Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Award Goes to..

I am excited about the Tony Awards and the host Kevin Spacey as he is a brilliant Actor but also an amazing mimic.    The nice thing is that we get an opportunity to experience the one legacy in America that stands great again and always.   And while I eschew awards in general I simply allow myself to bask in what to me is akin to Church.  The moment the house lights go down and the stage lights begin that minute right before the Actors take the stage, that silence and that anticipation is what I think many experience in a conventional Church only with bigger bullshit on their pulpit.

And the need to give awards is often a standard in schools which does more to mark popularity versus actual achievement or is something of import in life.  But then for some they never leave the playground as clearly that explains well all of this in the White House at the present.  As I write this I am awaiting the Comey Awards where the former FBI Chief bestows his monologue to Congress and the Kabuki Theater that will result.

When I read about this Teacher who awarded Students "Most Likely to be a Terrorist" my first image was an elderly angry White man who was a Trump Supporter and probably retiring and heading out the door.   I was wrong.  Not the first nor the last in this season of the sun.

Then I went to the British Tabloids as any Murdoch paper will be sure to get to the bottom of this and well surprise surprise surprise.    The school was not a public school but a Charter, you know those bastions of choice that mostly families of color choose as they believe the hype/bullshit/whatever that they are better schools than the public one down the street.  They subject themselves to fake lotteries, contract agreements and discipline that is akin to the Military while their Children are being taught canned Curriculum from Teachers without professional credentials or alternative ones that enable them to be called a Teacher.

What was then the next shocker was the Teacher, a former Dallas Cheerleader and Dancer was a young Black Woman.   Then I wasn't so shocked.  The Cheerleader part yes but the color of her skin no.  I have seen and personally experienced the most horrific discipline and attitude towards Children and especially toward those of color by Teachers of color.  And if I spoke and conducted myself in this manner I would be brought up on Hate Crime charges.  But there are many great books one can find at the library that discuss the issues regarding this subject, I suggest you check them out! (pun intended)

 I have witnessed Teachers demean Students in ways that blow my mind.  The manner in which they speak about them confirms that if they do that to my face they must do the same about me and others who cross their paths.   This is a "Southern Thing" without a doubt, Bless Their Hearts.  I like to point out  that in fact one recently was confronted about in an local school leading to her resignation. It is like another parallel universe only where the Hunger Games are real.  And that Teacher was white but this is Tennessee and I expect that but it is across color lines here and very very real and damaging.   This is what years of subjugation and poverty does, it creates resentment, suspicion and violence which for a city/town this size is significant.

But never say anything, nothing, anything, ever bad about Nashville. I read this Yelp review and I laughed as he spoke the truth and was ostracized and vilified only validating his beliefs.   I at times scratch my head as this week Nashville is packed with Bonaroo attendees, the Country Music Festival and the Stanley Cup games.   This is now the perfect representation of NashVegas without showgirls and gambling but this defines the city - drunk partiers.  This is the Nirvana to the residents as it is what generates income and work.   The reality is that the jobs here are all service related and this again is a lowly educated and right to work state so while praise about the Tourist attractions it is a completely different experience for residents here.      And this article in our local Scene explains how bad the situation is for those not feeling the boon.

Denial runs deep here in the red sea but it is a Southern thing as well.  It comes from the blood of the Civil War that they will apparently never get over.  So when I read the story and saw the kids in Texas I thought well I lived in Austin, Texas another it city and did not have quite the loathing I have for the residents here but I realized I am an intellectual snob, a bitch and I really need to live in New York or adjacent as I will never be happy anywhere else.

Funny that the local library system that I have repeatedly said is one of the best I have ever experienced won an award for it.  And this time I supported an award as it is true.   The library is my haven and my Church here so I have some retreat from this and it ironically will be the quietest place in town this week - literally. 

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