Friday, November 7, 2014

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters. Frankly they couldn't be worse than the Police.

This week a local paper columnist wrote about his pursuit of thieves over his wife's purse being snatched from his car and the lack of Police cooperation from the 911 call made to the subsequent conversations with Police after being utterly discouraged and in fact demeaned by the 911 operator.

Having actually listened to some 911 calls I was horrified at the level of incompetence and idiocy that I heard on their end.   You think they are capable and competent, well hope you never need to find out.

I have known two others with similar stories of finding men in their homes - inside their homes - stealing and right down to the chasing, showing the Police where they were and the subsequent disdain by 911 explains all you need to know about Seattle Police.  So you see why calling them here is a waste of time, not to mention their propensity for violence.

So this brings the question:  Why the fuck would you call the Police?

Here is another roundup of Police insanity.

 Police rape women that called to resolve Domestic call. (not the first one nor the last)

Police Charged with Assault of Teen 

Police kill mentally ill man in home while family watch  (again not the first time)

Police assaults handcuffed teen (again not the first)

I could go on but there are numerous sites that document the consistent abuse of citizens at the hands or should I say with or by the hands of the Police.

We have turned our nation into a Police State all with our consent, implied or otherwise.

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