Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Women Power?

The win of Karen Handel did little to break, crack or even smudge the glass ceiling nor do anything to improve the lot of Women, either in Congress or in the Country.  In fact I propose the opposite will be the result.

 I want to point out that it was the same district who gave us the biggest shit stain in America until Trump, Newt Gingrich. Ms. Handel is just the tip of the iceberg of how women really are here in the South.   If you are unfamiliar with her stint at the Susan G. Komen foundation here is a reminder of that little dust up.  It is the reason to this day I have nothing to do with that charity.  

But what this tells me is that in reality we are going to hid the next mid term elections with a real problem for those who define themselves as not Republican.  Funny there are much larger cohort that comprise this group than those who define themselves as not Democrat and therein lies the problem.  As there is one thing we have learned that regardless the color red is solid on the spectrum where blue has a myriad of shades.

I looked yesterday at the newspaper where they had the tech leaders lined up to finally hear Jared speak and I saw a sea of white man,  a Sikh,  three women and a third whom I questioned was any executive in the Tech industry. (She is the one in the very back and one who is not in the picture but is the green sleeve so you decide which)

Which brought me to the article about Arianna Huffington and her growing influence at Uber.  Funny then the next day that Bro-bag quit.  He still sits on the board as is the primary shareholder so how that affects the long term with regards to the culture of Uber is yet to be seen.  I cannot overlook how Arianna  built The Huffington Post, using bloggers and other unpaid writers to do little but opine and aggregate other actually researched journalism only to wisely build a brand and sell it for millions.  Hmm the parallels to the tech sector is not a coincidence.  

And it is with irony or is that an oxymoron that I link to this Gawker profile about Ms. Huffington (and this story as well) and their same journalist "style" that commented about her profile in the more well respected and established New Yorker Magazine.   One survived the other didn't which is more about the founders and their ability to play politics than their skill set at largely doing the same thing; the one skill set the tech set shares in abundance, the ability to simply rebrand that what already exists.

I suspect this will be the same with Uber vs Lyft and what comes next in this political fight.  Tech and politics are now well co joined and with Ms. Huffington and Eric Holder now part of the Silicon Valley and the pilgrimages to the White House, the changing the world mantra takes on a whole new meaning.

And then we have the problem of Kamala Harris and her skills at questioning those on the stand set the little Forrest Trump all a twitter leading her to be interrupted in a manner that was not extended to her colleagues despite their own bizarre line of inquiry that included references to James Bond and Jason Bourne.  Much has been made of that encounter and of course little will be done to change it as why what or who would it serve?

I want to point out that I lived in San Francisco when Ms. Harris was there and her rise to power to the then Lord of the Manor, Willie Brown, was well known as was his propensity for smart attractive women.   But she carved her own path and it is clear she has an understanding about the men who are the brokers to power in ways that Arianna Huffington can as well and the whole notion of Immigrant should not be lost as Ms. Harris is bi-racial and a child of an Immigrant and Ms. Huffington is as well yet I don't see the hate leveled at them as was in the case of Barack Obama, so at least that is one ceiling we have yet to break either!

So what am I inferring? Well again without a man women are nothing. As the local tribute to Nashville's Suffragette Ann Dudley says:  "Without their men folk these women would not have succeeded."  Okay then.  I want to point out that the statue stands in Centennial Park in the West End of town and one of our most historic and beautiful parks near Vanderbilt.  That the statute was created by a male artist is a fact not lost on me.

What is interesting is that  I happen to live across from Dudley Park, named after said woman, and it is in a now gentrifying hood that was once home to drug dealers and assorted other problems often associated with the same and in Nashville history and the past are not ones easily forgotten. Across the street from the same park is now a shelter for women in transition and I have never seen one whiff of trouble; I love sitting in my living room and watching soccer players and others play in this park almost daily.   There demonstrates that  something good can rise from which was not always the case.  I hold onto that belief that despite the reality that I am surrounded with that makes it seem less so.

The Women's March was in January and thousands demanded to be heard.  Funny I think no one is listening as it is only a matter of months before funding for Planned Parenthood stops and with it the care and support and education it offers women - not just abortions but tell that to the men who have never set foot in one but have no problem putting their dick into pussy, sans pink hat.

Which despite the fact that more Women are graduating from College it also concerns me that this means Women  possess most of the student loan debt in this country.   And that too is with the reality that women earn less on the dollar, are more likely to take a career derailment if they elect to marry and have children to regular men not billionaires and in turn what that means for the overall economic growth and establishing an equal uninterrupted voice in our Legislative bodies.  **And for the sexist idiots out there Women are not just getting degrees in the pink collar sector. This shows the disbursement of degrees and majors by gender.  And we have a President who has no intention of giving one flying fuck about the improvement of Women's lives despite the daughter whom he parades about - funny the son-in-law however has more titles than a Westminster Kennel Club dog has names.

So what is the point of this as I am frequently derided to with regards to my circuitous route to get to the point - without men funding and/or fucking us Women are nothing!  I think that is why I will go out of my way capitalizing "men" when I write as my form of protest.

And when anyone points to Women who are leaders I ask the million dollar question: Where did they get that million?  The only Woman I can truly point to that is "self-made" is Oprah.  She has never relied on a spouse or father or inherited wealth to create her dynasty.  Can you name another?  I only need two more to fill my rule of three theory.   When anyone cites some bizarre fact or supposition I ask them to cite three facts that support it.  Few can.  So again name 3 women other than Oprah who are truly self made and are in positions of significance in America.  Good luck.

**ETA** After I wrote this I read this about how our DNA prohibits us from securing well paying jobs.  To him I go BITCH PLEASE

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