Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Annual Resolution

There is the time of year that you make resolutions, such as quit smoking. For some these annual rites of passage are utterly useless but do provide some goal setting which in life is a good thing. Then we have the annual performance review.

I work in an industry that has no idea how to review and evaluate teachers. There is the observations and checklists which usually reflect whatever expensive curriculum buy in that the school district has purchased, so each classroom has the same signage and overall goal to ensure that the students are being prepped for the annual tests that the curriculum requires. This year it is the Common Core. The average in this district is about 3 years before a new Superintendent comes in with new plans or some tangential connection to a testing publishing firm that will supplement the newest best and brightest that will truly demonstrate how well kids are learning and in turn how well teachers are teaching the material.

I have never understood the whole observation, checklist in classrooms as that is kabuki theatre at its finest. The kids see the Principal there so they are shiny bright on their best and you are told in advance when this is to occur so this is batting 3000. It all is silly and mostly objective not subjective. As anyone can tell you in professions where the churn and burn and the chess playing occurs as it does in Education it basically falls to the whole "union" shit. Meanings that once a Teacher is vested to actually give a shit on either end requires heavy lifting and so that is why you have this whole obsession with union busting. Not that they will get rid of any Teachers due to the union busting but its the payroll and benefits that are the real issue. There will be no merit pay, no attrition bonuses, no test score rewards. It is a job with the most basic of wage structure and no one is going to suddenly change that after decades of bureaucracy to devise it. It is again a way to not have to deal with annual contract negotiations, fake posturing and absurd demands that are never met, never upheld nor ever useful.

And this article in the Washington Post about crunching these numbers in regards to Education is serious forensic accounting.

So I was reading a few columns about how companies are finally realizing that this way of evaluating employees is not only expensive its useless.

And Deloitte the largest consulting firm has also dispelled with it onerous measurement tools. And as they are the largest consulting firm to the Fortune 500, they may have some influence and opportunity to spread that wealth around to their clients are examine how this system gets an "F" for failure.

As someone who hates both testing and reviews and feels that goal setting and annual reflections on those are a much more productive and useful way to spend my time. Again in my current job I am only evaluated if I do negative work. When you are a substitute teacher if a child, teacher or some other staff complain about you to the Administrator a form is put in your file, it is mailed to you telling you what you did wrong. Period. No due process, no opportunity to ask questions, to validate the complaint. Nothing. This is your union folks.. useless pieces of shit.

And what is also funny as more and more startups are trying to find more and more ways to measure every minute of every day from wake sleep patterns, heart rates to now employee production. When I read of this creepy company I thought why don't they just chip us at birth and track us like endangered animals. We are almost there now with the technology employed to monitor us by cops so why not our bosses, spouses and anyone else with our code number.

My god the helicopter parenting that produced the MEllennials has really rubbed off on society overall. No wonder the free range parenting movement is prosecuting parents as this is how this generation sees children and education, a data trove of riches, privacy be damned. So don't you dare let independance and self management rule.

I am not sure what matters most. Knowing what everyone is doing at every single moment, documenting each brain fart as if it was a future Crimes and Punishment, every action as if you were a photo journalist on assignment and thinking that strangers over the Internet are your fucking friends! All of this is called Narcissism. Narcissus the Greek dipshit who drowned in his own reflection. That person today is Kim Kardashian and she has spawned more than in one northerly direction.

God help us everyone - that is from Dickens, a book not a tablet. Resolve to read one and not tell us about it.

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