Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pee on my leg, tell me its raining

The wind blows long in Kansas or is that Oklahoma? Well Toto the three wise men, Scarecrow, Lion and Woodsman have arrived and are clicking their heels together to rescue Dorothy.

Kansas ground zero in the long con - trickle down economics - has finally been debunked and dutifully questioned. Of course this means nothing to the rank and file in the White House who once again have hauled out that bullshit policy as the go to in this current Administration.   But as we are finding out many states swimming in the deep red sea and may if they don't actually improve infrastructure, talking to you Louisiana,  have finally realized that Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, Grover Norquist and other members of the Cabal called "Citizens for Growth" also known locally as the Chamber of Commerce, are coming to terms with austerity.   This is some of the same bullshit that led to BREXIT in England and in turn the realization that Theresa May was no Margaret Thatcher.

It took a decade but the curtain of Oz has been pulled back and the resistance is not just a bunch of hipsters but actual white people living in the heartland. When have you ever heard of a GOP led state house overriding a GOP Governor's veto? Never? Me either.  But don't worry kids you still have Iowa. 

But the rise of the moderate aka "Mitt Romney" Republican not "Newt Gingrich" Republican has returned. We shall not see this breed type at Westminster whoops I mean Washington for a few more years as the current crop are still trying to convince Americans that we can have Children, specifically Ben Sasse's children, work the fields instead of those horrific illegals.  And that they don't have the medical care needs so that whole Obamacare thing is not important and we need to remove any inheritance taxes as if the children live they will Inherit the Wind or whatever.

Brownback like the other religious kook in the mode of Mike Pence, whose own insanity as Governor led his Republican led statehouse override and change some of his more ludicrous ideas upon departing for the White House, is also facing blowback. He should change his name to that as it is more realistic. I am assuming that upon departing the Governor's mansion, probably a trailer as it would be wrong to live large when the residents of your state are living low, will enter the Priesthood and he and Mike Pence when he too leaves the Presidency can tour the country in a trailer baptizing and foot washing and recruiting new Missionaries for the love of Jesus. I visualize Elmer Gantry meeting Elmer Fudd style revival.

Kansas Rises Up Against the Trickle-Down Con Job


The Republican Legislature and much of Kansas has finally turned on Gov. Sam Brownback in his disastrous five-year experiment to prove the Republicans’ “trickle down” fantasy can work in real life — that huge tax cuts magically result in economic growth and more, not less, revenue. Kansas has painfully found otherwise: State revenues dwindled along with job growth. Budget deficits ballooned. Education funding plummeted, and the state suffered multiple credit downgrades as Mr. Brownback played the mad doctor of supply-side economics.

It took too long, but state lawmakers who once abetted the Brownback budgeting folly passed a two-year, $1.2 billion tax increase this week to begin repairing the damage. To make it stick, they overrode a veto by Mr. Brownback, who remains a blithe champion of the supply-side shell game, as do many other Republicans, despite the failure of what the governor called his “real-life experiment” and its calamitous impact on vital services.

President Trump’s federal tax proposals are rooted in the same supply-side nonsense. And Speaker Paul Ryan, the House’s supposed guru in the continuing budget fights, embraces the trickle-down mantra he practiced as an aide to Mr. Brownback when the governor was in the Senate.

Mr. Brownback rode the Tea Party wave to the governor’s office in 2010 and was re-elected in 2014. His tax cuts reduced rates and the number of brackets, and created special privileges for small businesses, much like President Trump’s dodgy proposals. The governor’s plan was so phantasmagorical that it envisioned a “march to zero” goal of eventually eliminating income taxes.

Voters were the first to call the governor’s bluff, ousting more than a dozen of his legislative supporters in last year’s elections as punishment for damaged school services, potholed highways and near recession. The state’s gross domestic product grew just 0.2 percent last year, compared with 1.6 percent nationally. State school aid slipped from $4,400 per pupil to $3,800 in the Brownback years, with the poorest districts suffering the worst, according to court findings that the State Constitution was being violated.

Supply-side economics have been shopped by Republican politicians since the Ronald Reagan administration. “My focus,” Mr. Brownback foolishly promised, “is to create a red-state model that allows the Republican ticket to say, ‘See, we’ve got a different way, and it works.’” Instead, the model imploded. Voters should beware of any political huckster, including President Trump, who tries to sell it. It will take years for Kansas to recover, but Mr. Brownback, far from apologetic, remains trickle-down’s Candide, noting how “heartened” he is by the Trump tax cut plan.

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