Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump Talk

I have no great vested interest in the current Presidential election. We have a system for the rich, by the rich that benefits the rich and both Trump and Clinton are perfect examples of that cohort and yet we have no alternative to vote between the two as the alternatives are a crazy woman who has literally become unhinged and a man whose idiocy makes me realize that he was elected twice to serve as a Governor, which may explain things about the morons currently elected in office across the country.  What happened to the Paul's did they decide to opt out too?

But yes I do vote, I will vote for Hillary Clinton as I do respect her on some levels and it was that which prompted me to vote for Obama the first time and irony I did not the second time, I voted Green and so while I see Ms. Stein imploding across the country, I think of Ralph Nader and realize that from the best of intentions comes arrogance, which again may explain the other two candidates in a nutshell.

But Donald Trump is a boor. He is the definitive ANGRY WHITE MAN that dominated television in the early part of this decade, he on the Apprentice and Glenn Beck on Fox with Rush Limbaugh wedged in between on the radio. They fed the arrogance, the ignorance and played bad guys that were pretending to be good guys by telling the truth. They are about as real as the Housewives.

 I love television, bad TV, good TV  and I love radio. But I prefer BBC radio and I keep my bad TV to Bravo where they are not pretending it is an art channel any more (yes that was how Bravo was established as an art channel, and Andy Cohen stopped that right away, thank GOD!).  Shame Al Jazeera America is gone, how they would be so beneficial to watch in the age of Trump. 

I tried four years ago to Dump Trump when he started the birther nonsense. I tried on social media where Twitter was still in its nascent stages and cliques and groups and other games were part of the initiation process, but until the popular kids got on board no one cared. They kept say repeatedly to me "but the Celebrity Apprentice is for charity and that hurts the charity." I could not believe the idiocy defending that man under the guise of charity. Funny now no charity would take a coin toss in a bucket today from Trump let alone a check or endorsement.

Ah how times change or not. The difference is that the supporters are now conservative and not liberal and they probably watched little to no Apprentice, never signed up for one of his fake classes at his fake university nor ever bought a suit let alone a tie at Macy's, they are just angry white men and without Glenn Beck their cheerleader on the air and Fox news under a cloud of scandal by its former head ANGRY WHITE MAN, Roger Ailes, out they have to band around someone to do the yelling and gesticulating.

Funny,  had Obama generated into the stereotype of Angry Black Man I wonder what may have been different with regards to support and his ability to actually accomplish some truly essential domestic policy and it also explains why he deflected to foreign affairs where he did not need a group of Angry White Men in Congress to give a flying fuck and actually do something.

We seem to need anger but we need it from men. I just read an article in the Guardian about how when both countries and companies are in crisis they elect or place women in the big chairs and then when they fail the gender blaming comes full circle. Watch Theresa May in Britain with regards to Brexit to see what happens or look to Argentina for example. As for business, Marissa Mayer comes to mind at Yahoo and we know how well that worked out. Here is just a page of articles about women in politics from the UK Guardian. Irony that the fake paper, the Huffington Post, does not cover the issue given that it was founded by a woman but she too is gone now that the check cleared from their buyer a buyer with a company that is headed by whom - a white male - anger unknown.

So do I care about the vulgar remarks by Donald Trump? No. That he shared trash talk with Howard Stern? Stern,  a man whose career was talking smack and vulgarities about women and in turn made him a beloved millionaire. I quit listening to Stern years ago despite having satellite radio, I just couldn't give a shit about how big someone's tits or dick is. I suspect that is why Stern too has changed as age does that and as does being rich or as Stern would put it - having FU money.

As for his dialog with Billy Bush? Well boys will be boys and Billy Bush has once again shown that he is a part of the family brain trust as demonstrated with his hard hitting interview with Ryan Lochte, another liar and member of the white male brat pack. And like Trump's former campaign managers he will undoubtedly be the first and only to fall when this new/recent/daily scandal ends.

I am exhausted trying to care. Next up a tape with Trump talking to Bill Cosby about having sex with an unconscious woman and if its better as she can't talk.

Are we truly debating and demanding Trump to leave the race? Really? This man whose history despite it got him that far? What a farce and this is not about Trump it is about the Republican party and its need to salvage whatever hold they have on this country and their elected offices. They care little about anything else, certainly not women nor any other marginalized group - Immigrants or Minorities.

I live in Nashville. They have finally realized that this state 47 with regards to educated populace and Nashville while having a top 10 city with regards to higher education opportunities (and ratings to validate it) have less then 25% of its population with higher education. And Nashville was once mentioned as one of the top cities that graduates elected to stay in post graduation. I am going with the crazy notion that maybe not with only 25% of said pop having higher degrees. I guess that means that they are the ones teaching those grads who leave with the remainder those Lawyers that dot every bus bench and sign asking "if you got paid." Seriously that is the third biggest industry here - personal injury law.

I watched Anthony Bourdain's show on CNN when he visited Nashville. I knew only one place, Dandguares, as that is actually good, its across the street and down the road from my house; the rest of it was some odd mix of hipster chic and an overpriced restaurant that the 25% must go to. Oh wait I have a higher degree and work for $11/hr as a Substitute Teacher. Yes, a licensed educated and experienced professional makes burger flipper wages. Note that we have no union nor group organizing about fair wages and benefits as they do with regards to fast food workers or the contracted groups such as Lyft or Uber. We are as invisible as we are ignored.

And you want an angry white woman? Well here I am. As I try to get the trains silenced in my neighborhood, here is the Facebook page with regards to that issue, I am very careful to not put my information as a part of it. Why? Because a woman in East Nashville tried to do the same and she was maligned in the media and harassed for wanting the same. And I can assure you my conversations with those NOT directly affected by this seem to veer on minor interest to sheer stupidity. I can tell you that the latter is more common and again given what I have already said on the matter, does that surprise?

And as I learned from my Twitter experience 4 years ago, white women unless they are pretty have nothing to offer. I get it, I really do.

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