Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's All Greek to Me

The ludicrous "punishment" to the frat system of the University of Virginia eviscerated as the epitome of "rape culture" in the Rolling Stone was to not allow any celebrations or events until January 9th. Not that the campus is actually busy with the need for frat parties as I am sure the football shit is over (I don't follow sports), there are semester finals and of course the closure for the holiday break.  Well color me Sally Hemmings ah Lawdy masta we gots to clean the sliver anyway.

The Washington Post has a new article discussing the future of the system and where does it go from here in response to the article. I suspect as many things the rugs will be lifted and this will be swept under them.   We do not care about a bunch of drunk college kids that is really the issue, they are just thought of as dumb drunks.. with date rape drugs and a propensity for violence but hey ask the boys of Sayetville or any other town in America with the same problem

As like Bill Cosby more women are coming forward to lend their stories which now has affected his future earnings, yet people somehow think that this man of our past was the good and reliable spy or Cliff Huxtable pushing jello while getting a kid to say the darndest thing.  What has that got to do with the man he is and was.   Why do we dismiss the women of the past as worthless to come forward to remind us that the past can affect the future.  And why can he go on with his lives while theirs seem to be on hold.

This leads me to the profile of the young woman victimized by both the frat and in turn the University.  Its double jeopardy when it comes to rape.  Trust me on this one you are raped by the man or in this case men and you are raped repeatedly when you enter the system. From the hospital to the criminal or investigative end you are victimized, brutalized and punished over and over again.   Weren't gang raped the first go around well you are eventually when you decide to tell someone.  You really never move on or forward it is the Linus blanket that drags behind you forever.

I don't like to use my personal story as supportive evidence because then individuals see that as my "excuse" "explanation" or justification for why I feel so passionate and so strident about my views.  Well unlike most Americans who need some actual connection to something such as when you hear women CEO's go "I am a mother..." or Men go "I used to play football"  to somehow show that they are more aware and in turn empathetic to the demands or needs of those individuals hurt.  Hey you can have something called empathy and sympathy without actually having to have had cancer, be a victim of a crime, have a child etc, etc. etc.   But Americans long lost that connection to what is called being a human apparently with a brain and have feelings and emotions that resonate when someone talks about being in pain.  Where is Oz, not the Doctor but the place, as he clearly needs to fix that.

I recall my asshole, whoops I mean attorney, asking me to take a lie detector.  Then I recall the Police and the Prosecutor saying I made him up but never looking to the report by a hospital social worker that documented the phone numbers and the texts exchanged nor even calling the number or better yet getting a court order to track the owner of the phone.  But hey I am the liar.  Yes a grown woman lies and what was the purpose or reason?  I seriously injured woman would lie why?  Well ask Jennifer Miller the City of Seattle Attorney when she inferred me a slut and whore in open court.

So yes I do know what these women go through.   I still go through it.  It is akin to walking on fire.

We criminalize and "demonize" the victims as that way it justifies the laziness and incompetents of those who should be there to help resolve a problem not make new ones.

This column in the Washington Post discusses the concept of black boys as these larger than life figures that must be contained, shot, killed as they are not "normal" so in turn that justifies the fear and loathing that ends up with someone dead; that someone is of course the black "man/child/demon"

The same justification for rape is that women should not dress like sluts, remember the slut walks. Or drink, or go out with younger men. Yes my asshole, whoops attorney, said to me that I need to have long term counseling for my "lifestyle" choices.  This after making me re-enact my last memory of the evening.  It was then when I was traumatized he "believed" me.  Read my last entry about that relationship with this attorney.. and again is the excuse, explanation or justification why I loathe Attorneys.  

I never "liked" or "disliked" Attorneys and thought of them as evil necessities but this experience only confirmed my belief.  But yes in many cases until you experience this first hand you have no idea how badly this system is broken.    But no I did not need to be drugged and raped to know that it FUCKED UP.

America is in desperate need of a new revolution but we need clear leaders to do more than stand by they need to grab the ladder and start a new hierarchy.  Obama was never the one (this man in his biography well published before his election quotes Reagan and admired him, so really he was never the great liberal saviour that was projected upon him.. but I read and shit)  so who is?   (For the record while I would love it to be a woman/gay/minority I don't think Hilary is one either get a copy of Harpers that discusses what a hot mess this woman is)

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