Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Next 100 Days

I am exhausted frankly after the first. Between the anxiety, the sleeplessness and the endless wine glasses I am not sure I can handle another 10 let alone 100.

To review the President's bully pulpit would just only confirm to those he is getting the mostest things done ever in the history of the largest electoral college and inaugural crowds ever seen by a President who is not dead or Democrat ever.

The bizarre inability to speak coherent sentences, know history and actually comprehend something unless he experiences it is truly amazing and terrifying.  And yes even I don't need to actually to be President to know it is a lot harder than most jobs.  Gosh who woulda thunk it?

I read and subscribe as in pay for The Washington Post and The New York Times (which still is delivered to my door daily), donate to  The Guardian UK and listen to BBC News, watch the American version and try to get to the national news daily.  I do watch and glance at the local news mostly to laugh at as there is where Journalism went to die.  I don't watch the Nerd Prom nor have ever cared about it but usually the President the last 8 years and the varying hosts have been worth a perusal but again it is like all professions the need for attention, recognition and awards seem to be in some sort of compensation for failing to actually provide actual compensation.  The only exception is the Oscars but some of those nominees and winners go to the same places we do after the awards.  Remember the Pirate in the movie with Tom Hanks?  The French dude, the Italian dude and that chick?  Yeah see.

So you want to hold Journalism accountable and responsible? Well try reading and paying for it. And in turn as all customers can demand that the truth be told and all stories shared - good, bad or ugly.  We don't need awards we need cash it is what makes the world go round. And the real bosses of America, Wall Street, get that better than anyone on Main Street.

Do they give the best Banker an award? I bet that is done secretly and the types must be fascinating.  The award for best amount of foreclosures, the best fake accounts to dead people (beats Voter fraud and way more lucrative).

Tech sort of does this as one can see a sort of rivalry between the white males to prove who has or is the biggest dick.  How about if the check clears you win and your company is now valued at 100 Billion dollars without ever selling, doing or building anything!! 

Awards are prizes you give to kids when they do something good or well. We have overdone that but the idea was to encourage and foster competition and supposedly cooperation. Well big F on that one as the rise of bullying is again a direct reflection of the larger society that schools mirror.  So when I read this story of bullying at a school it was at first a "so?"  Then you realize it was two Teachers who were responsible.

Now there are issues here that need to be addressed that are not in the article.  The Teachers are black women.  I am guessing that this is school with largely poorer students as identified by the numbers that qualify for free or reduced lunch and that the history as to how it began is missing.  Did the first Teacher actually start the bullying towards the student for no reason? Or was this some bizarre misguided attempt to toughen this kid up as that student was being bullied?  Or some combination of both.

I have seen and heard the most bizarre reprimands since relocating to Nashville.  Teachers who called kids retarded. an Administrator say to kids that they will probably never make it to High School given their behavior and watched as they yell, lecture and berate the kids all of which is pointless and falls upon deaf ears.  The restorative justice plan is just another bizarre band aid in which to reduce suspensions that affect students of color predominantly more than those white.  Well I hate to say this but there are few white kids in public schools so that in this case makes them the minority and that would explain the number disproportion.  Funny I was at an alternative school on Friday and the one white kid was stoned out of his gourd, utterly uncooperative and left the room to never return.  I was relieved as the two young black kids were working and we ended up talking for about 10 minutes on retail markups, commissions and payment percentages.    Poverty and anger crosses across color lines and I have said that at some point it is less about race and more about economics and I see it and experience crossing the social experiment that is called Education here in Nashville.

So what about these two women?  Well as I read the book Locking Up our Own - Crime and Punishment in Black America, by James Forman Jr., I have a better understand of the cultural norms that exist within the black community and that the role of class and religion have strong pulls on how they wish to be seen, to be protected and be served.  And in turn the role of the white community to work around that and then enable them to take over and in turn enable them to fail. By intent or by design or simply just because when left to one's own we always go to the most basic and base level responses - the strong survive and dominate - versus finding ways to work together to resolve and repair broken communities.    I see it here with regards to how those in lower class level look to the other to see competition and threat and it explains Trump as he plays to those lowest base fears and beliefs.

As I said I read. I am informed. I make cognizant decisions based on what I interpret and believe.  My relocation here did do the one thing I knew it would - change my beliefs.  I was just surprised at how badly those beliefs would be shaken and not in a good way.   I can't wait to leave as I turned all that inward for quite some time and then you can no longer and in turn you wonder what will emerge when you  finally open the floodgates.  I have a pretty good idea as that is why I left Seattle and I can't leave here in the same state.  Tennessee and its burdens line the streets with every sign marker of history, the constant obsession with the past firmly places the South as unable to ever get past it. 

Blame white people, blame slavery, blame Democrats, Republicans, whoever.  You live in the now then actually live in and start changing the NOW to fix the next.  Trump could try that.  Oh who are we fucking kidding here.  Trump is like the South - incalcitrant, petulant, ignorant and angry.   The only thing missing is his love for Jesus but he has Pence for that one.  I can't wait for the next 100 days as it pushes me closer to leaving.

"Go and kill yourself" a Louisiana Teacher told an 11 year old student.
For months, an 11-year-old girl was bullied.

Authorities say other students were forced to start a fight with her.

At one point, they say, she was told to “go and kill yourself.”

The person responsible, according to investigators, is the girl’s seventh-grade teacher, Ann Shelvin, who now faces criminal charges. Another school employee, Tracy Gallow, who replaced Shelvin after she was escorted off school grounds, faces charges for continuing the bullying, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby J. Guildroz said.

The two are employees at Washington Elementary School in Opelousas, La., about 60 miles west of Baton Rouge.
Guildroz said the 11-year-old’s mother first came to his office in February to report the bullying, although it apparently had been going on since the fall. The mother was told to report the incident to the St. Landry Parish School Board.

More than a month later, the mother returned to the sheriff’s office because the bullying had continued. Guildroz said an investigation revealed that Shelvin had told the 11-year-old to kill herself and threatened to fail three of her students if they didn’t start a fight with the girl.

One of the students admitted to detectives that Shelvin forced her to take part in the fight and that she did so because she was scared she would be treated like her classmate and fail seventh grade. Several students were sent to the principal’s office because of the fight.

Earlier this week, the girl’s mother told investigators Shelvin has been bullying her daughter since October of last year, when the teacher threatened the 11-year-old that she’d fail her if she didn’t fight another student, Guildroz said. But instead of doing what Shelvin said, the girl, whom authorities did not name, reported her teacher to the principal.
Shelvin was then escorted out of the school. Gallow, a teacher’s aide who replaced her, was later seen on school video surveillance pushing the girl at the school gym, authorities said.

Shelvin, 44, was charged this week with two counts of encouraging or contributing to child delinquency, one count of malfeasance in office and two counts of intimidation and interference in the operation of schools. Gallow, 50, was charged with one count each of malfeasance in office, simply battery and intimidation and interference in school operation.

It’s unclear whether they have attorneys.

“Students should not have to attend school and be bullied especially by teachers that are there for their education, guidance and safety,” Guildroz said in a statement. “The parents did the right thing, they reported it to the school board, and continued to monitor and talk to their children. The bullying continued and they took the next step by contacting law enforcement again.”

Anthony Stanberry, member of the St. Landry Parish School Board, told local news outlet KLFY that school officials will not tolerate such incidents

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