Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Double Jeopardy

I have long said that the Criminal Justice and Medical Industrial Complex are co-joined twins that even Dr. Ben Carson cannot divide.

The varying members of the Justice system, from Police to Prison Guards, abuse and bring harm to those in their custody.  At times they circumvent that by simply killing them down in the street, think of it as a cost saving measure.

There have been not one but NUMEROUS cases where EMT's, Medical personnel such as Nurses have stood by as Police and Prison Guards beat and ostensibly torture individuals as well as neglect them when in care.

These are just some of the cases:

There are so many cases of death by neglect that it is full time job to document the cases.

Then we have the medical staff that ignore and mistreat misdiagnose those who are brought in via Police involvement and are given acronyms that determine the type of care or frankly lack thereof as a result.  And this is not just the great unwashed as this story about the New York Times reporter validates.

Then of course the medical professionals who notify and aid Police in taking blood tests or releasing the results of the tests without warrant to ensure that the patient can be arrested and prosecuted for a crime including legally prescribed drugs and take children from families as a result.

Any forensic patient (as that is the term for patients brought in by police)  are prioritized usually the bottom of the trauma list,  but they are from the moment of entry considered more a risk to the staff, which  in turn that places their care and needs as secondary.    They have a point but again shackling a woman during birth is a risk, to whom exactly?  And it doesn't even apply to just those "type" of patients hospitals might actually be responsible for some of these problems. Gosh go figure!

The bizarre co-dependence and symbiosis between Police and Hospitals cannot be ignored and those who refuse are placed at risk, only by the Police.  Those who are entrusted with your care even when you are in no position to demand anything but the basics don't even bother to do so due to self interest and job retention.  

Again, I am not making this shit up.  Who has to?   And then there is this case which brings on a whole new meaning of double jeopardy.

Woman Dies After Release from Hospital
Autopsy Results Expected

By JOE REEDY, Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Police expect autopsy results to be released Wednesday in the death of a woman who refused to leave a Florida hospital when doctors discharged her and collapsed when police arrested and forcibly removed her.

Barbara Dawson, 57, collapsed Monday while being escorted in handcuffs from the Liberty Calhoun Hospital, where she sought treatment for breathing difficulties, Blountstown police Chief Mark Mallory said Tuesday. An officer had arrested Dawson for disorderly conduct and trespassing, Mallory said.

Autopsy results should be released Wednesday, Mallory said. Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials have been called in to investigate, department spokesman Steve Arthur said. He declined to comment further.

Mallory said the officer who arrested Dawson removed the handcuffs after she collapsed and escorted her back into the hospital.

"We were told by a doctor once she got back in the hospital that her vital signs were good and it was their decision to readmit her," he said. He said dashcam footage from the officer's car does not show the incident but does pick up the audio.

Hospital officials did not return telephone calls from The Associated Press on Tuesday night. The Tallahassee Democrat reported ( that Ruth Attaway, administrator and CEO of the 25-bed hospital, said staff did everything they could for Dawson.

"They did their best trying to save her," Attaway said. "Our staff was very aggressive with her treatment."

While doctors initially thought Dawson was stable and should be released, she felt as if she still had breathing issues and wanted to stay, said Tallahassee attorney Daryl Parks, who is representing Dawson's family.

"The most reasonable thing to do is to let her sit there and be able to settle down until she felt well. Instead, she is forcibly removed and put in cuffs," Parks said. "The early facts of this case should cause a great concern for everyone."

The Calhoun-Liberty County chapter of the NAACP held an emergency meeting Tuesday. Dale R. Landry, who is the regional vice president for the Florida State chapter of the NAACP, met with local leaders and the family.

Landry said he and others are glad state law enforcement officers are getting involved, "but we strongly believe the death was due to negligence by the police department and hospital."

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