Monday, April 17, 2017

No, White Men Can't Jump

When I saw the title to Paul Krugman's Column today I did not think it was a rhetorical question but one easily answered:  Because White Men Vote and they matter.

The media fake or otherwise is in the business of contributing to the divided nation, its how they say in the theater to prompt sales or "get asses in seats."  The Fox Nation, the MSNBC audience and the fill in the gappers with CNN enable a programming schedule that for 24/7 is endless discussion, debate, theorizing and proselytizing to the masses what they need to hear.  I miss Al Jazeera America every single day and while I appreciate BBC America it does not have the diversity of programming that simply made AJA great.  There were some horrible programs in the beginning but the excellent long term documentaries, the sheer scope of storytelling and in turn news programming made it must watch TV.  And no one watched.  Why? Americans are not bright and the reality is that like all education they must be spoon fed the facts like baby food with even less flavor.

In the last few years I have really noted that when you are well read, well spoken and composed people don't know how to respond to you so they don't. They turn it into ad hominem attacks that somehow place you on the defensive or they talk over you and in turn dismiss you.  And no one can walk away from this unscathed.   While I love someone like Bill Maher he at times becomes such a boring drone on Religion that you tune out or you simply dismiss him as an "asshole."

To listen to his less funny right wing equivalent, Dennis Miller, it was as if this funny interesting dude took some type of drug and it misfired in his brain.  I flew across country much as I have for Maher and now I just no longer even bother to try.  He is truly an asshole unless of course now you find him spot on.  Funny how people forget when he was the SNL darling and in turn had his own HBO show and the must see of the clubs, the books and the attention of the media until he became a right wing asshole.  Hey he could be a right wing asshole and still be funny but that went with the brain cells as well.

I find Rachel Maddow a bore and that tax thing pretty much confirmed it. Fans adore her and others recall when another celebrated news "reporter"  did the Capone vault and then went to the right of the right and now do we even remember the Geraldo show?  It was on afternoons with the Oprah's, the Donahue's and the other daytime vets who have come and gone like a paper blown in the wind of Chicago's winter.

I am all for reinvention and all for the right to change one's mind.  I can often dislike people personally and still find them talented, interesting, worth reading/watching or listening.  There are exceptions, such as Bill O'Reilly, an angry white man who speaks to the same crowd as Trump and I am sure was a large inspiration, directly or not on the Trump Campaign.  Trump no more wears a baseball hat nor communes with those of the PBR set unless they are his caddy's or drivers, the cart kind not the club kind.  His club, his venue of sport and of choice is golf, the modern day equivalent of the sport of kings.  You need an expensive membership, equipment and the willingness to take hours out of one's day to partake.  What working class dolt has the time for that.  They are busy taking Trump University classes to elevate themselves, watching Fox or listening to that other blubber of fat angry white richness, Rush, to really look around, connect to their families and community in ways that build relationships versus crush them.  It is also why many of the rallies descended into violence as you need an outlet to channel that angry and beating the little woman and kids can get you put into jail today so why not go where it is permitted and encouraged?

Anger is the new drug and it is the real issue that divides as it is about money.  The poor would much rather go all Marie Antionette and French Revolution and riot in the streets, hang the rich by their gonads and scream like the Queen at the Tea Party, "Off with their heads!"  But fear of authority is the one trait the poor share regardless of politics.  They have a faux disdain of it but their obsession with it and their complacence in the presence of those authority figures - be that Police, Military, Politicians - is what truly defines them. It is why they continue to vote repeatedly for the same individuals, why they actually do nothing when asked by the media their thoughts on an issue they recite the talking points repeatedly given to them subliminally by the very media they espouse to hate.  Irony or hypocrisy?

And to say Liberals are superior is far from the truth. They are just as guilty of this same type of robotic talking, lecturing and dismissing those who disagree with them only they do so with multi syllabic words.  Instead of being called "fat" you are called "incoherent".  Instead of being a bitch/asshole you are not making sense nor comprehending them.  At least when you are insulted by a Liberal you feel less compelled to hit them across the face.  Or not as the violent marches seem to show that throwing punches is a gift shared across the political spectrum. 

I live in the South, the reality is that here people are really struggling financially and the influx of Immigrants and the constant decline of wages and the further division of class shows in every way possible and that is in the children.  The children here are more violent, they are more sexual and they are more confused than any poor child I ever encountered in Seattle.  The same kids who speak no English here are so marginalized and isolated they will do whatever it takes to be noticed or matter and those are not ways that are of the most successful. And the black kids here to compete do the same.  The crime, the violence that exists in this small City-Town is disturbing and higher than both the State and National averages. But when you actually look at the daily crime data is largely driving infractions (without a license or suspended) which disproportionately affect the poor/minority class and of course minor drug and some property theft. But those are largely left off the major crime reports and instead we look as if we are murder and rape central.  Again even crime data and its reporting can be misleading and that can be for any number of reasons. But I suspect it is of course about funding and with the new Criminal Justice Hombre, Sessions and his deputy Steven Cook, in charge expect that the incarceration nation will be back in and on the force.

And we have the dick off with North Korea with each respective leader whipping out their biggest missiles to show whose is bigger. It appears Kim Jong has erectile dysfunction which means Trump's tiny hands wins round one!

So when you get a bunch of angry white men sitting around talking they apparently have no problem with open racism, building walls and talking bullshit. It is what they do and that is why Trump is their man!  A man who has never set foot in a diner in his life, who would not know the difference between Ohio and Iowa as they truly were flyover states and knows little to nothing about the real problems real communities face.  So these communities continue to elect the same know-nothings do nothings with the belief that one day Alice, just one of these days - right to the kisser!

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