Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day

I think on that note I should take the day off and think about what it means to be an international woman

Well in Germany they have established a Gender Quota in Boardrooms. This is not new nor notable in Europe as other countries have long established this but let's not forget that Germany has the strongest economy and immense international companies that dominate their respective fields and then their is this little thing.. well she is petite.. Germany's  Prime Minister is a woman. Danke Germany!

And Afghanistan now has a woman cabbie.  How long before she hooks up with Uber.

And if you are a working new mom with Vodafone well you are one lucky bitch!  American companies need to examine their family leave policies across the board but let's get back to the bitches and more international women's tales.

Hiliary Clinton has put out the bat signal or would that be cat as in woman one to step up the road and tackle the issues of women's equality.

This of course will be met with much more positive response than the wonderful demand for equal pay by Patricia Arquette at the Oscars last month.  My personal favorite was a black professor's demand that all black women ignore  that demand  as black women are not feminists. Good to know then my advocating civil rights for blacks can promptly end as well as I am not black.

Yet watching the march in Selma I saw quite a few black women in the front row, Michelle Obama and her wonderful daughters so call yourself a Feminist,  Womanist or Humanist it all matters that we have a lot of work to do to bring equality and parity to all citizens across the globe.

This article on the over 50 Transgender community truly again brought to light in a new way with the show Transgender shows that the rainbow is not always a pot of gold.  As men male to female transponders discovered.  Not only low pay and discrimination  due to gender and that  age thing not mentioning gender reassignment issue.  We all love it on TV but in real life!  Shocking you didn't notice but you were busy and all.   Funny when you are living until it happens to you are utterly oblivious.  Sorry I can't help you as I am not transgendered either!

**that essay on black women and feminism really coiled a nerve and it makes a much broader statement about what is empathy in this country.

And of course this editorial from my favorite lean inner Sheryl Sandberg. It is about equality and stuff but I don't read her stuff as I am not an educated white rich professional from Harvard so what do I know.  But when you are rich bitch you can get nannies, hire help and then everyone is better off!  And cleaner too! ## THAT!

But for poor mothers there may be some help in learning the skill set needed and offset what is still a persistent problem in the poor America - infant mortality rates. This is about a program funded by the Affordable Care Act and home visits to ensure all families are getting off on the right and healthy foot.  And like all programs for the poor it is poorly funded and maintained but it has a heart and is leaning in where few go.

Then we have the current lawsuits regarding sexual discrimination.  There is the Silicon Valley one currently with regards to Kleiner Perkins.  This one brings the laughs as it shows despite how much money and success men still act like boys when it comes to dick pics and acting like a idiot in the quest for vaginas.   There are real problems in our world when it comes to being one of the boys and the tech sector despite its claims of being a meritocracy shows it increasingly isn't.

I finally had a conversation with a "VC" and to say that he was both sexist and arrogant would be redundant. He was also quite sad and lonely.  Gosh maybe due to the arrogance and the misogyny that he would then contradict when he spoke.  Much like what is mentioned in the article about how the employees both male and female had reviews that on one hand praised them on the other demoralized them. Yep in my encounter I heard that women were after money and then he felt women could save the world with their feminine energy and dynamic and he welcomed women as long as they had their "homie" to go home to to pay for their shit and deal with their drama.  Okay then!

And lastly the Bikram Yoga civil case.  I am not sure if this about Yoga or that the business of Yoga when run by Gurus who take on a cult like personality seem to draw and attract those who might be future story lines on the Fox show The Following and in turn are exploited by those whom they follow. Cults are odd and having been to a very bizarre controlled retreat that smacked of the cult of yoga I see how its possible.  We are all seeking something, if not nirvana, money.  Those two are closely connected in our modern world.

And when is rape rape?  Well that one we are never understanding or resolving.  I want to end on a positive note so I thought that is what exactly?

And then I found it.  Women's shelters in Afghanistan that has helped women escape abuse and more importantly honor killings.  If one good came out of that fiasco then I say next Clint Eastwood film, American Savior.

Happy International Women's Day! Celebrate it by having a foreign woman to dinner.  She can always clean up afterwards right!!! I kid I kid!! Or I don't.   When life gets tough get a Mexican they can do the heavy lifting.

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