Friday, February 26, 2016

Have Gun? Will Travel.

 So last week crazed loon Uber driver goes on a rampage, and if it somehow connects a history of sexual problems/frustrations or abuse then we have what is called a clear correlation. Frankly I have never thought the San Bernadino shootings were more than an angry employee, a charged up wife who encouraged his ramblings and anything beyond that is purely wishful thinking.  At this point I am wondering if even those in ISIS are more than sexually frustrated angry nuts who need to get their dick waxed thanks to the sexual repression of Islam, this would not be surprising. 

 I am actually losing count of random shootings.  We had another workplace shooting yesterday and if I was to label it Domestic Terrorism I would not be far off, but I suspect Apple will not be supeoned on this one.  Once again it seems to be about woman done me wrong.

What of course is also interesting is the shooter's criminal history and his documentation of his obsession with guns that at no time led to his arrest or even an inquiry. Yet in America a black man walking down the street is arrested for suspicion of drugs, shot in a car over a traffic ticket, prosecuted for singing lyrics about cop killings, but this black man with a known history of domestic violence shooting up fields makes one wonder where our priorities are.

And those in desperate need of attention and to be part of the action are now creating further dramas to inflame and unjustly accuse others of crimes not committed.  This serves no one well.  Much like the faux rape drama in New York last week, truly a story that is both tragic and sordid.  But it cannot be ignored with its shades of the Central Park Five, the same group that Donald Trump wanted murdered by the state but since have been exonerated but hey we all make mistakes, right?

The last week also brought me to three schools, one (of several) that received a bomb hoax, oddly after school got out in most of the other schools but one that had a later dismissal and today another shelter in place when an incident outside led the school to go beyond just locking the doors (aka a lockdown where school goes on but no one goes out or in) vs full on locking doors, hiding, pulling drapes and being utterly paranoid.  I was not.  And then to a third school where I was told to always wear my ID visible. Okay why? Well they said there had been problems.  What problems? Well Problems. I had to track down someone to tell me those problems and it was also about a restraining order by a staff member toward a male and that the staff had been given details and descriptions on whom to look out for.  As for us Subs well would we know regardless.  Why no school tells us in advance of the problems to enable us to make an informed decision about if we want to work there given the climate is just another issue in and of itself.

But what concerns me is that  as I am becoming so blase about this if the next one is genuine will I be properly prepared?  Is anyone with regards to this?  Oh wait the NRA says if we are all armed we will be.  Sure. I see that happening.

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