Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Got It Wrong

The fact in our incarceration nation we want anyone behind bars that we think did something we don't like. We now are including bullying, cyberbullying, cyberporn, catcalling, smelling bad (yes that is a law in Burien, Washington), pants too low, homelessness and well anything else that we just don't like.

Of course it doesn't matter if these people actually committed crimes and we know that many charged with major felonies find themselves guilty and proven innocent years later if they are fortunate enough to get a well established group, such as the Innocent Project, to assist in overturning the conviction. But those years will never be returned and for many the adjustment to society is a whole other issue of reconciliation and reformation for those who for years wore the scarlet letter.

But what about the victims? Those people who genuinely believed that they were hurt by the perpetrators or those family members who were sure it was their loved ones who had suffered by the Defendant that the legal system informed and in turn ensured them it was? Well they are as confused, angry and frustrated.

A recent study funded by the federal National Institute of Justice found that victims of those wrongful convictions can be “comparable to — or even worse than — that of their original victimization."

Researchers from ICF International conducted interviews with victims and other stakeholders involved in 11 cases of wrongful conviction for crimes including: rape, homicide, sexual assault, burglary, attempted homicide, and breaking and entering.

Victims reported experiencing feelings of guilt, fear, helplessness, devastation and depression, according to the study.

"For [several] years, I had been quite comfortable with my role as the victim,” one victim told researchers. “When the exoneration happened, that exoneree became the victim, and I, the rape victim, became the offender. The roles switch, and it's a role you don't know what to do with."
Researchers recommend counseling services that include experts in trauma be provided for victims after wrongful convictions are revealed. Well after being a professional victim for years parallels that of being falsely incarcerated for years - or not. Wow this is one group of fucked up assholes not worth the money or the study frankly.

Well given that many acronymed groups and media that at once triumphed their perpetrators arrest I am sure will step up and offer that assistance. Or not. None of the groups I contacted helped me and they won't as there is no money, no glamour nor benefit to helping you when they fucked up as well.

I have never once heard from anyone after an initial contact to any group or government organization despite numerous requests.

We are a one hit wonder country and if we get it wrong we are also a no apology nation. We don't make mistakes and we don't give a shit about those who are affected by them.

America. A true shithole of absolution when it comes to taking responsibility when the shit and the fan meet.

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