myself and try to find a balance that allows me to have healthy positive encounters that at least on some level sustain me emotionally or intellectually and here in Tennessee that has become a greater challenge than I could imagine. Thank heaven for good books and good shows.

For the must list I recommend Gypsy on Netflix, provocative and provoking a story about a Woman lost and her seeking herself through assumption, presumption and all in some belief in anonymity is one I understand. I came here to remake myself and it has not been an easy journey, nor should it but I am alone in my journey. In Gypsy you see what the repercussions are when you engage others in your quest and it does not make it easier in the least.

So on that I think I am alone now and that may be the best place to be. I cannot say the same for Donald Trump and sadly the rest of the world does not have our back they see it as I see that photo, our back to theirs. Does he have a spine that strong to fight the world?

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