Thursday, May 28, 2015

Night Nurse

Night Nurse is the name of a Marvel Comics comic-book series published in the early 1970s, as well the alter ego of a fictional character, Linda Carter, known for her willingness to help injured superheroes. And at times we want to believe that Nurses are a type of superhero for their care and support of those injured, ill or infirmed.

Then I read Alexandra Robbins article last month in the Washington Post that was titled, "Nurses make fun of their dying patients but that's okay.." and the over 1000 comments that resulted, many were negating that gibberish and could not believe that anyone in their right mind would endorse any caregiver mocking the terminally ill, dying or sick as a method of stress release and outstanding coping skill. I wrote a scathing blog piece about her and I was not the only one who called her out on her loathsome article.

Then the other day at the gym I picked up a Marie Claire and found another article by Ms Robbins about how the bullying climate of the Nursing profession was destroying nursing careers and risking patient health. And this time stealing from a much better writer, Tina Fey, the term "Mean Girls" was applied to illustrate the cruelty and unethical behavior of Nurses to other Nurses.

This then contradicts her article in Slate where Doctors are such bullies that they are the reason Nursing and health care is at risk.

And now today another article in the New York Times about the shortage of Nurses and how it risks patient safety. Perhaps she is unaware of travel nurses, the Kelly Girl nurse service.

And another for Politico discussing the bias and preferential treatment by hospitals that Nurses are complicit in for fear of their jobs but are trying to warn others about how and when medical care is both unsafe and absurd.

What the flying fuck is this woman's problem? Aside from being a bad writer she is peddling a clearly shitty book I am amazed that no one has looked at some of these articles and asked for a consistent message. And to think I am called out for being "non sensical" okay then.

What is tragic is that none of this is new information. Some of it more salacious but it is the writer at this point who is muddling the message. Is she pro Nurse? anti Nurse? Concerned about medical care or just the town gossip who is telling tales and tattling? I refuse to read the book as frankly I neither need nor want to. I have anger issues when it comes to the issue of garbage medical care and the excuses that accompany it.

We have a massive problem in this country with regards to medical care as we have seen Veterans treated shabbily, poor people mistreated, the elderly abused and exploited and the overwhelming cost and abuse of the system that is complicit in drug addictions and malpractice that affects all patients both rich and poor - Joan Rivers anyone?

I do hope Alexandra Robbins has some type of Google alert on her name as she is suffering from a clear case of Narcissism and writers block. I don't need the DSM V to prove bad writing or mental illness.

And I do believe their are ethical good Nurses as those who have refused to force feed political prisoners but for every story as that is the counter story of the "mean girl" nurses who do mistreat patients as the story of these charming bitches elaborates.

Or we have this Nurse in the UK who murdered patients. Makes one think that bullying is lesser of that evil.

And this comes on the heels of Cameron being re-elected PM in Great Britain promising to provide more care and have more hours available to seek treatment from their NHS. Of course the NHS members are in arms about that having to work more or find more staff but they aren't killing anyone - yet.

But as one can see this type of decision was not well received in Paris either.

The Medical Industrial Complex is like OZ and the man behind the curtain clearly does not want to be exposed. There is an arrogance and duplicity that aided of course by their partners-in-crime, Attorneys, that have enabled this to go own for decades. It is why we have the odd pricing schemes, inflated and inconsistent costs, mis-diagnosis, excessive testing and utter incompetence.

There are a myriad of reasons why medical care is so slipshod but the bully nurse culture is a distressing one. Ms. Robbins had she had a consistent message perhaps that could have been an essential element in why reform is so necessary. But Ms. Robbins has a book to plug and she will center her argument to reach the highest bidder with regards to theme and intent. Ah Tis Pity She's a Whore! Now that was a tragedy and often believed to be written by Shakespeare. No but an equally great writer. Lessons Ms. Robbins could use.

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