Monday, April 4, 2016

Mirror Image

While one could not say that Donald Trump is the doppelganger of Bill Gates, it is unquestionably a parallel universe when one compares the personalities and business approaches that both men have.  One would and could say that Mr. Gates "trumps" in the financial success side but when it comes to the bullying, random, incoherence at times approach to underlings, enemies and those perceived as competitors and interlopers there is no comparison.

I read today perhaps the most rambling incoherent interview with Donald Trump today in The Washington Post.  The profound use of the word "I" and the use of the article "the" to me stands out.  It is as if you are having a discussion with the drunk uncle on Saturday Night Live or Dave Chappelle's homeless man that veers on the brink of following a conversation with a child who is on the spectrum.  Incoherent, rambling and ranting are strong features of all Donald Trump's talks/speeches/monologues and when one looks at any strong iconic male despot the parallels are quite obvious.

But rather than look to fascist dictators take a look at some of our more contemporary Oligarchs who are are very much of this century.  When I think of said examples, Dead Steve Jobs and Alive Bill Gates comes to mind.  The two are classic examples of what defines a "frenemy"

When I look at the history of Steve Jobs we have had the Issacson biography that attempted to provide a balanced view of the dying man who was interested on establishing or preserving a legacy and the documentary about him I felt showed a less balanced side that veered on closer to reality than those would like to admit. The film by Aaron Sorkin, while interesting was admittedly fiction but based on some facts and in turn provided another view into a man complex, complicated and truly brilliant, which is all anyone's legacy could hope for. 

Then we have Bill Gates, THE worlds richest man which even Trump would not dispute. But his legacy is one that is two fold: Pre foundation the Microsoft years and the Post foundation the Philanthropist.  Frankly I can't see any difference given his heavy fisted-ness on many issues of which he knows nothing about despite the pedigree and label as "genius." One thinks that word is frankly overused when it comes to people who either/or are rich and famous. Funny that moniker is not being applied to Donald Trump, less rich but no less famous.

When Bill Gates started Microsoft to use the word "bully" would be appropriate and ironic as he is running the show when it comes to schools and education.  There are few, including Mr. Gates, that would deny his heavy hand led the rise of Microsoft to the point even the Government stood up to him, today they now take his checks and scurry away without so much as a word otherwise.

Friends and former colleagues are not afraid anymore to talk about their history and past with Gates and it is not a pretty picture they paint. Ranting, screaming and frequent use of the word "fuck" which I find amusing is the most scandalous of bon mots they levy.  Unlike many others of similar wealth, hookers and blow are not a part of the problem, but temper and language are.   I recall back in the day the rumor that there was an enemies room where Gates would foist arrows onto pictures of those he deemed unworthy.  Gee how is that similar in today's media age?

The definitive term is Narcissist. The legendary story of Narcissus who in the story fell into a pool of water and drowned obsessed with his own reflection. This article in Psychology Today discusses the traits of what is narcissism and in our unicorn mythology we adore the rich and excuse the behaviors and acts that are done to achieve that belief they "earned" it by "working hard."

Both men have or had career dominance, both men are well educated or not as Gates dropped out of Harvard which is hardly akin to dropping out Indiana State Community College, he had to get there and that is what a Lakeside diploma and family connections can bring. 

Family and having wealthy successful fathers can bring a wealth of options to those who have to actually work hard and do so without the doorman that opens the door to walk through versus having to push your way in.   And the American landscape is littered with more bodies than a Quentin Tarantino movie of those who have bullied, pushed and did whatever it took to make it to the top of the ladder.   There is no pond big enough to hold the narcissists that we have developed over the decades, we are way past Narcissist 2.0.  

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