Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pity the Fool

I am not sure to whom this applies.  There are those involved in our current Government who seem to be utterly clueless, venal or simply corrupt or is it us for continuing to listen and argue over the insanity that dominates our Country.

Watching the testimony yesterday of Forrest Trump was akin to seeing a child or your Grandmother being interrogated by a motley crew of intense adults that are akin to scary Teachers, disgruntled Parental adults and curious onlookers who seemed to wander in and has a few questions of their own to add regardless of the validity or stupidity of them.  At one point I thought the Magic 8 ball would be hauled out to forecast the next response.

Then we have the daily histrionics from the current resident in the White House who is busy having meetings asking for testimony from those at the table which is redolent of a Church Revival or of a Dictator who is one step removed from having the lot of them taken to the back room to be either interrogated or shot as enemy's of the state.  

As for the Cheerleaders or whoever the varying crew employed to defend, explain, justify or excuse the crazy talk makes one wonder what they are getting in exchange for this? Loyalty? That seems to be the only currency of exchange that explains their relationship as would being on the payroll be either illegal or just another family member with numerous job titles and responsibilities who do it out of what?  Family loyalty.  Wow each day seems to be more of a family called Soprano and  less as in Ties,  as Michael J. Fox took off in the DeLorean to head back to the future to work with the Russians to change the election outcome.

And this week marked the year of the Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub with many who survived still attempting too.  This hideous crime marked as terrorism shows how little has changed with regards to gun control, mental health or anything with regards to whatever scurrilous accusations that somehow explain, justify or excuse that horrendous crime.

 It appears that anyone of a Muslim background can shout out Allah Akubar, open fire, drive a truck or set a bomb and that is a Terrorist who must be stopped.  Any of the tools or instruments in which to stop him, no.  But arresting a  young dumb girl who leaked little information and  who did nothing to bring danger to the United States must be stopped.  She along with the former FBI Director who had the audacity to document and pass on notes of a meeting that nothing classified was exchanged must be prosecuted toot suite.  We have our priorities in order.

We have had today another workplace shooting and there have been many of late,  the Portland transit stabbings, hate crimes and more Police shootings culminating today with  a shooting of a Republican Congressman in a public park by a man who was a Sanders supporter.  Funny how quickly the Congress and President responded to that incident while the other acts of violence  brought about by those who lean rightwards or thuggish behavior abroad are promptly scolded with about as much discipline and intent as one does to a Toddler taking an extra cookie.

Of course the posturing and Kabuki Theater normally reserved for the varying Senate investigations will now be done daily on the varying stations that have been busy covering the "fake" news that at one point led to some vague unconfirmed demand that Congress people will not be filmed nor interviewed in the halls any longer.  How scurrilous!  I suspect today that is now on hold as there will be more Jockeying than takes place at the Kentucky Derby in order to stand before the media and declare war on Sander's supporters and validate the talking point that the right is no more crazy or violent.  So there Liberals!!

**ETA since I wrote this the GOP talking points are as follows: Tone down the rhetoric - both parties but mostly liberals since the shooter was a Sander supporter (that was a given); the Media must also change their tone - less fake news; Social Media - irony as their leader is a Twitter troll.  And watching an interview with Rep Palmer from Alabama declare he wished he had his gun with him to help the Capitol Police take out the shooter brought a firm "WHAT?" from Charlie Rose was laughable.  Yes and for the record - Black Lives Matter - as two of the Capitol Police were of color and originally from Brazil and one was a woman. Another was I suspect Hispanic given his name, but  someone check their papers, please!   They risked their lives, with instruments inferior to the shooter who had military  grade weapons,  two were already injured  and  yet took down the shooter as they are trained to do.  Representative Palmer I am sure, however, is a great shot.

When Gabriel Gifford was nearly killed by a maniac wielding a gun who had no political agenda but a history of problems the demand for gun control was waved over. Today a man bearing military grade weapons came to a park and wreaked havoc on another Congressman.   He is not the first. Recall the man in Texas last year who did the same but was labeled a terrorist and why?  He was black?  Or that he was protesting Police aggression and that is not acceptable. But has anything changed with regards to gun control or to police response?

You cannot pick or choose why one case, one shooting gets the attention and others are simply brushed aside with the same disregard given to the dead as they are simply collateral damage in target range of a crazy person.  Really?  Is that why we are now having hysteria about a third rate Journalist giving prime time coverage to a lunatic who called Sandy Hook a hoax?   Yes, the dead tell no tales. Good thing.

I pity the fool who would watch anything with Megyn Kelly as I recall her salacious earlier gig on another network who does nothing but play for the fools.   A fool for a clown when no one is around is what I suspect the White House plays when all alone concocting Tweets to rile the base and in turn fuel the anger that rages the streets.   Seen the streets of Europe lately?  We are heading there ourselves.

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