Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Dust Bitten

As the school year winds down another Nashville Teacher bids adieu.  I have no knowledge of this Teacher nor the school she worked at but I have never been more appalled at what I have experienced in the schools and have repeatedly said I am ashamed to be a part of this.

So when anyone asks me about the kids, again I say they are only a reflection of the adults in the room or the ones lacking.  Another one bites the dust as they say.

The story below  I suspect these  the ones we hear about.  But I was at the school today where the Teacher "quit" after the door slammed on a Student's hand and there was no media coverage on that and it was as bad as it always was.  I felt bad for myself, for the Teachers and the Students as they end the year as it began (it was the first school I subbed at) in sheer chaos.  It was sad, grim and pathetic.  I ran, literally, for the door when my time ended.  I will never set foot in that school again. I can't look at faces of children and think this is sane and rational and why I get the rage what inspired this woman to do this it once again says this is a city that turns you into someone you never thought you would be.  I get it. I really do.

Nashville teacher resigns amid Twitter controversy

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - An East Nashville Magnet High School teacher was confronted by her students in the classroom about derogatory and insulting social media posts, which ultimately led to her resignation.
The teacher, Lyn Rushton, was accused of creating a ghost Twitter account on which she posted multiple tweets about her students.
A tipster showed Nashville-based WTVF screenshots of the tweets in question in which she called students out by name and made derogatory comments.

One of them said, "The ghettoness of some of my students just sickens me beyond belief." Another said, "I wish I could carry around a stamp at school to put "worthless a*******" across their heads."

Students confronted Rushton about the account and tweet while in class. The students can be heard yelling at her in a video which was posted on Facebook.
One of the tweets which named multiple students, poked fun at the length and pronunciation of their names.
"I don't want a name like everybody else! I love my name... I don't care if I walk into a job interview and they don't like my name because it's a black name. I love my name!" said one of the students.
Officials with Metro Nashville Public Schools said Rushton took some sick days this week, and was scheduled to report to school Friday to be placed on administrative leave, but she resigned Thursday.
She apologized for the comments she made.
"It was stupidity on my part," Rushton said. "I'm definitely sorry for the words, absolutely, they're hurtful. They were wrong to say, and I am absolutely sorry for the words, for what I said."
Rushton resigned before Metro Schools could even investigate the incident. School officials released the following statement:
As part of the Tennessee Code of Ethics, teachers accept the responsibility to adhere to the highest ethical standards as part of what they do in schools every day – to serve students and the communities they live in.
Metro Schools is aware of certain social media posts of a former teacher at East Nashville Magnet High School. The posts do not reflect our values and are unacceptable.
The teacher has resigned and is no longer an employee of Metro Schools.
Rushton began teaching in the 2011-2012 school yea

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