Monday, May 9, 2016

The Sex Talk

I feel this weekend I had the sex talk and it was one that frankly I have had with myself with others and am bored with it.

No, I don't need female viagra I would actually like a decent male companion with a brain that is not attached to his dick which I knew was magical thinking.  And  then magically I awoke  to a report on BBC Radio about male feminism. The writer proposed that men understood their role in cave societies better and that the physical labor involved led them to be more relaxed and less combative as modern man is now aggressive and in constant state of adversary with regards to both other men and women, and he pointed out the current state of politics in America - Donald Trump, the Philippines - Rodrigo Duterte (which John Oliver masterfully covered last night) and ISIS.   Talk about odd analogy and yet .....

Yes I see that men need to be busier and less confused that explains it. There is something to that when men worked in labor and manufacturing the physical demands with clear working hierarchy, earning a satisfactory living for a family and having a woman at home to meet the demands of the family enabled a quality of life that well kept men from raping and pillaging.  Bitch please!   I refuse to note his book or name as condensing a complicated issue that crosses cultural, religious and historical times is absurd. Next up - Me Tarzan, You Jane!

I do think that economics and alienation from a larger community has some of this. And he did discuss that the role of friendships have a great significance in bonding and building healthy relationships. The roles of this have been well discussed by Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone, I do think that we have few ways to join others and have productive healthy outlets that enable creativity, community and healthy debates.  Everything now is a shout down and put down as if that marks intelligence and of course "rightness" as being right is better than being smart.

And what is really the big elephant in the room and elephants have big dicks is sex. The insatiable need of men to constantly have sex seems to be a throwback to cave days as it is becoming nearly oppressive and it cannot be lost that simultaneously there is a push to have fewer ways women can control and manage their own health care.  And of course the sudden bathroom hysteria as if anyone cares what anyone is doing in a locked stall. Really men do you check each others dicks out as a measure of what? Manliness?  What that tranny chick has a bigger fake dick than me?  That is what I suspect its about and not that some dude is dressing as a woman then attacking women in bathrooms. Oh wait.. Dressed to Kill. Never Mind

 So when I read another piece that was in the New York Times about Muslim women and sex, my first thought was well that explains ISIS. That much repression and frustration explains the kidnapping and raping women as a some sort of excuse to arm up and chop heads as well.

And then I read this anonymous piece in the Guardian about a woman of a "certain age" exploring her sexuality in the new medium of dating apps.  And another from a man who was pissed his wife only masturbates rather than have sex with him.  Yep been there done that on both counts!  Neither story is neither new, shocking nor surprising. Women have been finding ways to explore their sexuality both pre and post menopausal for years despite men's best efforts to prevent us from doing so or allowing us to do so and promptly labeling us sluts for having the audacity to do what men do - fuck, fuck a lot and fuck younger pieces of ass.  She had it right about men our age they are regressive and stuck in the past.. hmm like Cave Men! And we are back to full circle. See how I do that.

But lastly the New York Times Magazine had a piece on Sex Workers, which I wrote about when New York Magazine did the same on the subject. The issue centers on the debate to decriminalize or legalize the profession and give it some type of dignity and security and in turn hopefully stop some of the industries more hideous aspects as sex trafficking women and children.

I also want to note that the predominant number of women interviewed are from Seattle as this area has an immense sex industry thanks to the male dominated tech sector and may explain law enforcements odd obsession with it ranking patronizing a prostitute as equivalent to human trafficking. This way the plea bargaining gets the fees without the nasty sex registration. It is all a sick culture here but I get that it is sorely needed. 

I have repeatedly said I am pro decriminalization of the work and I would very much like to see women take command of this industry including pornography which I do feel also contributes to the violence and confusion about women and sex.

I feel that men have had a bad rap and that it will take a village of men however to change that. To be supportive and informative and yes be tough.  The absurd nature of why men are confused is I suspect not because of cave men but because of their own Mothers and the large cohort raised in single family homes, the lack of male role models and the constant focus on what defines sex and how everything seems to center on it for both genders.  It is tiring and the sex talk for me is now a closed book.  Men go fuck yourselves for awhile and see how that goes.

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