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Add enough of those letters after your last name you are then labeled "important."  I am just finishing up Doctored, by Sandeep Jauhar.  Interesting and provocative this is not the first tome by Dr. Jadhur, he wrote about his Internship as well.  He found more than one way to earn secondary cash than just from big pharma, which he also did.  He takes new levels to whining but given his degrees that would be appropriate.

There is nothing that I have found particularly revealing after spending the better part of two years studying this fucked up piece of shit industry that no I did not invent the name but take credit anyway - the Medical Industrial Complex.  But he does lend a personal narrative to the business that is medicine

This follows another editorial in the New York Times yesterday about access to ones' medical records and the cost, other  misc. issues and excuses for why this has become an immense hurdle for many who simply need it for their own records.

Then I read Slate today and almost threw up in my mouth. I have nothing to say about this woman who is justifying and excusing why she and her colleagues apply acronyms to their patients as code phrases that can denigrate patients and in turn determine the type of care they receive. May I call you the same, Anne Skomorowsky who practices psychosomatic medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University?  But I will add C for cunt - SHC.  As it in this article she either somehow excuses, defends, patient blames or quasi justifies why the label patients with the acronym - SHPOS - for sub human piece of shit.

In full disclosure I am suing Harborview Medical Center here.  I was treated the same way in the exact same manner as Carol Ann Reyes was by Kaiser Permanente.  But unlike Carol I have no one helping me. I have no story by Anderson Cooper nor any assistance by the City or by any caring legal mind. I am sure I have had more than one acronym applied to my name, many by Lawyers.    I loathe Attorneys and find that they are utterly useless despite their own narcissitic belief they are not.  I have an acronym for them too - AAMGA  - attorneys are money grubbing assholes.

Harborview is a public hospital not unlike the one profiled in this story. They are mandated by the County to care for the poor and indigent, those in custody, those affected by violence in crime and finally those who are in trauma from 4 other states.  It is a hot mess of shit and one walks through halls there and it smells that way.

I spent a great deal of time and energy looking into its history and found that despite the PR that acclaims that hell of a hole it is filled with narcissism, laziness, discrimination and utter ineptitude that reflected in my care.  I do think that the phrase "admit history" is a coded one and it reappears throughout my medical records as a red flag to those who attended me. 

To outsiders and that includes one of my many attorneys who read that phrase and said "you have an admit history" which connotes that I have been in Harborview before.  Uh no but unless I win my appeal I will never find out what that means.

Here is the deal - if you cannot accept that life gives you lemons and in turn sub human pieces of shit to deal with then get out.   In all honesty a hospital is not Hell's Kitchen and anyone employed in patient care is not Gordon Ramsay and have no business verbalizing their frustration to anyone in ear shot let alone putting that garbage on medical records.

These are professionals who chose - chose - to enter that profession and when they attend to those in varying circumstances they have to use that experience and wisdom to treat and judge accordingly. But I can assure you they do not. They treat all patients regardless the same and when you read books by Doctors they admit that, no lawsuit or deposition required. 

The medical industrial complex is just POS as piece of shit and as I found as did Ms. Reyes that we were shit not enough to even wipe off the shoe, we had to be thrown out.  Lets just hope Dr. Skomorowsky has the same happen to her.  

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