Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Take out the Trash

I write this today with a heavy heart. I am tired of passing one homeless person over another. I am tired of the fights, the feuds and the mental health problems that I see on a daily basis. I am exhausted from thinking about how many children I meet that may be one of them one day or are one now. I see futility and hopelessness and I am tired of the pearl clutching, the ignorance and the sheer bullshit about the "soul of the city."

 In the last month Seattle continues to debate and in turn deteriorate in the quest to attract the young and the MEllinneal class and that is designating two parking lots as residential lots for homeless living in a car Two dead in 'very targeted' shooting at camp for homeless people in Seattle which follows a declaration of a state of emergency akin to a natural disaster like the snowstorm on the Eastern seaboard with regards to homelessness. And now this tragedy...
Police hunt two suspects in connection with attack that also wounded three others on Tuesday night No one has been arrested for the shooting at a Seattle homeless encampment but police are searching for two ‘persons of interest’.
Associated Press Wednesday 27 January 2016
Two people were killed and three others wounded as shooting erupted on Tuesday night at a Seattle encampment for homeless people, in what police said was a “very targeted” attack.
Police responded to reports of shots fired at the camp – known as the jungle – about 7.15pm near Airport Way South and South Atlantic Street, south of downtown.
They did a search of the wooded area and found five victims, police said. Assistant Seattle police chief Bob Merner said at a news conference the victims lived at the encampment. He said of the shooting that police “have reason to believe it was very targeted”.
Seattle police chief Kathleen O’Toole said officials did not believe anyone else was in danger. The stories you need to read, in one handy email Read more No one has been arrested. Police interviewed witnesses and were searching for two people they said were “persons of interest” in the case.
“We are working furiously to identify a suspect,” O’Toole said. Police said an unidentified woman died at the scene. Four others who were hurt were taken to Harborview medical center in Seattle. Hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg said a man brought in at 7.50pm also died.
Two women and a man, ranging in age from 25 to 45, were in surgery on Tuesday night, Gregg said. She said their gunshot wounds were to the chest, abdomen and back. Seattle mayor Ed Murray had called the shooting an active crime scene and urged people to stay away from the area.
He and King county executive director Dow Constantine declared a state of emergency regarding $7m to address the crisis. At a press briefing later on Tuesday night, Murray said: “I can’t help but wonder, did I act too late?” He said the encampment “has been unmanageable and out of control for almost two decades”.
Officials said police would remain in the area overnight and would also check on other homeless encampments.
There are several factors in place here: One, the living wage issue which seems to be a confusing one as to how much the minimum wage is in the city. It is not $15/hr - yet.

This is a phased in issue which is having problems simply being enforced and with regards to service jobs that have tips, size of workforce, there are exemptions. But we are being lauded in the press as this savior for working poor and that is not necessarily true. It is in baby steps but regardless, the wages are not commensurate with the housing crisis that has resulted from the push to draw the disposable and by that I mean those who are here on H1B1 Visas or here to meet a contract or temporary work agreement that they sign to get a job at the company by the Amazon.

 There is a distinct myth and belief that these are all six figure jobs and that is regardless of the gig. Check Glassdoor for the horror stories regarding the company. But the leeches have also set up satellite offices to get the rejects and in turn the revolving door of the leech set, whoops I mean the tech set, are doing what they did to the Bay Area as quickly as they can. And it shows with the rising tide of homeless that is crashing the boats.

The second:  legal marijuana.  All for it but in reality when you are from bumfuck Wyoming the idea of smoking pot openly (which again you cannot but the misinformation is a source of reality in America) is tempting.  And many of the young we see here seem to think begging and camping adjacent to an on ramp is acceptable and tolerable when you are 22.   I heard a young woman ask for a cigarette and in reality she admitted to the man she requested it from she wanted actually dope.  Yes welcome to the dollhouse.

The Third is the hipster factor.  The belief that one can come here and make artisan chocolate, create art or artisan brew is part of the attraction.  Or as I call it the Williamsburg invasion.  Our streets are filled with Quaker beard, man bun wearing dipshits and the sad pierced, multi hair colored heavy girls that tote the bags and trudge along with dreams of what I am unsure. But yesterday I saw another implosion of said couple on the corner they were panhandling adjacent to the Amazon offices. That area is akin to the gold mining I believe of the 1800's which happened where? San Francisco. Some things never change.

I spend most of my days counting the ones until I leave. That is what they want. Anyone not in the tech fields, over 40 and of course with a vagina, Seattle wants you gone. People of color are fine as long as they meet the checklist of diversity or play sports.

The funny obsession over sports is truly a laugh as the second the Seahawks go the way of losing, the pullback will be faster than a man following ejaculation. We have never been a loyal city in any stretch of the imagination.

To let people think this is a liberal city with such great options and opportunities means that it is one less city or town that might offer the ability to work and function and build community. It is akin to a natural disaster that enables the cities to clean out the poor and the disposable. Katrina did that to New Orleans and it appears that unless we have one here this is what Seattle will be - a trash bag.

And that is what we do with the people here, we throw them out like trash. I know this personally, and I have said many times that I am the shit beneath your shoe not even fit to wipe so you throw them out. Seattle you can go fuck yourself. This is my last post I will write about this hellhole it is not worth it. Now I will go to a white school in a white neighborhood and not have to worry about it for a few hours until later. So until then....

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