Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's Talk

For the love of all things holy men, keep your shit in your pants or learn to masturbate.

This morning I open the Guardian to read this:

Swedish doctor charged after plan to lock woman in bunker 'for years'

Thirty-eight-year-old accused of rape and kidnap after admitting to drugging woman with Rohypnol laced strawberries and keeping her in soundproof shed

Associated Press in Stockholm
Monday 18 January 2016 16.54 EST

A Swedish doctor has been charged with rape and kidnapping after he confessed to drugging a woman using strawberries laced with Rohypnol and locking her up in a soundproof bunker where he had intended to keep her for years.

The 38-year-old man’s lawyer described the case as an elaborate plot to find a girlfriend, which unravelled as he walked into a police station with the woman on 18 September last year, allegedly to show police that she was fine.

The defence lawyer Mari Schaub said her client had confessed to all allegations except rape, but wanted the kidnapping charge reduced to a lower charge of deprivation of liberty.

According to the indictment, the defendant built what was meant to look like a machine shed next to his countryside home in southern Sweden. Inside it was a concrete bunker with metal doors.

“The purpose of the building was to keep people incarcerated during an extended period of time without detection,” the indictment said.

The doctor, whose name was not published in Sweden in line with privacy rules, allegedly made contact with the victim by phone and met her once before he abducted her in Stockholm on 12 September after making careful preparations.

The woman, whose age has not been revealed, passed out after he gave her chocolate-coated strawberries laced with Rohypnol. Prosecutors say he had sex with her while she was unconscious, a claim that the man’s lawyer denied.

He then wheeled her to his car in a wheelchair and drove 330 miles (530km) to his home outside Knislinge, injecting her with drugs during the journey to keep her sedated.

Prosecutors said he brought two rubber masks “featuring an older man and older woman” to avoid being recognised.

When they arrived the next morning, the defendant locked the woman inside the bunker where she largely remained, except for a few brief occasions when he led her in handcuffs to his home to take a shower, the indictment said.

He allegedly told the woman he intended to have unprotected sex with her and took blood samples and vaginal samples to check whether she had any diseases. He said he had wanted to keep her there for years and he planned to lock up other people, too, according to the indictment.

Prosecutors said the defendant’s plot started falling apart when he returned to the woman’s apartment on 17 September to fetch some of her belongings. That was when he found out that police were searching for the woman and had changed the locks on her front door.

He returned to his home, picked up the woman and drove to a Stockholm police station the next day with the intent of picking up the new keys to her apartment and making her assure police that she was fine.

The police officers became suspicious and took the woman aside. She told them she had been kidnapped, and the defendant was arrested, the indictment said.

Schaub described her client as a “very sad and depressed person who wanted a partner”, and said he deeply regretted what happened. “He never meant to hurt anyone,” she said.

A psychiatric examination found the defendant mentally fit to stand trial, and the trial is expected to begin next week.

 Sweden has the toughest laws on Prostitution in the world and is the "model" to stop sex trafficking.  And of course that debate on if it actually drives the industry further underground, putting more people at risk and in turn criminalizing many acts that are made between adults of consent. This is not sex trafficking.

Which if one reads about the migrants/refugees there is a problem THERE and yet nothing is done about that.  No we are certain that every single act of Prostitution has an element of sex trafficking and/or child pornography.    To catch a predator never seems to arrest the hosting sites or actual individuals who seem to post these photos and images of children.  It is like the customers of the bank getting arrested for the banks that committed fraud the last decade.

I get that there are men who have serious issues but just looking at photos and talking about it does not necessarily mean you will be acting upon it.  How many of us said "I'll kill the bitch?"  But in all honesty the reality is that as repugnant as I find a man who thinks looking at children let alone talking about it disturbing, I truly don't think we need to invade his home, take his belongings and prosecute him for a victimless crime.  Where have I heard that before? Oh yes the war on drugs. The new war is about sex.  We have always been a puritan nation.

Seattle was so proud it shut down a prostitute rating/promotion site that the requesite bullshit press conference that exploited the women oddly and not the men as we never saw them.   A site that allowed "johns" and "hookers" to rate one another.   Sounds like a Yelp for sex and again as idiotic as it seems I would prefer that shit to be transparent and open so that anyone can read it and know who is there, if it in fact they are of age and safe.  Is it any different than say, Ashley Madison?  There are plenty of Johns who also need to be safe from robbery or harm and the same for the prostitutes.   Again if this was legal this could be a much better way of securing safety overall.  And the charges - promoting prostitution a second degree felony, not sex trafficking nor any charges that will place the men on the perpetual sex offender list that many "johns" or individuals who did nothing that disturbing as selling/importing or holding women hostage get as a sentence.   And again it is early days and let the pleas begin. So who helped these men take these women hostage and doesn't that matter more?

Perhaps if men could meet legal age women who are willing to act upon their disturbing fantasies that are just sexual in nature and not dangerous or harmful much of this could be handled in discreet methods and resolved without engaging tax payer dollars to arrest some raging perv who has done nothing.   The first Tennessee individual prosecuted under the new sex trafficking laws. These laws have the fingerprints of  ALEC all over them (yes pun intended) as  here in liberal Seattle it is identically the same as is throughout the country, giving us the the conception that there is a hell of a lot of sex trafficking going on. But we are now moving into a dangerous territory as we are sure that prosecuting people for song lyrics, poetry, and well thoughts, like the Cannibal Cop, are worthy of prosecution. Words are not deeds.  Would it not be more productive to get him laid and in turn some mental health care about this proclivity so he doesn't turn into Jared of Subway fame.

That is the real problem one famous individual manages to act upon his shit for years, hello Bill Cosby, and then America gets their morality knickers in a twist and this is now lockdown hysteria to stop the scourge.  This happened with the Drug Wars and all that resulted was an immense cost to overall society that is both financial and emotional.

When men feel compelled to drug women, kidnap them, lock them in sheds, rooms, or simply just leave  them on the side of the road to fulfill sex fantasies or frustrations for not having sex then we have to talk.  And the reality is that this is often the backstory in the case of the gun toting raging maniacs.  This  is the cum shot I wrote about.  For men anger about sex is truly distressing and the level and methods they go to to resolve it seem way more distressing than a woman who eats a pint of ice cream.  Gentlemen, can I hand you the spoon?

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