Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Forrest Trump

I have been writing about intelligence and education and how the two are often aligned as a measurement for success and as the song goes.. can't have one without the other; however, we also like to point out the American Unicorn of the self made myth.  This includes such individuals as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs. 

Okay I could sit down point out that all of the above had immense family support and as for the first two gentlemen were in Harvard when they elected to drop out and their businesses were not built on the backs of their own sweat.  Gates is a known bully and the varying owners of Facebook and lawsuits showed that Zuckerberg was hardly alone in his dorm room sweating through his hoody.  Jobs has had many documentaries and books about his mythology so when we keep coming up with these old tropes why not talk about Carnegie and Rockefeller and how they created the steel and gas industry on the sweat of the immigrant backs they exploited in which to do so.  We can include the Koch's and Walton families who have long legacy's of family money in which enabled them to secure their position at the right wing table of crackpots.  But none have ever managed to get the seat of the head of that table, the ultimate position - President of the United States.

And then came Trump.  Wow this is the biggest boondoggle con on America since the circus came to town.  P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute and there are 62,979,636 who proved that statement.

Yesterday the New York Times, a paper that is going under or is a jewel, depending on the mood of our Il-Douchebag elect, had an interesting cover story about the Trump "Empire."  I actually think the show Empire has a bigger business and Lucious has a higher net worth than Trump.   There has been no validation or documentation that supports the bombastic claims of Il Douchebag of said worth.  I often think that Empire was a case of foreshadowing of what was to come as the creator Lee Daniels loved soaps of the 80s such as Dynasty and Dallas and it appears the 80s are back, just sans shoulder pads.   Our new first Diva of the Dynasty prefers one sleeved garments and his highness prefers Chinese slave labor over Saville Row so we will rely on the TV Empire for fashion and style.   Perhaps Joan Collins can do a drop in to the White Trump Tower  House and swing a purse to land a blow to Kellyanne Conaway, the Krystal of this story line.

The article to the Times is here.  Note that the Trump family industry seems to have massive gate keepers and protectors to the Il Douchebag in Chief.  And when finally the meet and greet occurs it is a brief moment that seems to focus on personal looks and his toys.  I recall during the audition phase of casting,  Carly Fiorina, who had once been derided for her looks, came out and spoke about Trumps possessions, in the same way the businessman did after his meeting.  He is consistent there at least.

As I read the article again the 80s came to mind and the Presidency of the Voodoo Reagan.  He too was well into his 70s but unlike Il Douchebag had some Governmental experience and a well tested team behind him to act as Gatekeepers and Minders to ensure that few had access to Reagan. I have always suspected that Reagan was already in the early stages of Alzheimer's as did others  and that while not diagnosed until he left office it was simply thought of as being "old" and "forgetful" both common, however, not fatal effects of aging.    It just makes little to no sense nor believable that days after his leaving office suddenly Reagan was ill when we are now quite aware of the disease and its progression.   And I feel the same way about Trump.   There is something not right there or he is just truly stupid but a bully.   At least Gates was/is smart in addition to being a bully, there is something to that.   And that is the key to success, if you can't win on your own baffle them with bullshit.  And Trump that is the deal he has mastered.

Then I found this article in Newsweek from August.  And once again it is clear that the business acumen and claims are all grandiose and unsubstantiated.   If that is one skill Trump has is a way of utterly lying to your face and yet people seem to give him checks and votes.  Well the idea of a Government of checks and balances is clearly in place for a reason, let's see how Trump bullshits his way around that one. 

But he does have an ability to insult people and demean them once they have insulted them.  The consistency on that is another Trump signature, along with tacky decor. 

Note that suddenly the Trump Foundation is closing shop and talks about an advisor running the show with the sons.  Stay tuned as Trump likes to say.    Back peddling is another skill set the Trump family have managed to do quite well. 

This conflict of interest and other lies and bullshit dominate Trump and follow him like Linus with his blanket.  I truly fear this Presidency as it is as I have said, the revenge of the stupid.    This is however the best stupid can do with regards to revolution as that would require smarts, clear leadership and well this thing called effort beyond Tweeting hashtag slogans.   This, regardless of the side you are on, has shown to be a problem.  From Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, to even Black Lives Matter, we have found loud voices, important issues but no clear leaders, plans or politics in which to vest and engage.

I want to point out that the Keystone Pipeline was the one action that showed determination and organization and how effective that can be when one chooses to stand up and stand proud.  And we have seen this on the right with the odd Ranchers and their taking the federal building. Regardless of your politics you see what it takes to actually get attention and in turn response.   But lasting attention and in turn success has yet to be proven and that is the hard line that few are willing to stand in.

That is the real problem as when one comes forward to lead, to organize, that one will have to be vetted, tested and have to stand up to demonstrate leadership under duress.  Funny, we elected a President who did none of that.    Well stupid is as stupid does.

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