Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gun Un-Control

When I read this article in the Washington Post this morning, my first response was "yes." Then later in the day I read the NY Times profile and of course to say I was right that drifter had a long history of problems, abuse with women and of course into kinky sex which clearly he was not getting.  This is not something I ever wish to be right on but clearly my future as an FBI profiler is awaiting.

There is no doubt that the Planned Parenthood situation was akin to the many terrorist type encounters that have been occurring abroad only with one man. That is no different that Timothy McVeigh who did have assistance but acted alone, that was terrorism.

But when it is a white man it seems that these individuals are taken without incident, yet a black individual on a traffic stop ends up dead in the street or in the jail. There has to be the reality of white lives matter when it comes to crime. The Planned Parenthood shooter killed a cop and in that case that is all hands off when it comes to Police response which is kill first ask no questions later or ever. So was this about the hostages or that it was likely reported that an elderly white man was armed, dangerous, and bat shit crazy where the last 4 did not matter.

I am against killing anyone in these cases if possible for the simple reason they need to be interrogated, to learn where and how they got guns and in turn have their mental health assessed for understanding how we can understand and know what steps we need to take to prevent this from occurring in the future.

The other day the son of the wealthy hedge fund manager who killed his father during an argument was found mentally incompetent. Gee shocking given his drug use history but had this young man been black versus white and more importantly wealthy, the needed legal advocates and "experts" needed to assess and properly defend him would not have occurred. And likely during arrest that would not have mattered as many mentally ill in the same situation have rarely come out of it alive and his case was of course uniquely white in that scenario as well.

But looking at the shootings of late, the problems with the mental health and more importantly disenchantment or disconnect from the larger part of society. The along with the frustration with sex and dating, living with single mothers, being alone, angry, politically charged over issues over race and of course women's right to choose, issues that rail on the front pages of the news daily, add to the confusion and anger that defines the archetype of the "angry white male."  

The parallels to the problems with the European terrorists cannot be ignored. Young men, history of minor criminal problems, segregation, underemployment, a promise of sex upon death and of course the enslavement of women for sex until death cannot be ignored. That faith and belief is a balm that is just an excuse to act violently. Rage cannot be assuaged until others feel your pain the same ways you do.

Domestic terrorism is real and how is that act in Planned Parenthood different than the Lindt Cafe in Sydney or the mall in Kenya or the grocery store in Paris?

The similarity is gender with Ideology as the singular difference.   But the reality is the access to guns by anyone that can wreak that much havoc and kill that many is the true issue of merit. In Europe with their tight gun control laws should have prevented there problems and yet it did not. The lack of gun control laws in America are definitely the major factor here and the reason a drifter or well anyone with a problem (and that is broadly defined as both intrinsic and extrinsic)  can access a gun. So what is the real problem here? Guns.

How do individuals buy or access such high powered weaponry that is not about hunting or self preservation but about mass killing and military grade use.  That is the problem and all the NSA and surveillance is doing nothing to stop this, so why bother.  The reality is that when you have angry angry disconnected young men, with no real work, sexual frustration, confusion about one's role in society and the rantings of others to further frustrate and confuse you have a problem but it is one that is fixable without the need of a gun.

We will never get it no matter how many lives are lost. As our cops become more militarized the response is that the people will as well.  It is why we have what we have globally.  War or civil war? Terrorism is terrorism.   Isn't that the point? To terrorize.  Who lives who dies it doesn't matter as in that case everyone is dead, point made.

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