Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The World Turns

Everyday. And the world should be turning over right now with every bizarro story that I read concerning the War on Drugs, the Militarized Police and the Attorneys who support and defend them.

I have no respect for anyone in that industry. Its an industry from every angle. But this story that Radley Balko had linked in his WAPO Blog was so fascinating that it was the equivalent of a Danielle Steele novel.

The facts are that there were actually no facts that led to the arrests of dozens of people whose lives were destroyed even though no charges were filed and they never committed any crime. A Prosecutor pursued the warrants, written by cops who lied to get said warrants, and a Judge signed off robo Judge style on said warrants. Mistakes were made lives ruined and no apology no nothing. Been there done that read the book and am in the movie.

Read the story The Snitch Who Stole Christmas: How Trinidad's War on Drugs Attacked the Innocence. It is utterly fascinating about the sheer hubris, arrogance and ignorance of a local town gone nuts. It truly is a reflection of how the sum of the parts regarding the formula for our war on drugs.

Then we have the small towns with the Military guns. Literally even our local paper went a collective WTF? Well those drug dealers might have some serious firepower in the town of Snoqualimie. After having breakfast at the lodge, the biscuits and honey are well to die for.

The policy began with broken windows, well we are now windowless. That bullshit sociological study needs to be filed under the junk science plan along with trickle down economics.

The immense resources wasted on prosecuting and incarcerating innocent people or people guilty of victimless crimes, crimes that are often about mental illness with no assistance and follow up for recovery continue to plague our country.

This morning on BBC America another story of a man falsely accused, convicted and imprisoned as a teenager for a crime he did not commit. It took over 15 years to actually convince a Judge of that fact (including coecering the Judge to go outside in the dark on the street in Compton to challenge eye witenss testimony) while spending most of his youth behind bars and never knowing his son who was born while he was in prison. The "whoops wrong guy" and his story is just one of men. Google the phrase "release of innocent or wrongly convicted" there are story after story.

So really keeping your trust in this system is akin to keeping your money under your mattress. Because they will simply seize that under civil forfeiture laws.

Reform is necessary. Former Police are admitting there are real problems but to go about a full 180 they will have to more than 3 months of training. This is a house that needs to be demolished and utterly rebuilt. There have been editorials after editorials discussing their experiences and beliefs that have long been ingrained into the badge and the ethics or lack thereof behind it.

The Atlantic Monthly proposes that in fact that policy needs to be amended to include their own. Well turnabout is fair play.

But if all of this has upset you buck up little camper, unless however, you are a law student at Columbia. There the adminstration was so concerned of its privileged law students they are given them a late pass to take final exams. How traumatic it must be knowing that you are going to become highly compensated Lawyers of which you have paid an excessive fee for or underemployed maybe but not likely given that pedigree, to uphold laws that are basically a refelction of our two tiered society. Poor little babies! Again if you think its just one sided no. It's about wealth. And the wealthy need to be shielded from the great unwashed and the trauma we cause.

Why are Americans so willing to continue to vote and re-elect these people who do nothing? Literally many of them do nothing or do things without any supervision or transparency. Funny you all want Teacher's reviews made public, you want everyone to be punished for life for errors made in the past, yet you ask nothing of other public servants with regards to their employment history. Wow this is some daddy issues times 10.

I work with Teachers trust me they are not all that bright either but when it comes down to it they do way less harm and some good.

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