Thursday, November 13, 2014

Irony or Oxymoron

I begin the day perusing blogs and looking at what is happening in the great Police State nation of America and then as I watched Al Jazeera - the American one - I saw that Parisians are taking to the streets to protest Police violence. Well the economy is global so why not Police violence as well.

But we are the leaders of democracy so we should be the leaders in oppressing it as well.

The daily rounds found this article by the Free Thought Project about a volunteer Police force of 100 for a town of 300. The irony or the oxymoron is that it is headed by an Attorney who defines asshole in more than one way. He refuses to respond to Freedom of Information requests of who are exactly members of this force and the best part is that he made his living defending the Constitution and that thing called Freedom of Speech. I love that the force is predominantly comprised of Doctors and Lawyers all they need is Indian chiefs as that would be perfect.

Then we have the Doctors as a part of the SWAT teams. Vice did a profile of one such a Doctor and the Doctor who accompanied them was so repulsed he had to remind himself of the Hippocratic oath - First Do No Harm. Again this is Doctors we are talking about so hypocritical oath may be more appropriate. (link will come later)

Then we have the Police in Texas who will soon be possibly equipped with the the cool smartphone device to collect the fees and fines right there on the spot. Kind of like the Farmers Market only where this payment for the crime eliminates time and admits guilt thereby eliminating the middle man of justice. Only in Texas kids! Or not as I am sure that other cities and states will emulate that one soon enough. Those coffers don't fill themselves kids!

And then my favorite. Trolling the blawgosphere with the cool lawyer kids I was told of a comment by my favorite old worn out Judge - Kopf - who made this comment when it came to the issue of re-examining the incarceration nation we have become. With Judges like these you can see why our prison system is chock a block full of people for gross misdemeanors that suddenly became felonies thanks to prosecutorial misconduct, judges like Kopf and of course Legislators beholden to the third party bearers of checks and profits from excessive fees, fines and incarcerations. Guilty as charged for being poor.

I am wondering about a question that the article very indirectly raises. If crime is highly correlated with poverty, and I believe that it is, can’t one make a compelling argument that imprisoning the poor for long periods of time when they commit crimes is far cheaper than truly trying to eradicate poverty? If that is so, maybe we need more, rather than fewer, prisons. Just a thought

But meanwhile killing of cops - down; killing by cops, however, up. But the number is debatable as in higher. It's sort of like the song "If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right." Not that we will know either as the transparency and disclosure is about as good as getting the recipe for the secret sauce or KFC chicken.

But then again they are busy busy people ignoring crimes. Sex crimes seem to be the number one as I have repeatedly found. From college campuses to main street cops don't care one iota about this issue as then how would they get dates? Plus then actual science versus junk science would actually be required to test the ever increasing number of ignored rape kits that sit on shelves.

But then again when you have our bureau of investigations cracking cases or planting evidence or simply masquerading as internet repair guys, it brings a whole new meaning to net neutrality.

And just when it cannot get more insane the story of the FBI agent who masqueraded as a Seattle Times reporter to access a 15 year old boy believed to be threatening his school with a bomb threat has barely been covered here locally, yet the Washington Post as in the other Washington, has been aggressively covering the story and of course the FBI is utterly unapologetic while the Seattle Times is utterly disinterested. Oxymoron or Irony?

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