Friday, December 12, 2014

Its Called the BAR Association

There have been interesting stories about drunk lawyers of late, some serious and some well less so.

First up this one which I just love for a number of reasons. My comments are next to what I deem of import

Accused Midtown drunk driver is an ex-immigration lawyer

By Dana Sauchelli, Larry Celona, C.J. Sullivan and Ben Feuerherd

Or Above the Law that documents the Lawyer facing suspension for well taking nude pics of clients, that seems to be just one of the many problems with this Attorney and he charges you for the photos too! Bastard

Well Above the Law found out that they are not exempt from being sued for defamation by one of their own. Despite the fact that this Lawyer was also accused/convicted of raping and abducting a woman whom he met on Craigslist. Well it was CRAIGSLIST and his Lawyer could not get this guy off?! Well apparently this woman did not either. And now he is suing ATL for defamation. HILARIOUS.

And then on a more somber note, the Marshall Project, the blog site that is devoted to the problems in the Criminal Justice system has a disturbing article about the drunk and drugged lawyers who decided to crash that car in the courtroom while actually "defending" capital felony cases. Their state of mind is one of the many reasons one can apply for appeal which in many of these cases were denied.

Shocking, I know. The nice thing is that "Blawgers" are already decrying this site so it means they are hitting a proverbial nerve. The Bar Association goes out the way to ensure they are a professional organization there to ensure the sanctity of the law profession.

This is a club that puts sanctimony above arrogance. Sounds like the University of Virginia campus that trumps ethics and morality while also encouraging a drunken frat society that may or may not be culpable in one rape but the others, well no charges were filed so no crime occurred. First rule of law. Second rule is get the money up front.

And a throw away as another cop commits misdeeds and facing the justice system will be plea bargaining down. Not that this is surprising given the nature of the charges, sexual offenses against a minor and all. Not that the onerous lifetime penalties and punishments would have anything to do with it. Lifetime registry, public shaming, job loss and the scarlet letter of child rapist during that mandatory prison sentence not to mention being a cop and all. Solitary not as bad maybe?

Lesser charges recommended amid Trooper investigation

Updated: Dec 10, 2014 3
By Amanda Roberts
By Chad Darnall
LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY - Misdemeanor charges.

That's what one prosecutor is recommending be brought against a former state trooper. Donald Crawford suddenly resigned from Kentucky State Police in August, after sex abuse allegations surfaced from a traffic stop involving a minor in Livingston County

KSP conducted their own investigation recommending charges of official misconduct and sex abuse first degree and Commonwealth Attorney GL Ovey sees something else.

30 days later, Commonwealth Attorney, GL Ovey says his investigation is complete, finalizing his decision.

Ovey reviewed the investigation documenting accusations of misconduct and sexual abuse in a Livingston County parking lot, "This officer made a serious mistake, a serious lapse in judgment."

But the case will go now to the Livingston County Attorney's office, "As soon as we conclude today, I will forward this entire case file with all investigative interviews to Mr. Riley's office," says Ovey.

Ovey is handing over all materials. He says he's recommending lesser charges, "These charges in my opinion misdemeanors are warranted and they should be pursued."

Recognizing though some people make mistakes, he say public servants are different, "I've always believed a police officer, elected official should be held to a higher standard."

I spoke with Trooper Crawford's lawyer, Del Pruitt over the phone. He says although he hasn't received all the evidence, he didn't believe any felony charges would be recommended, and wasn't sure if Cawford would be guilty of any misdemeanors.

I also got in touch with the Livingston County Attorney, Brian Riley. He told me he hasn't received the evidence either, but he would most likely recuse or remove himself from the case because of past professional interactions with Crawford.

Because the case hasn't been closed and involves a juvenile, the details to the case are sealed right now.

The initial investigation was completed by Kentucky State Post 2 because Crawford worked at Post One.

Hypocrisy or irony when it comes to law. Justice holds the scales and that is what she is measuring not guilt vs innocence.


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  2. The site Avvo is supposed to provide an unbiased client forum in which to peruse about Attorney's. Getting the names of clients from an Attorney is a violation of attorney/client privilege and those willing to do so I am sure will have nothing but good to say. Although ironically getting actual names is a matter of public record if so inclined to research the names of those whom they have elected to represent and then calling them randomly would I am sure endear you to people who are going through hell in their lives. But good idea... or not...