Sunday, September 25, 2016

Its' the South

I  hear that phrase as some type of justification/excuse for whatever goes on here - racism, sexism, idiocy, you name it that expression is supposed to explain it.  So the other morning I was watching the racist roundup, okay the morning news, that starts, ends and puts in the middle crime stories of largely black people allegedly committing crimes.  I have never seen so many mug shots of black people in my life as I do here on our local news. There is apparently no other news than black people committing crimes. And then there was one like this...
Creepy Clowns Are Still Terrifying People Across the South
By Adam K. Raymond
New York Magazine

Kentucky resident Jonathan Martin was arrested early Friday for hiding in a ditch outside of an apartment complex at 1 a.m. and jumping out of the dark to frighten people. The 20-year-old was booked for disorderly conduct and for breaking the town of Middleboro’s anti-mask ordinance. By the looks of this picture, from a local reporter, Martin did not find it a laughing matter.

Martin is the latest example of a new trend catching on with idiots around the country: grown men dressing up like a clowns and lurking in the shadows to scare the hell out of people who are just trying to make it through one more miserable day.

Reports of creepy clowns first emerged in Greenville, South Carolina, where a red-nosed creepo was reportedly trying to lure kids to a house in the woods by flashing wads of cash. Police looked into the claims and found nothing.

In Alabama, schools across the state ramped up security after reports emerged on social media that clowns were going to attack local high schools with guns. In Ohio, a sheriff’s office is looking for two clowns and advising citizens to contact the department because, “[W]e are unsure what their intentions are at this point.” And in Florida, a state where you might think clowns would be among the most normal roadside sightings, police keep getting calls about clowns but are having a hell of time finding them.

Most of the clown reports have been confined to the South, and most of the people dressed up in the costumes have escaped legal trouble. It is, after all, not illegal to be creepy — though, maybe it should be.

The local story was about a local assault..

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – (CLARKSVILLENOW) The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has issued a warning about possible child predators dressed in clown costumes.

The agency sent the following message Saturday via Twitter:

.Watch for clowns in your area. They could be child predators seeking kids. Call 911 or *847 for @TNHighwayPatrol #SeeSomethingSaySomething

— TN Dept. of Safety (@TNDeptofSafety) September 24, 2016

WKRN reported last week on an investigation by The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department following a report of a juvenile being attacked by a clown in Summitville.

A suspect in a clown mask reportedly attacked a teen with a knife.

Then the two newscasters attempted to not burst out laughing when sharing this story, I guess it beat the usual racist profiling that they do.

Hey we have tons of white trash they just commit crimes with panache. I for one find clowns creepy but this takes this to new heights.

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